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Entry 1 

The minister showed moon in the mirror and Ramlalla beamed happily making Dasharath feel a great relief. He had fulfilled his child’s wish to have the moon. Vidhata smirked at the obsessive father. It was Ramleela, where the child wanted to show his ignorant father….. What Dasharatha considered as worldly wealth, his kingdom, was only maya ( imagery) for Ram. His life purpose was much greater than the small kingship. He was not just any king; He was the one and only…God incarnated!

Entry 2 

"Laksmana, you built this hut?" Satrughna marvelled. "Convince Rama to come back to Ayodhya. We can renovate the palace!"

"Why?" Laksmana asked. "Heroes don't cling to their janmabhumi; they seek glory everywhere. This hut in Citrakuta protects honest rsis' dharma from Raksasas better than any selfish ornamental palace in Ayodhya."

Sumitra spoke up. "I advised Laksmana to seek Ayodhya in the wilderness."

"Rivers meander. Raise your hut on a platform before Mandakini floods it," Satrughna suggested.

Bharata morosely repeated Rama's words: "Every high-rise must collapse."

"We'll leave huts behind wherever we go, these fourteen years," Rama decided. "Maybe bridges too."

Entry 3 

His eyes rested on land across the ocean. He was Shree Ram but his Shree, his love, his Seeta was in capture thereacross. The two had to unite but how? His one arrow could divide the ocean or Hanumaan could carry the entire Vaanarsena across the ocean. But when Narayan took human birth, he had accepted all limitations of human life. He wanted to cross the ocean without using any divine powers. He taught faith to humanity and got the Raam-setu built. He taught humanity how to become best man while abiding by all your limitations. He became Maryada-Purushottam Ram!

Entry 4 

The people of Ayodhya and all the creatures were in years as they watched their crown prince, his brother, and his wife walk away. They followed him, he would know the way, but when he turned and asked all men, women, birds, and animals to return, their hearts broke. Disheartened, they turn.

After fourteen years, when Ram, Sita, and Laxman returned to Ayodhya, they were surprised to find a few people there, waiting for their Lord.

"You asked every man, woman, bird, and animal to return home, we are neither. You didn't order us, so we waited for you, Lord."

Entry 5 

Lord Ram had an elder sister Shanta. Devi Shanta is worshiped in the Shringa Rishi temple in Kullu, Himachal.

In Bhagavat Purana, Shanta is described as the daughter of Dasharatha and Kaushalya. Dasaratha had a friend Rompada who was childless. Dasaratha lets Rompada adopt her. Romapada raised Shanta and married her off to Rishyashringa.

Dasharatha wanted a son as heir to the kingdom and years later has no progeny. He invites Rishyasringa to perform the Putrakameshthi Yagya. He performs the Yagya and gets the pabulum that has to be eaten by the queens and thus the princes (Ram, Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughna) are born.

Entry 6 

Rishis came to meet Rama complaining about demons in Dandakaranya. Rama vowed to kill demons.

Sita questioned, “You are a Kshatriya. Kshatradharma advises weapons in hand for those who are downtrodden. Killing somebody who has not done any harm to you is a vice.”

“I’m ashamed of myself, ” Rama replied.

Sita was astounded…….Rama was One wife, One Arrow and One saying ( Ekvachani), would he abandon his vow?

“The rishis had to come to me. It was my duty to approach and enquire if they had any danger. Why should I wait for them to be downtrodden?”

Entry 7 

"Rama says, when Dasaratha married me, he promised Asvapati the kingdom!" Kaikeyi exclaimed. "If I had known I didn't need to banish Rama ..."

"You are too trusting!" Manthara interrupted. "If Ayodhya already belonged to Bharata, would Dasaratha not tell you when he begged you: Bharata will rule; let Rama stay? Honest Dasaratha died of grief, and now who will call Rama a liar?"

"Why would Rama lie?" Kaikeyi demanded. "Only to convince Bharata to accept the kingdom without guilt."

"No, to make you imagine you wasted two boons," Manthara guessed.

"Would relinquishing Bharata's kingdom have made me popular?" Kaikeyi wondered.

