Why can’t Bahurani Aishwarya Rai carry a film vs. other actresses?

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Posted: 1 months ago

Kareena, Alia, Rani, or even Tabu can carry a movie on their own name and it is successful at the box office.  Why can’t Bahurani carry a movie on her own name?  Why isn’t she normal like other actresses?  smiley36


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Posted: 1 months ago

She has never carried a film on her shoulders and she doesn't have the star power to attract audiences to theatre. Her PR hyped her up as the most beautiful thing to ever walk on Earth. But her 'earth-shattering, ethereal, timeless and evergreen beauty' has never sold a movie. If she's as beautiful as claimed, why don't people run to the theater to watch her on the big screen? Her pretty face is good for selling makeup only. 

Aishwarya's biggest hits were hit because of the male actors: HDDCS because of Salman and Devdas because of Shah Rukh. Dhoom 2 was already a hit franchise. Whenever her movies failed, she put the blame on the director and if her movies were hit (only 4-5 movies in her entire career), she took the credit for the entire movie.

She hasn't given a single solo hit but says that hits of Rani, Karisma, Kareena, and Deepika were offered to her. Back in 90s and 2000s she used to say that all directors were running after her begging her to work in their movies. Even now her PR says that big production houses rely on her mettle to give hits.

Remember when she used to say that she introduced Bollywood to the world and people found out about Indian cinema because of her? LMAO!

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Posted: 1 months ago

May be have enough wealth to lead peaceful life...and she done her best 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Katrina's in the same boat. The handful remaining fans of her hype her up as the last superstar but all her movies without Khans opened to less than 2 crores.