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Posted: 3 months ago

Originally posted by: Bekind

members voted ash and Kareena as the star Queen of bollywoood in a recent poll. Rani lost by a big margin lol so all the frustration is on that.

This is another topic I had zero interest in posting in but I'm glad you mentioned this, because it goes with my posts linked below. Rani lost to both Kareena and Aishwarya but only Aishwarya is being targeted. There are no anti-Kareena threads. A very interesting trend considering what Rani and Kareena both have in common.

Rani and Kareena were friends because both saw each other as being in common from hailing from film families. Kareena was always very outspoken against all her contemporaries who are not from film families (Aishwarya, Preity, Amisha, Priyanka, Bipasha). Rani too used to join in Kareena with making critical comments about Preity (which Preity admits she confronted her about and why couldn't Rani say these things to her face. Faithless Rani basically played victim and pretended she didn't mean it). 

This shows the mentality that no matter how successful you get, if you aren't from a film family, you are still treated like an outsider. The nepobabies will always stick together. Rani and Kareena both relentlessly targeted Preity and Aishwarya and it's even funnier in Rani's case, because she was best friends with Aishwarya, calling her a sister, but threw her under the bus the first chance she got. At least Kareena was open about her disdain for non-nepobabies, but Rani was even more twisted in how fake and unloyal she was. You can see this reflected in the way their fandoms work too because Rani fans will come after Aishwarya or Preity or whoever isn't from a film family, but they never come after Kareena. They love the privilege and will never give it up, even to stick up for a so-called friend, for even a second.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by: bollymolly

No matter how many threads you start to bash Ash...She will be the one of the most respected star heroines of all time...She may not act in a single movie still..the respect she earned will be intact...Reason is simple,she is not just ''stat peddling star'', she is also a wonderful human with humble attitude...Stats are temporary, class is permanent.

A wonderful human with humble attitude and class. LOL 😂