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Posted: 2 months ago

This was so emotional 🥲!!!! Love your writing style as well 💕

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by: Pinecone

IT would be nice if Armaan realizes how he makes Abhira feel when he speaks of zimmedari and allows Ruhi to taunt her without objecting.  perhaps he can come across her diary entry accidentally. He himself has been made to feel unwanted and as a bojh by Poddars for a long time until he became the golden boy, problem solver, accomplished professionally. If anyone can understand the burden of feeling like a bojh its him but he has inflicted the same on Abhira. Atleast he had a biological stake and claim on Pddars but Abhira toh has nothing. Can you write a sequel to this at somepoint

I may not continue this one, but brought up the idea of 'bojh' in my ongoing SS (Kuch nahin), so I'll try to incorporate your suggestion there. I did something kind of similar in my other SS as well (Parting), playing on the idea of both Abhira and Armaan having had a constant pressure on them to prove to the Poddars that they deserved to belong. Thank you for the suggestion as always smiley27 Much appreciated!