Entry 8 

The beauty of the evenings at Panchavati always uplifted Mata Sita’s mood. The birds, squirrels, deer and Jatayu always ensured that their Mata was never alone. One evening, Sita asked Jatayu, “Tell me, how beautiful does the Panchavati look, when seen from above?” Immediately, the giant-bird made her sit on its back, took her high above the clouds. They kept flying over rivers, hills, forests. Sita’s eyes were gleaming with happiness. On descending, Jatayu promised that next time it would take her to flight above the oceans. Next time, Sita flew across the oceans, but that flight was an unforgettable-nightmare.

Entry 9 

Rama wiped his tears sitting at the base of his forefather's statue. He knew the washer defaming Seeta was just one representative. He could challenge every such subject but he would not be able to convince them that Seeta was the purest. True self-realization was the only solution to establish Seeta’s virtue.

She had knowingly crossed Laxman-resha to fulfil his life purpose. Now it was his turn to take the blemish sending Seeta away. Seeta was woman power embodied and she would teach humanity that a woman can alone raise her child. That was her self-actualization, her true life purpose.

Entry 11 

At an auspicious time, in the afternoon of the ninth day of chaitra masam in Ayodhya. King Dasharatha was pacing back and forth in his palace. His queen Kausalya was in labor. He was thinking of the Putrakaamesti ritual performed bysage Rishyasringa.

Suddenly, he heard the cry of a newborn and rushed into his queen's chamber."Congratulations on your son, Your Majesty!"

Dasharata looked at his son, admiring his lotus-red eyes, long arms and rosy lips. He lay in his mother's arms, screaming with his drumbeat-like voice. Rama, the epitome of Vishnu, had seen the light of day!

Entry 12 

HE had worshipped the sand Shivling earlier and now he stood at the Land’s End, staring out…… The ocean roared ahead in angry waves to engulf the narrowing land; but the bay advanced firmly holding the ocean back. Despite the pressure, a smile appeared on Rama’s lotus-like face…… This confluence where he stood was the symbol of life…. The battle was going to be of Power against Self-confidence…… He only had Vaanarsena with him but he embodied the confidence to fight against mighty Ravan and his powerful sena. He would teach humanity what life entails for every person!

Entry 13 

"Prabhu, you should've seen me. I was not even flying, I just took one big jump. The feeling was amazing"

Ram smiled, adoring his best friend/soul brother who's jumping from one tree to another trying to describe his whole journey in one breath.

He shook his head and chuckled seeing Lakshman looking at Hanuman with a big sad pout, clearly feeling bad for not witnessing his best friend in his full Glory.

His eyes turned mist, his soulmate, his better half is not here to witness their extended family's beautiful moments.

"Soon" , he promised himself.

Entry 14 

Ram and Lakshman in the gardens of Janakpuri Mithila. Lakshman looked at the reflection of Sita and Urmila in the pond. “Brother, look at these beautiful lotuses. Don't they possess a charm that exceeds the heaven-dwellers?” 

Ram, looking at the actual lotuses. “They are absolutely exquisite. May we pluck them and offer them to the almighty Shiva?” 

“I don't think, the royal flowers…” Lakshman thought out loud, “But even if we smell a flower or two, it's not like Janakraj would fight us. At most he would challenge us for a Shastrartha.”

“For plucking flowers?”

Entry 15

"I'll incinerate Ravana with one bite!" Taksaka fumed.

"Ravana is immune to Nagas. Harmless biting will embarrass us," Vasuki hissed. "We must surrender, or he'll devastate Bhogavati."

"Leave Rasatala," Sphuta told Taksaka. "Let me handle Ravana."

"He'll want you for himself. I love you," Taksaka argued.

"I'm a drgvisa; my glance is poisonous," Sphuta reminded him. "I'll keep Ravana oblivious while the human enemy who can kill him grows stronger."

Taksaka left. Vasuki surrendered. When Ravana barged inside, he found curvaceous Sphuta.

"Be mine," Ravana proposed.

"I'm Taksaka's wife." Sphuta breathed fire.

Ravana laughed, pushing through the inferno. "Mine now."

Entry 16 

“Look, Shree Ram has promised Seeta of having only one wife in his life. How lucky Seeta is!” Parvati beamed at Shiva as both watched the divine husband wife from above.

“You never know, Parvati. One never realizes what one is asking for. What seems luck today, can turn into ill fate in future. Only time will tell!”

