Nawal Ishvi FF: Rebel for Women's self identity

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Posted: 2 months ago

The purpose of this FF is to entertain the readers and to spread women's empowerment throughout the country. This FF is dedicated to all readers waiting for Nawal and Ishvi fans. I hope all of you give an excellent response to this FF.


Makwana and Bhosle are two wealthy families with orthodox thinking. The Makwanas believe women shouldn't work as it would disgrace the family. They have a fear of facing society questioning them as to why their DILs go out for work when they have everything. On the other hand, the Bhosles think that women shouldn't work. as they will make independent decisions and will go out of control. Both families feel the same way.


Amrish Makwana: He is a business tycoon with orthodox thinking, firmly believing that women are only meant for housework and family care. Amrish is Amba's son and the elder brother of Bhaven, Chirag, and Dhawal. Hetal's husband and Golu's father. Cunning and Manipulative

Pandya Store: Amrish permits the Makwana ladies to join the pageant | India  Forums

Amba Makwana: She is a typical housewife who inculcated the thoughts in Amrish's mind that women should be brought under control. She is the mother of four sons: Amrish, Bhaven, Chirag, and Dhawal. Golu's grandmother. Selfish, cunning, and manipulative.

Pandya Store: Amba fakes illness to trouble her daughters-in-law | India  Forums

Bhaven Makwana: Second Son of Amba, younger brother of Amrish, elder brother of Chirag & Dhawal. Pranali's husband. He assists Amrish in his business and is short-tempered.

Shabaaz Abdullah Badi on playing Bhaven in Pandya Store, says 'I'm a calm  person opposite to what I play in the show' - Times of India

Chirag Makwana: Amba's third son. The younger brother of Amrish and Bhaven. Assists Amrish in his business. He is Dolly's husband.

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Dhawal Makwana: Amba's youngest son. He is a college-going student. He respects his sisters-in-law and brothers. Natasha's love interest.

Rohit Chandel makes a breezy entry as Dhawal in Pandya Store!

Hetal Makwana: She was a dancer before marriage but is a housewife after marriage. Hetal is Amrish's wife and Golu's mother.

Pandya Store S01 E876 Hetal Apologises to Amresh - JioCinema USA

Pranali Makwana: Pranali is a doctor who ended up marrying Bhaven. She had to give up her practice after marriage.

EXCLUSIVE! Pandya Store: Journalists barge inside the Makwana house to  support Pranali in pursuing her ambition

Dolly Makwana: She is a happy-go-lucky person who aspires to become a fashion designer. She ends up marrying Chirag, sacrificing her dreams.

Isha Makwana: Amba's daughter and sister of Amrish, Bhaven, Chirag, and Dhawal. She has an aspiration for modeling.

Pandya Store: WHAT! Isha kidnaps Golu to hurt Amba and Makwanas

Natasha Pandya: Suman's granddaughter, daughter of deceased parents, Dev and Rishita, Chiku's sister, and Dhawal's love interest. She has independent thinking.

Priyanshi Yadav To Play The New Lead In StarPlus Show Pandya Store Post  Leap, Shares Her Excitement For It

Yashodhan Pandya, aka Chiku: Suman's grandson, Son of late parents, Gautam and Dhara. Natasha's brother and Isha's love interest.

Pandya Store: Major Entry! Chiku is finally, wants to make a open a cafe

Yeshwant Rao Bhosle: He is the Chairperson of Bhosle Institute of Education who gives co-education but doesn't want his daughters-in-law to work. Brother of Nishikant and Shantanu. Niranjan's partner.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: OMG! Yashwant Rao ready to bribe Police with  bags full of notes

Surekha Bhosle: She is the wife of Yeshwant Rao Bhosle and a typical housewife who wants to hold the upper hand over others in the house. Surekha is a co-sister of Isha and Asmita. She supports Yeshwant Rao in all his decisions and tries to gain the upper hand over her co-sisters.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20 Years Leap New Cast, Story, GHKKPM Wiki,  Actors Name, Promo

Nishikant Bhosle: He is Yeshwant Rao's younger brother and is one of the board members of the Bhosle Institute of Excellence. Asmita's husband, Durva, and Anvi's father.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin - Watch Episode 994 - Nishikant's Furious  Choice on Disney+ Hotstar

Asmita Bhosle: Nishikant's wife. Durva and Anvi's mother. She is a housewife.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: What! Nishikant's wife Asmita becomes a  victim of domestic violence - YouTube

Shantanu Bhosle is the brother of Yeshwant Rao and Nishikant. Isha's husband is a Bhosle Institute of Excellence board member and Ishaan's father. He is forward-thinking.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Shantanu decides to leave the Bhosale mansion  | India Forums

Isha Bhosle is Shantanu's wife and Ishaan's mother. She is one of the directors of the Educational Board. Isha Bhosle favors Women's Empowerment.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Woah! Isha's dhamakedar entry in the Bhosle  college to bring interesting twists and turns

Ishaan Bhosle is the son of Shantanu and Isha.  He is one of the owners of the Bhosle Institute of Excellence.  Ishaan also delivers lectures in the class.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin written update, 5 October 2023 episode |  Television News - News9live

Durva Bhosle. She is Nishikant's daughter and Anvi's elder sister. She loves bullying people coming from the village side as she hates them. A spoilt brat.

