Gurinder (Sanju's mom) is a terrible mother, never want to be her son

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Posted: 3 months ago

She is a selfish, terrible mother.  How can Sanju have a mom like her?
She didn't defend Neeti and is now paying the price for having Pari in her house.

If I was Gurinder, I would have slapped Sanju a long time ago and thrown Pari out of the house to.

What kind of mom is Gurinder?  She is definitely no Mother India!



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Posted: 3 months ago


Let's be honest, for Gurinder, Gurinder herself comes first... not even her own 2 sons. Heck, Pammy cares more about Amit and Rajiv's happiness than their own mom most times.

Gurinder simply stopped caring about and supporting Niti because of Suckwinder's rude behavior at the hospital towards her. That simple.

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Posted: 3 months ago

Sometimes she likes Neeti, the next day she likes Pari and the cycle goes on. Like mother like son. Confused tharki aadmi.

Taiji is even more irritating though. Her hypocrisy is next level disgusting. 

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Posted: 3 months ago

I understand that Gurinder is worst mother in this show. But sometimes I understand her when it comes to her son not listening to her 

But Madame. You chose Pari first until You knew about Neeti before Pari! 

she chose the innocent and naive Pari because she can lure her into things!

Okay Pari is obsessive with Neeti sometimes.

But this lady hasn’t been punished for her past crimes!

I hate that she’s getting jelly over Pari and Neetii and Tajj because of their love for this miserable boy!

Awards of Year of Cunning comedy crimes!:

The sweet potato character: (Pari’s younger sister) 

Most evil character: Rajeev 

Most likely to escape deaths: Pari 

Most accidents: Neetii

Most kidnappings: PariNeetii 

Least punished: Rajeev and Gurinder 

Most silent ( Pari’s father in law)

Most doubtful trio: Taij, cha and Rakesh/daijeeti