Parvati failed to understand her husband’s cryptic remarks at that moment but much later she realized his words came true. That promise finally led to Shoorpanakha incident. She complained to Ravana causing Seeta’s abduction in retaliation.

Entry 17 

The moment the Shiv Dhanush was broken at her Swayamvar, he turned devoted towards her. When Ravana took her away, she could feel the predicament he was in. 

When the news of him getting wounded by Interjeet reached, her soul broke into two. She prayed to all deities she knew, asked for all the boons she could.

They claim what a wonderful and loyal brother he was. But for Sita, he was a part of her. Because he was a part of her Lord. He was just like a son to her, her protector for life - Lakshmana.

Entry 18 

"Huge monkey coming! Camouflage yourselves!" Visalyakarani whispered to her friends through their mycorrhizal network.

"Shame on you!" Samdhani whispered back. "You want moribund heroes to succumb? Healing is our dharma."

Sauvarnakarani and Varnaprasadani trembled. "When he rips out your roots to identify you, you'll understand how stupidly destructive monkeys are."

Mamsavivardhani drooped despairingly. "Remember poor Madhuvana!"

"His father breathes prana into dead bodies for you, Mrtasamjivani. Ask your friend Svasana to decide," Vranasamrohani suggested.

Mrtasamjivani listened to the Wind's chuckle and relayed it. Reaching consensus, the magical herbs disappeared, ensuring that Hanumat would transport them intact, embedded in their mountain.

Entry 19 

Shreeram waited patiently without giving in urges of angry Laxmana to pick up Shivdhanush. He was bound by his promise to Vishwamitra to abide by his orders. Only after Vishwamitra instructed, he proceeded to lift it. Later he admitted the bow broke in his hands but unintentionally. When Parashuram arrived angrily, he still maintained his polite demeanor and passive tone. At every step in his life, he gave credit of his great deeds to input resources.

Narayana was practicing living proof through Ramavatar what he would preach in his next Krishnavatar through Geeta…. Karmyog!

Entry 20 

"I wish I could go with you," Urmila whispered, tears glistening in the moonlight.

"I cannot take you with me. I am sorry." Laxman answered sadly.

"All I can do is wait for you?" She asked, looking at him, but he looked away.

"Then you promise to make it worth it, Prince of Kosala. Keep Bhrata Ram and Sita Didi safe, and come to me safely."

Entry 21 

"You're only seventeen?" Sita frowned.

"Says who?" Rama demanded.

"Arya Kausalya. Don't tell me she wouldn't know. She gave birth to you!"

"I never contradicted her."

"When I asked your age, you told me ..."

"Gods appear twenty-five years old forever!"

"Like a God, you tricked me!"

"Seventeen or twenty-five, why do you care?"

"Because ... I'm ... eighteen!"

"Are you sure? You were born underground, possibly in Krtayuga!"

"And yesterday you dropped from the sky!"

"Isn't our Land older than her husband, the King, Visnu incarnate? Why not you and I?"

"You said twenty-five. For me, that's your truth. Never mind mine."

Entry 22 

Fretful Kaikeyi paced in her bedroom as conflicting thoughts clouded her mind. She had always known that Rama would be crowned King. But with Dasharatha’s curse to die with child pain, what would the future entail for Ram? Kaikeyi loved Ram so ardently and so honestly, she could not risk his life. She rose above herself and chose to sacrifice all the good doings of her own life. She would use her boons and send Rama away safeguarding his life. She had already ensured that Bharata was capable of running the kingdom. She became most misunderstood yet the kindest stepmom!

Entry 23 

"Why do you apply this SindoorMaa Sita?"

"So that my Prabhu is blessed with a long life." The queen of Ayodhya smiled.

The world then saw love and devotion in its purest form when they witnessed Hanuman smeared in red Sindoor, bowing at Lord Ram's feet.

"I am praying for your long life, Prabhu."

Entry 24

Shiva-Parvati watched in fascination from Kailash as the apes put one after the other stone into the sea with complete faith in Shreeram.

“Parvati, every person has Rama at his righteous core, his soul. The ‘Jeeva’ is on Life Coast and all around is the Bhav-Sagar with Shadripus ready to capture it. Follow this path of Rama. With complete faith, take one step ahead, live each day of life…….Across everybody will find me, ‘Shiva’… waiting with love in my heart.

