Kunal is Not in Love but His Heart is Healed

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Posted: 3 months ago

Although Kunal isn’t in love with Vandu, he experiences a major transformation that is actually more important for him to undergo before he falls in love. To hear Kunal say that his childhood wound is healed is a big deal. Kunal had so much pain and hurt in his heart since he was 5 years old so for him to feel consoled and healed after 35 years is amazing. It’s a testament to Vandu which Kunal articulates very compassionately (epi 163 - the best epi yet).

Vandu, experiences a major transformation as well. The romance overshadows her change but the effort that it took for her to put her two hands around Kunal to hug him signifies a pivotal moment. The small yet significant gesture proves that she is healed from her traumatic first marriage. She is willing to open herself up to loving again and not only that but she is willing to love a man who has humiliated her more than once. That’s commendable because she really doesn’t have numerous reasons to love a man like Kunal but it’s because she feels seen by him or noticed and understood for her thoughts and emotions that she finally takes the leap of faith and loves again.

Kunal and Vandu are unlocking areas of each other’s heart that were closed due to past experiences and failures. Vandu unlocked Kunal’s pain from his childhood trauma by being courageous. While Kunal unlocked Vandu’s willingness to love again by admonishing her and making her feel seen.

They still have another transformation to go through. Kunal is afraid to love again so that area of his heart is closed. While Vandu has dreams and ambitions in her heart waiting to be released. How will they unlock these areas for each other? How will Vandu unlock Kunal’s heart so he will love again? How will Kunal help Vandu fulfill her dream? 

Maybe Vandu falling in love first is a good thing. Because hopefully, Kunal will see her efforts in loving him after she too was hurt in a past relationship and soon unlock his heart for her to enter in. 


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Posted: 3 months ago

Very well written. 

Vandana is so used to finding solutions for everything herself. That's why she is so pleasantly surprised when Kunal notices her efforts. Everyone else takes her for granted.

For eg her father. I find it very odd that he is so angry that he won't allow Mrunal in his house but he is ok that mrunal is in Vandana's house, knowing Mrunal's nature. Yes, he keeps asking her to leave but is not actively giving any solution other than getting her married to an older guy. Somewhere he too is taking Vandana's resourcefulness for granted. 

As for Kunal, he still has a long way to go before he lets her into his heart. he admires her as a person, and is almost in awe of her compassionate, intelligent nature. 

Am waiting to see how his journey with her goes ahead. This brunal issue will pull him back once again. In the BTS, he doesn't seem to be that affected by her standing behind her. Maybe it will come out differently in the actual scenes. 

On a tangent, I'm missing a few things before their marriage when he always used to stare at her when she dried her hair, they have stopped showing that. 

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Posted: 3 months ago

Yes, Vandu is always sacrificing herself for others. It would be nice for her to finally have someone she can depend on so she can take a break from being superwoman. But Vandu is independent and as we can see she struggles with asking for help. And Kunal is aware of this so he tries to help her. But Vandu still has some growing to do as well.

I believe Kunal has feelings for Vandu and that they have been there for a long time. It’s not love but maybe it’s genuine concern and care. Although he has always been a monster, he equally has always been concerned for Vandu’s well being. He pays a lot of attention to her and always takes notice when something is going wrong with her. For example, when she was sexually assaulted during the job interview and the day after she found out she was infertile. He took noticed of her demeanor both times and helped her.

But Kunal has so many walls built around his heart and is fearful of loving another woman. However, he is only hurting himself the longer he continues to be anti-love. I am confident that Vandu will break every one of his walls down and come into his heart effortlessly. 

And you are right, he doesn’t look mad at Vandu during the BRunal BTS. 

I miss Kunal’s jaw dropping when seeing Vandu as well. He was attracted to her the first day he saw her in the studio. It was obvious. But you are right. We see less of that now. For example, he always thought she was cute in glasses but when she put them on a few episodes ago, it seemed like he barely noticed. I wish he would have said something about it.

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Posted: 3 months ago

Did you notice the hug today? Kunal was trying his best to look away from staring into Vandana's eyes? At least it looked like that to me. Vandana is totally lattoo. smiley27smiley42

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Posted: 3 months ago

Lattoo!!!!! 😂😂😂 She was starring at Kunal’s lips. 

Yes, I saw that and it seemed that way to me as well.


There seems to be more physical touch from Kunal as well in today’s epi. 

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Posted: 3 months ago

Kunal has totally shut out the possibility of him falling in love again - he doesn't seem to even consider it - he sure has concern and care for V and is appreciating her contribution to his life and Tara's a lot more - but he's also quick to yell if he thinks she's faltered - It will take a lot for him to realize that he's in love again - something big - perhaps V in an accident or something bigger. I don't think they  can separate for MUs because neither V nor K will want to scar Tara. 

They need to restart his physical attraction toward her ..He has to start finding her sexier and we also need another male to flirt with V in K's presence - Perhaps some international client that V&K go to meet - so she's dressed all fancy ..and the dude is all over her! will be fun to watch how K deals with that!

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Posted: 3 months ago

Kuch nahi Kunal is facing typical ITV make syndrome where the broken hearted male lead doesn't know the concept of moving on after heartbreak and even after he falls in love he'd be in denial for 4783863 episodes. Rajan might want to hurry up though... Star might not give him that many episodes. Too much khichdi will affect trps.

Not to be to negative but I feel Vandana's character being submissive is actually her strength.... Imagine her being confrontational and agressive in this situationsmiley39 My problem is there is no concept of grovel in the show ML seems to get away with lies, physical abuse, reclusive behaviour and doesn't care about his or his wife's mental health.