GHKKPM: Durva agrees to marry Sam perplexed Ishaan

Anvi Bhosle is the daughter of Nishikant and Durva's sister.

Song lyrics are actually describing Anvi Bhosle ! #anvibhosle  #ghumhaikisikeypyaarmeiin #starplus #tv #tvshow #tvseries @starplus #8pm |  Instagram

Savi Chavan: Savi is the daughter of her late parents, Virat and Sai, and the granddaughter of her late grandparents, Ninad, Ashwini, and Bhavani. Harini's sister. She has an aspiration to be an IAS Officer.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: How did Bhavika Sharma bag Savi's role? Find  out | PINKVILLA

Harini Chavan is the daughter of late parents Pulkit and Devyani, Bhavani's granddaughter and Kiran's wife.

Ankita Khare on joining GHKKPM: I am happy to enter a show that has set a  benchmark on television

The rest of the characters follow afterward.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Nice Prologue and CS 

Very interesting 🧐

Thanks for the PM ☺️

Keep writing ✍️

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Posted: 2 months ago

very interesting 

waiting to read more 

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Posted: 2 months ago

The FF has got a nice theme.shocking that despite of being women the elderly women are against women empowerment. Both the families are regressive.Actually I didn't expect gaura devshita and sairat to be dead in this ff as usually nobody dies in your ffs.plz post part1 soon.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by: jasminerahul

The FF has got a nice theme.shocking that despite of being women the elderly women are against women empowerment. Both the families are regressive.Actually I didn't expect gaura devshita and sairat to be dead in this ff as usually nobody dies in your ffs.plz post part1 soon.

This FF mainly focuses on Nawal and Ishvi.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Congrats on the FF! 

interesting concept

amazing character sketch 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Too bad all these women who could have had a career had to give it up just to make their family happy. Hope they rebel strong and fight for it.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Interesting Prologue 

and Character Sketch

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Posted: 1 months ago

Part 1

The Makwana brothers had lost their father. Amrish takes responsibility for his brothers, supporting the family through his business while taking care of his studies without compromising the education of his brothers and Isha. One day, Amba reached out to Amrish and said, "You have done a phenomenal job of supporting the family while you completed your education and managed the business well without any support. Why don't you involve your brothers to assist you in your business?"

Amrish: Yes, that's my plan. However, they are still studying. Once they complete their education, they can join my company directly. I don't want them to look for a job elsewhere, even though they have different interests. I will give them the work they want.

Amba: That's a great idea. I want to ask you one question.

Amrish: Feel free to ask.

Amba: Have you thought about your marriage?

Amrish: No. Many girls wanted to marry me, but I wasn't interested in anyone.

Amba: Good. Do you need a working woman or a homemaker?

Amrish: You always wished for a homely daughter-in-law, and I always said yes. I liked Shalini Dave in college, but she has high ambitions and won't be able to adjust to our traditions. She belongs to a political background and wants to assist her parents in politics.

Amba: Good that you dropped the idea of marrying her. If you say, can I find a match for you?

Amrish: As you say, mom.

Amba contacts the marriage bureau and looks for a match for Amrish. She comes across Hetal's profile and finds that she is a dancer. However, Amba decides to choose Hetal, thinking that she will stop her dancing career after getting her son married to Hetal.

On the other hand, Hetal supports her younger brother in his education. Amba came to Hetal's parents, Naresh & Beena.

Amba: I'm impressed with Hetal's profile. I want your daughter's hand for my son Amrish.

Beena: That's excellent news. But we are not rich enough to celebrate marriage grandly.

Amba: Don't worry about finance. We will take care of everything. I don't even want dowry.

Hetal comes to the living room with tea and snacks. She serves Amba and Amrish.

Amba: Wow, the tea and snacks are tasty.

Naresh: Yes, Hetal is a good cook. She likes cooking so much that she won't allow Beena to cook food.

Amba saw the trophies that Hetal had won in the dance competition.