Ramsetu is not a bridge, it’s life teaching!” Shiva smiled.

Entry 25 

Seeta placed the blade of grass on the ground and challenged Ravana to dare cross it. A true reflection of Rama, Seeta was guiding humanity. A woman can protect her virtue in the direst circumstances if she gathers and acknowledges her Atma-Shakti, inner strength. Being alone does not translate into being helpless against vile powers.

Earlier Rama had taught the world that Ahilya who had lost her virtue without any folly of hers was pious. Both husband-wife were showing humanity that woman’s virtue is a great complexity in the universe.  We are nobody to pass judgements.

Entry 26 

Her head was in his lap, a smile adorning her face feeling the caress of her Arya's hand. 

Feeling the flower he tucked in her hair she opened her eyes, only to find him looking at her lovingly.

Feeling overwhelmed she got up only to get locked in his arms. He whispered her name while pulling her closer.

She opened her eyes and found herself in Ashok Vatika, her heart cried but suddenly a slight smile appeared on her face.

At a distance, on the shore he stepped foot in Lanka taking only one name in his breath "Siya".

Entry 27 

Valmiki Rishi took the heavy pot from a tired, heavily pregnant Seeta, “Why don’t you do another Agnipariksha and join with Rama?”

Seeta smiled weakly through her pain, her face radiant with her inner glow, “ Rama’s Seeta has already been doing multiple fire trials and can do hundred more for him. But Seeta, as the representative of all females in the world, refuses second Agnipariksha. He already knows my virtue. If his Rajdharma and his Patidharma clash, let him make the choice. I can’t put womenfolk in the jeopardy of having to prove their virtue again and again.”

Entry 28 

“Laxmana, go and take knowledge from Ravana.” Rama advised.

  a baffled look but then abided approaching a dying Ravana. Rama smiled at Laxmana’s bafflement.

The advice wasn’t so much for Laxmana, but rather more to remind humanity that Ravana was Mahagyaani. But he forgot his Atmabhaan. Koham? Who am I? Your true self! Taking Ramnaam means staying aware of your true self.

Ravana lost the wisdom to control Shadripus and his arrogance caused his entire family’s demise.

Entry 29 

Lakshman glanced at his brother with tears in his eyes. His Ram bhaiya was in pain because of him. He had gone to check on his brother at the behest of his Bhabhi. And when they returned, she was nowhere to be found.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Ram and Lakshman lost count of the days as they trudged through the dense jungles in search of Sita. And the silent agony of Ram, killed Lakshman.

“What I have done is unforgivable,” Lakshman thought. “But I would bring Bhabhi back.” 

No force could stop him now.

Entry 30 

Desperate and in tears, Seetha knelt on the ground. Did Rama know that Ravana had her in her power? "Without Rama, life has no meaning for me. I will not touch Ravana! Never! Rama, please save me!" she cried desperately."The ocean around Lanka is no obstacle to the flight of Rama's arrows! He must know where I am! One of those ogres will surely eat me for breakfast. What am I going to do without Rama? Without him, all I have left is death. Abandoned by my beloved Rama, I will leave breath of life!"

Entry 31 

Ravana was angrily leaving the Swayamwar having failed at lifting Shiv Dhanush. He remembered he had uplifted Kailasa itself but Shiva had pressed his toe to trap him. Being the greatest Shiva devotee, his anger after two successive failures was directed at Shiva.

Shiva smiled. What Ravana could not understand was that this was his second chance to acknowledge the true meaning of devotion and renounce his arrogance. Arrogance had incited Ravana’s first act and again today arrogance prohibited Ravana from understanding the divinity of Seeta. Life does not give chances again and again.

Entry 32 

The dry soil around her broke Queen Sunaina's heart. Her people were facing the wrath of God Indra for no fault of theirs, and the queen knew she had to fix it. She had to be a mother, even though the Gods had denied her that blessing, but she knew she had to be a mother to the people of Mithila. When King Janak hit the ground with the spade, the echoes of a baby's cry filled the city of Mithila, and with that, the Gods finally blessed the city and its mother.

