Posted: 3 months ago

At this point of time I am so glad to see some fresh story rather than 2 minute cringe couple ..


Saw BTS that showed

Yuvraaj at Poddar house as masked man takes on abhira..manhandles abhira..enters armaan Poddar and there starts fight between armaan and yuvraj ..

Abhira beats yuvraj on his head and he is about to faint..


This storyline will bring more closeness between abhira and armaan I think ..also high chances that family might come to know about yuvraaj and him stalking abhira..hope they all will stand up for her. .

And that new case toh gaya will abhira concentrate on new case when she is around all this mess..charu will steal everything I think..shame on her ..she is just like her father..


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Posted: 3 months ago

even if poddar famiily gets to kno they wont support abhira and armaan will cling to chuhi.. i just want dev to rescue abhira n make them a jodi

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Team Sharmas

Posted: 3 months ago

Goenkas, Akshu ke murder ko apne Ghar mein rakhenge aur uski seva karenge. What else to expect from these empty headed Goenkas smiley36

Posted: 3 months ago

But except for dadisa i guess everyone of the others will support her.. 

Posted: 3 months ago

Yes 🤣🤣