She asked, "It seems that Hetal is a good dancer and has got good recognition. Did you guys get a proposal from anyone else?"

Naresh: Yes, we got many proposals for our daughter, but they either asked for dowry or set the condition that she must leave dancing after her marriage. So we couldn't accept those proposals.

Amba is shocked that she would lose the proposal if she had the same condition. She said, "Hetal can continue to dance even after marriage. We are open-minded. Hetal will live in our house as our daughter."

Amrish: Yes, we will keep her happy.

Beena: We assume that our search ends here.

Amba: Of course.

Beena + Naresh: We want the children to interact with each other before proceeding with this relationship.

Amba: Sure. After all, children's opinion also matters as they have to spend their lives.

Amrish and Hetal went up to the balcony to talk to each other. He finds Hetal nervous.

Amrish: You can ask me anything you want.

Hetal: Your mom told me I could continue my career even after marriage. However, one of the guys also said the same thing. But after I got engaged, the guy started imposing himself on me even before getting married, so we had to break the engagement. I hope you won't let me down.

Amrish: Not at all. I want to be frank with you. I do what my mom tells me to do. I liked a girl in college and brought her home, but my mother didn't want her because she belonged to a political background. She is orthodox, but I like you personally and will address your needs. I'll speak to my mom regarding your dancing career. If she disagrees, I will help you in secret.

Hetal: I'm ready to marry you.

Both came to the living room.

Amrish: I am ready to marry Hetal.

Hetal: I am ready to marry Amrish.

Pandya Store 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrish finds Hetal  dancing

The next day, Amba comes home with a shagun. Three days later, Amrish and Hetal get engaged.

Pranali is studying at a medical college and is doing an internship after her final year. She does well in her internship and becomes a doctor at Apollo Hospital as a cardiologist.

Bhavin is her love interest, and she desires to marry her. He joins Amrish's business.

Dhawal and Natasha are in their final year. Both worked together on all college projects.

Dhawal is open-minded and ready to stand by Natasha against Amrish and Amba.

Chirag is also in the same college. He sees a new girl named Dolly coming towards him.

Chirag: Hi Dolly.

Dolly: Hi Chirag.

Chirag: What a coincidence! We are in the same college.

Dolly: Yes. My dad and your brother know each other as they are business associates.

Chirag: Then you will also know that my brother is getting married. Would you be able to attend their wedding?

Dolly: Of course, we will come.

Heres one for all you #chirag and #dolly fans … #dochi •, •, •, •,  #pandyastore #starplus #disneyhotstar #disneyplushotstar #reels  #reelsinstagram #reelindia #dreamgirl #balajitelefilms #ektakapoor ...

Hetal gives wedding invitation cards to all her friends, including Pranali. The Makwana House gets decorated with lights during Amrish's wedding.

The next day, both families conduct mehendi rituals with a dance.

Pranali and Dolly dance on

(Jinke aage ji jinke pichhe ji o jinake age-pichhe ji ji
main unki saali hoon (o mera jijaji) - 3) - 2

kali anaar ki hai meri ye behana murat pyar ki hai pyari ye behana - 2
dekho kabhi tum na isako satana warana padega mujhe danda uthana
isako rulaya to dungi main gali ji ha gali ji kya samjhe jijaji
o (mere jijaji) - 2
Jinke age ji jinke pichhe ji o jinake age-pichhe ji ji
main unaki saali hoon (o mera jijaji) - 3)

Makhamal ki bisatar pe isako sulana bahon ke zulen mein isako zulana - 2
ruthe kabhi to ise hasake manana hasake na mani to makkhan lagana
phir bhi na mani to bulalena sali ji ye sali ji kya samjhe jijaji
o (mere jijaji) - 2
Jinke age ji jinke pichhe ji o jinake age-pichhe ji ji
main unaki saali hoon (o mera jijaji) - 3)

Deepika Upadhyay (@ideepika_upadhyay) • Instagram photos and videos

(Sanam Bewafaa movie)

Amrish and Hetal marry.

Dolly's father approached Amba with a marriage proposal for Chirag, while Bhaven, Amrish, and Amba approached Pranali's parents to ask for her hand in marriage.

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Posted: 1 months ago

Amrish seems to be a mummy's boy.he left the girl he loves as he knew that she can't adjust in his family and his mom won't accept an ambitious woman.Hetal doesn't want an ambitious bahu and hopes that hetal will leave her dancing career.but she told her family that she can continue dancing.does that mean she was lying to them?is amrish also giving false promise to hetal that he will support her career?was amba not asking for dowry so that she can get a doormat bahu easily?chirag dolly scene was wedding happened and I wonder what will happen.superb pics.these characters are from Pandya store?