Entry 33 

"I had to choose between my Mamta and my Dharma, I chose my Dharma but my son, he chose me, he honoured me, humbled me with his actions, his sacrifice became mine, his love overwhelmed me, He said he has learnt from me but today, I learnt the meaning of unconditional love from him, From now Saumitra is not his identity it's mine", Thought Sumitra while looking at her son who is in the garb of Saint from palace balcony.

Entry 34 

R(laughingly)- Siya why are you pouting now, it was your idea

S(in sheepish voice) - I just thought I will win at least one game

Ram grinned at her expression, he was not surprised when his wife came with the idea of playing Chausar today, she keeps coming up with new activities for them to do so he doesn't miss home so much.

R(taking her hand in his) - thank you so much my love

Siya's face turned red which widened the smile on.

Ram's face. 

L(clearing throat)- shall we continue?

Ram and Siya both blushed this time.

Entry 35 

As Ravana was falling on the battlefield, everything rotated and he saw monkeys all around him. Suddenly his life flashed before his eyes. While visiting Kailasha, he had ridiculed Nandi as a monkey and ended up taking Nandi’s curse to suffer a downfall at Moneky’s hands. He realized he had been ignorant. Every animal however trivial is a child of Prakriti and blessed by Shiva. Shiva had sent his ‘ansh’ as Hanuman who had burnt Lanka. His life sentence was brought about by Shiva with his unbiased justice for an honest devotee versus an arrogant devotee.

Entry 36 

Ram was getting the throne. Manthara couldn’t stand that. Bharat was also capable to become the king. Then why this injustice? Both Kaikayi and Bharat were too naïve to understand what was going to happen if Ram became the king of Ayodhya.

No, she cannot let this happen. Kaikayi’s son deserved to be the king, not Ram. But Ram was everyone’s favourite. Even Kaikayi’s. And Bharat, he worshipped him. He would never betray his brother for the throne.

Suddenly, Manthara's smiled, and it turned darker every passing second. She had plans. And they would come along nicely.

Entry 37 

Kaikasi wailed bitterly over Ravana’s corpse. In her youth, she had thought she could trick Shiv-Parvati and snatch their to-be home but Parvati’s curse had come true. All glittering wealth around had no meaning when she lost her true wealth, her two sons.

Mandodari shed silent tears when a vision flashed in front of her eyes. In her previous birth, out of love, she had mated with Shiva angering Parvati who turned her into a frog. In this birth, with Shiva’s blessing, she had Shivbhakt husband; but she suffered same pain as Parvati when her husband went after other women.

Entry 38 

"A mother is a mother. She is never wrong."

"A wrong is a wrong, even if it's committed by a mother," Bharat retorted, his eyes focused on his elder brother. There was no malice in his voice, it was a statement, a request to Ram to look beyond his duties to Dashrath and Kakaiye, but when Ram looked away, Bharat knew it was a lost battle. 

"Give me your padukas," he said instead.

Bharat ruled Kosala under Ram's name for the next fourteen years, ensuring that his brother fulfilled his duties to not only his parents but his people too.

Entry 39 

"Lakshmana, they say, sorrow disappears with time. But my sorrow not seeing my beloved is increasing every day. My body is being scorched by the fire of passion."

"Don't lose hope, brother! Seetha is a strong woman!"

"When will I see my enchanting Seetha again? How can Seetha, my darling, sleep among the demons? When will this terrible agony of separation end?"

“Rama, we find her! Soon you will hold her in your arms again. Look, evening dawns, the night is not far away. Your sorrow will soon disappear!"

Rama sighed deeply. With a longing gaze he worshipped the dusk.

Entry 40 

Shreeram was entering the river for his final Jal samadhi to end his human birth. As Narayan, he had maligned Vrinda’s virtue to facilitate Shiva’s victory over Jalandhar and taken her curse. In this birth as Rama, Shiva had blessed his marriage with Seeta through ShivDhanush, but Vrinda’s curse prevailed making him suffer the same lament as Jalandhar at the loss of his wife. This birth had been closely intertwined with Shiva as victory had only been possible after Shiva’s blessing at Rameshwar and the presence of Hanuman as his blessing.

Entry 41 

Mandodari looked through the window. Unfortunately for her, it overlooked the Ashok Vatika, and she could see the young princess amongst the demoness, willowing. Mandodari had seen her husband approach Sita and knew that Sita's glance could burn him. She feared for his life. But she couldn't help but admire Sita. Her grace and her patience marveled the queen. She knew that this young princess and her husband, would write history, and she also knew for that history to be written, Raavan would have to die, and Mandodari wasn't ready for that. 

