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Posted: 2 months ago


◾In initial day of their marriage, his wife would taunt him for having a small car & not a luxury car & mock him for being a man of no means 

◾She left her job without telling him & kept sitting idle at home contributing nothing to their family 

◾He tried to always keep her happy, took her to foreign locales but she would always create scenes

◾He joined Landmark Forum to better their marriage & make her understand but nothing changed

◾Things became extremely worst when he got selected for Master Chef & she couldn't gulp his fame

◾She called police on him many times including at shoot of the show at Yashraj Studios 

◾After he became popular, she constantly threatened him of implicating him in false cases & also slapped him one day before the shoot

◾After their son was born, his wife left for entire day to malls & wouldn't care for child, leaving it to the maid

◾In an incident in 2013, Kunal's wife hit him & his father recorded the same. She snatched his phone & even tried to hit the old man with stick. Police was called & Kunal says that on this day he lost all his respect in the society

◾In another incident in 2014, she again hit his father by plastic chair

◾In 2015, he walked out of the marriage when she kept sitting outside home in front of guards the whole night after an argument 

◾Wife has ofcourse denied all these allegations & called them fabricated only to divorce her

◾Interestingly there is indeed a video where Kunal is being hit by his wife. But family court that denied him divorce dismissed it saying "he drove her to the stage of losing temper" 🧐

◾His wife made allegations of dowry, however, during her cross examination she couldn't even tell salary her father earned or provide any receipts for humungous wedding expenses as she claimed. She also lied about the locker not being in her possession

◾ Allegations of his wife that he & his parents ill treated her got belied by her own email in which she stated that they love her more than her own parents 

◾His wife even made unfounded allegations of his affair with his fans & of unnatural sex demand from her (scripted lie for sure) which she couldn't substantiate at all 

◾Delhi HC has particularly taken strong note of incident where his wife assaulted him which was recorded on camera. Despite the child crying & shouting dadu-dadu, she didn't stop abusing everyone around, slapped Kunal & tried to hit her father-in-law

◾Since 2015, Kunal & his wife have been staying separately & their son is with her. She doesn't allow him to meet or talk to his son but continues to ask him money for everything which he provides (feeling just so bad for this man)

◾High Court stated that family court failed to see continuous cruel behaviour by wife & ignored that the physical assault incident would cause any spouse to be in fear and considering overall facts, granted divorce to 



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Posted: 2 months ago

Okay...and he has  w h a t  to do with the filmindustry???

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Posted: 2 months ago

Poor guy. Went through so much and yet always saw him smiling. Hope he gets to meet his son. 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Life is so tough for some people..and still I could never have guessed this about Kunal of all people.He seems like a good happy soul.God bless him and the child.

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Posted: 2 months ago

I am glad he won. Toxic women should be shamed by society as much as toxic men are 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Awww he went through so much. He should had called it quits when she hit his father. Her behavior tells she needs professional help and therapy. Hope he will get the custody of his son. 

Before one gets married always check how their mental health is and do they believe in therapy. So important than how much money one has.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Clearly there was something terribly wrong with her. No sane person behaves like this.

First she had a problem that he was not rich, then when he became famous she didn't want that either? Kya chahte ho bhai?

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Posted: 2 months ago

Woahh!! He has such a beautiful smile, who would have thought that he was going through that in his life! Glad it's over and he is out of that mess.. God bless him with all the happiness. 

Agar Chef Vikas Khanna ko dil na diya hota, toh pakka aap next hote, Chef.. 🤧

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Posted: 2 months ago

Look..I’ve always liked Chef Kunal but koi bhi doodh ka dhula toh nahi hai yaha pe. Reddit has a pretty interesting thread on his divorce, apparently he’s been cheating for years. Side note - I cannot believe this Landmark Forum stuff has reached these guys too.🤦🏻‍♀️

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Posted: 2 months ago

Why would anyone want to have a child if they have a toxic relationship? I don’t understand, first try to solve the problems you have in ur relationship then think of having a child, If you don’t resolve the problems and you feel your partner is toxic then please separate. I feel so bad for the baby.