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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by: IAmLuvBolly

Would be cute if I believed for one second that this was real and authentic.  You can smell the scripted set up from a mile away.  

Is she trying the Sara relatability “oh look at me I’m so cheap” PR approach?  I don’t think it’s working.  No one believes that south Mumbai born and bred Ananya shops anywhere other than high priced boutiques.  Also when you are as rich as she is bargaining over a 100 rupees is just obnoxious. She probably makes more money doing just one ad than that shop owner makes in a life time.  

All of the above applies to Sara too.  

now you said it, I completely agree. Saving few rupees here and there is just a bit too much when they spend so much money on 5 star restaurants, staying in the best hotels, luxury cars, getting spa treatments, facials and etc. like a member mentioned ranger rover is very expensive car and so is Honda. If this video was not scripted I feel bad for the shop owner because they work so hard. This bargain was just way too much when she makes tons of money doing Ads, making movies, photoshoot and walking on the ramp.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by: akniti

Ananya owns range rover

Sara has Honda CRV 

U can understand difference 

One is 28 lakhs and the other one is 2cr onwards