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Sonali, Karan and Bulbul are in side the old Singh sweets shop n searching for clues , they manage to escape , after Sonali steals Amar the son of the shop guard that both they and Choudhary family were looking for the same culprit , the one who supposedly killed Kunal and affected all their lives . Amar flirts With Sonali but she shows disinterest. Sonali and Amar decide to seek help from police to look into the old case files . They seek help from Vishwa , but he refuses any help . 
Sonali and Amar decide to sneak into the old case records store room of police station n retrieve the documents… as they manage ti retrieve the files aAmar and also Ali have accidental close moments ., aamar flirts with Sonali but she pushes him away . They manage to steal an old CD from the old case  file . Vishwa notices disturbance n hears noises in store room n comes investigating , Amar hides Sonali and himself purposely gets caught by police . Sonali realises and is moved by his action.,

Imli proposed to Agasthya with the ring that He originally wanted to give her . Agasthya ish taken aback , before he can reply they are disturbed and the issue is left incomplete .

Alka and Agasthya have detailed discussions and she takes the entire blame on herself n requests Agasthya to give Imlie love and family , that’s something she never could give her ., she writes a fake letter n  take leave from Agasthya and Imlie’s  lives , Agasthya hates his mom but is moved by her sacrifice for him n Imlie . He is given a locket by Meera which is supposedly give by his father Kunal just before he died .

Imlie reads that letter n is heart broken, she refuses to believe her Meera kaaki could harm anyone. She is heart broken , Agastya recollects Meera’s words and takes Imlie into the hall of the Choudhary hiuse and collects the entire family there .

Agasthya proposes to Imlie in a very sweet romantic moment   In presence of entire family . He gifts Imlie a beautiful family n is ready to spend the entire life having nok jhok with her , taking care of her . Imlie accepts his proposal because he was gifting her a beautiful fami,y which she herself never had and always yearned for.

Alka accuses Agasthya of losing his mind , he wa proposing to this girl whose Meera kaaki was their enemy and she was the one who destroyed Alba’s married life , she shames Imlie for her earlier occupation. And she accuses Agasthya of taking aImlie’s side because he too have the same dirty blood of a bar dancer ,, Meera , his mother … Agasthya and Imlie are very hurt . Annapurna shuts up Alka and asks her tk stop spewing hatred . The past was gone and now they looked forwards to beautiful future l And asks fami,y members tk start celebrations , to decorate the house with the moon n stars , to invite the entire village for the grand wedding is she grand son . All family members get into celebratory mood and pull Agasthya’s legs and Imlie is all smiles .as the entire family is celebrating Sonali notices Agasthya sitting depressed . She goes to speak to him n after much persuasion he shares with her the locket that their father handed to Meera . Sonali assures they both together will investigate this matter n reveal the truth . 

Sonali gets Amar released from jail and they have moments of flirting together . Amrit who is lodged i; the same jail gets jealous of Sonali’s closeness with another guy and quesrions her . Sonali retorts that he had betrayed her n cheated her n lost all rights over her , he had now no rights to question her . 


Imlie and Agasthya and doing the roles of Satyavan savitri. Govind chachu in the role of Yamraj blesses Savitri with the life of her husband. 

One lady in the audience , dressed in tribal attire, threatens danger on Imlie’s husband in real life . Imlie is shocked . Voice over asks if AgaLie love story will be written in Agasthya’s blood . 

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