Entry 42 

“Send the monkey army to Ravana! Lanka shall burn!" Sugreeva shouted to Hanuman.

The monkeys went to Lanka and set the city on fire.

Rama and Lakshmana took up their bows. The twang of Rama's bowstring drowned out the battle.

His arrows brought down the main gate and froze the demons.

"Oh monkeys! Let the battle begin!" commanded Sugreeva.

"Kumbha! Nikumbha! Destroy the monkey army!" roared Ravana angrily."Yupaksha, Shonitaksha, Prajangha, Kampana! Oh demons! Go, roar like  a lion."

The demons rushed out of Lanka. The battle surged back and forth until the monkeys surrounded the demons from all sides.

Entry 43 

“How to shorten Vishnu Sahastranaam for easy recital?” Parvati queried her husband.

”Engross yourself in Rama, my beloved! Sahastranaam is great, but Ramanam is better on your tongue.” Shiva advised.

Parvati chortled to herself, “He is himself so immersed in Rama that his devotion incarnated as Hanuman to serve Rama’s life purpose. Hanuman got all his power from Shiva and to date, he’s revered because of the same. Anybody who takes Ramnaam in his last breath is given Moksha by my husband. Rama worships Shiva and Shiva devotes to Rama, the true Harihara!”

Entry 44 

Kaikeyi loved her sons equally. But the woman in her who was denied the throw because of her gender knew what it was like to be second best. She didn't want her Bharat to be second best. He was raised as a Raghuvanshi, they were the best. Ram, bless his noble soul, overshadowed the other three without his knowledge, but what would happen if, without his knowledge, the power corrupted him? She clutched her chest as all the dark thoughts started swirling in her head. She shook them aside and looked at Manthara.

"What do you suggest I do?"

Entry 45

Next week will end the wait of last 14 years, or it won't?? No, Bhaiya can't forget me, he won't, he promised me, he will come back so he will be back, he never goes back on his promise or may be he would, as I am the reason of his misery, I am the reason he left the family, I know I am not fit to be his brother but he is my brother, he would always remember me, he would, "Haina Bhaiyya", Bharat hoped with his conflicted heart and a determined mind to end his life if his reason to live won't come.

Entry 46 

It all started when his mother asked for the boon. He was feeling ashamed, losing himself in the tangle of the unfair treatment towards his brother. With deep regard for brother Ram, Bharat refused to ascend the throne and decided to live a saint life for fourteen years.

But she was unprepared for the despondency that completely enshrouded him. Once the centre of his universe, her presence was not even acknowledged now. It was vicarious guilt that had consumed him, she realised. And her thoughts turned a permanent hue of blue-grey. She, who paid the actual price – Bharat’s Ardhangini, Mandavi.

Entry 47 

As the fire died and Sita's beautiful face became visible through the flames, Ram's eyes glistened with tears. His Sita was now before him, no more maya, just his Sita, the truth, his truth. 

Sita stepped out of the fire and thanked Agnidev for protecting her all this while and then greeted her husband.

A part of Ram wanted to just hold her hand and tell the world that his wife was here by his side, but he knew that he'd have to wait for a few more moments, they had waited so much, a few more moments wouldn't hurt.

Entry 48 

In the kingdom of Mithila, the grand preparations for Janaka's yaaga were complete. Brahmans from distant kingdom gathered, and the revered sage Viswamitra, along with the princes Rama and Lakshman, were warmly welcomed. Janaka, captivated by the brothers, learned of their noble lineage.

Vishwamitra narrated how they had protected his own yaaga and destroyed the Raakshasas. Janaka, elated, declared if Rama could string the mighty bow, he will win the hand of my daughter, Sita.

Entry 49 

"He is right, I am a destroyer not a mother, I failed my Ram, he trusted me, he loved me, may be he still does cause he is my Ram and my Ram doesn't know how to hate someone, he only knows how to love, he only has love and kindness to give so why did I give him the exile, cause I am not his mother, how can I be his mother, he gives love and I am the personification of hate", That's what kaikayie's thoughts have become these days.

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