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Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by: srkat

Unfortunately, no, I don't see Fighter hitting the 300 cr mark! Although the WOM is definitely strong, I don't think it's at that EXTRAORDINARY level where it can trend to 300 cr lifetime from here! 

They definitely did follow the Pathaan strategy of releasing one day before Republic Day to get positive WOM benefit for Republic Day collection! In that sense, it worked very well for Pathaan, because the first day itself was RECORD BREAKING (on a non-holiday!), and so the Republic Day collection was just cherry on top! 

In the case of Fighter, it's tough to say. On the positive side, it was good to release the film on Thursday, as strong WOM boosted the holiday collection for today, Republic Day. On the negative side, the Thursday collection was embarassing. But it also would've been embarassing to get a poor start on Republic Day itself....

true, for me the movie was just ok, nothing great

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Posted: 5 months ago

Jitna bhi hai

Sab Organic hai smiley14

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