Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th Feb 2024 Written Update and EDT

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Manisha is offering milk to Abhira before bedtime. She makes excuses and declines her offer , as she hated Malayi.

Manisha then advises Abhira on Importance of wife and Friend in Armaan’s life . She asks Abhira to make her husband understand this . Ruhi notices RuMaan friendly interactions and feels concerned.

Ruhi video calls B Naanu n  learns about the injured guy . He is  still unwell . Armaan notices Abhira n calls her . Yuvraj hears this and that name wakes him up. Manish makes him lie down n relax until he recovers . Yuvraj decides to snatch Abhira  from Armaan. Ruhi holds Armaan’s arm as he tries to go to Abhira . 

Abhira finds a bracelet n wonders if this belongs to the attacker Yuvraj . She notices same bracelet with Krish, it was a common design . She tries to forget about Yuvraj and relax . Both Armaan and Abhira are worried about that attacker . Abhira gets absentminded and Armaan supports her n reassures he was there for her. Abhira shares her fears . She could never retaliate in Mussoorie , he was too well connected n powerful . Armaan states he was there for her n would never let her be harmed , 

At Goenka mansion, Yuvraj decides to leave , thanks Goenkas for taking so good care of him he goes off to collect something which was most important for him. 

Abhira is seen very scared as she leaves for work.,Armaan notices how scared, worried n absentminded Abhira was .,Armaan decides to take care of her . He goes off to attend phone call.

At office Charu gets reprimanded by Dev for eves dropping in his family matter,meh reminds her he was her boss n would not tolerate such things , Charu then notices how he cared for her when she was about to get hurt on her head  n he shields her with his hand . Charu feels happy. 

Abhira accidentally drops Daadi’s mobile , the glass shatters, Ruhi offers tk get it fixed , Abhira is skeptical , Ruhi persuades Abhira n reassures her . Abhira trusts her with difficulty as she recollects the incidence of the pest control visit . How Ruhi framed Abhira . 
Finally Ruhi hands her the mobile and leaves for college n office . Armana offers tk drop her in the car . AbhiMaan have nok jhok as he tries to persuade her . 
As Abhira sits in the car m he states he was going to be there for her , knowing very well she feels she did not need him. 
At her office Abhira is very scared of attack by the unknown attacker again, she even mistakes her boss to be Yuvraj , apologises profusely on realising it was her boss . He hands her file for their next case . Abhira is shocked to discover it was Manish Goenka’s case file l she recollects Ruhi’s warning to stay away from him. 


Daadi gets angry and scolds the children over Velantines day party . 
Ruhi wants Valentine’s Day party and Abhira wants Basanti Panchami celebrations . They leave Daadi to decide . 
Both Abhira and Ruhi ask Armaan to join their celebrations. Armaan is in dilemma which celebration to join.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Poor baby was soo scared today! Sigh. As a women it’s horrific to deal with this.. sigh 😭

Posted: 2 months ago

I don't know where it's heading,are they not planning for AbhiMaan. Like they could have shown armaan taking care of her at night while she is having night mares, they could build some emotional attachment, cuddling scenes etc which could serve as a base for their relationship. But no......

Posted: 2 months ago

Main chahti hun koi rahe abhira ke pass koi to rahe koi Ho koi Aisa jisse vah apna kah sake Armaan ke alawa 

Per Aisa koi nhi hai muka ko chod ke 

Muka se bhi umeed Kom hi hai sirf muskan se hi hai agar woh hoti toh acha hota 🤞🤞

Baby Sharma kitni akali hai aur dukhi bhi smiley28

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Posted: 2 months ago

Waiting on the episode to upload on Youtube 

Hulu sucks smiley21

Posted: 2 months ago

Arman has a thriving relationship with his bhabhiji . Why would he do all these with Abhira ? Bhabhiji is the center of his universe not Abhira 🙄

Posted: 2 months ago

I really don’t know what to expect anymore. Armaan and Abhira or Armaan and Ruhi ! I am wondering why Ruhi is throwing valentines party isn’t her husband missing ? I loved Manisha chachi advising Abhira about Arman and Ruhi. 

I feel yuvraj should do something.. I am really feeling bored with this track now. Too much ema and third angle. What they are trying to show god only knows 

Posted: 2 months ago

Chachi ji is luv smiley27 abhira ka samjha rehi thi ki aapne pati ko samjha de dosti aur patni me koun kitna imp hona chahiye,

Kisike samjha ne se pehle abhira samjh geyi hai ki roohi aur armaan dost se kuch zyada hi hai 

Lekin abhira khud ko hi blame or doubt kr rehi hai ki sayad me hi achi dost nhi ban pai hadd hai smiley38

Abhira rn you need a big smiley31 smiley27 my baby Sharma 

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