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Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by: PardesiBabu

Kya baat kar rahi hai

Kangana k hisab se Ranbir abhi tak obsessed hai usse aur Alia k saath cheat karke uspar taak jaank karta rehta hai

Aur kyunki yahan k chu log Hrithik ke itne saare saboot dene k bawjoot bhi kangana ko "thoda bahut" sach maante hai toh Ranbir k maamle mein poora ka poora sach hi bol rahi hogi. Kyunki usne toh aaj tak deny bhi nahi kiya aur KWK mein Ranveer ne bhi ishara diya tha unke hook up aur fling k baare mein

So Ranbir threw himself on Kangana, he is sending paps to track her n wants to cheat on Alia with her 

Lagta hai Kangana ne sirf hook up kiya par Ranbir caught feelings smiley14

Very good point. Why are people believing her stories about Hrithik when there is no proof and he has categorically denied any relationship. Meanwhile Ranbir has never denied anything and there is proof circulating out there. I didn't even realize Ranveer called him out on it too in KWK.

In this case, my sympathies lie with Kangana lol because I can't imagine what it is like to have an Animal obsessed with you. Even she does not deserve this fate. I have no sympathy for Alia because she came into this marriage accepting that her husband will cheat so she must accept his obsession with Kangana now as well. 

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Posted: 5 months ago

I do believe that HR-Kangu saw each other during making of Kites...

HR was a married man then and probably from his side it was just a fling but Kangana wanted and expected more from their relationship.

Kangana, at least to me, seems a person who is emotionally and mentally scarred after her initial Bollywood outings with men like Aditya Pancholi. If she gets those delusional fits, it isn't surprising at all...

While she might have harbored those lofty feelings for HR, those supposed romantic gestures, I think were the figment of her own imagination.

But the way she went after HR, it is him who was at the verge of losing his sanity. Besides, in almost all of the world's realm, women are the victims and men, always the perpetrators. Kangana succeeded in hyping that narrative initially. Heck even I was one of them who believed her then. As much as I dislike Arnab Goswami for his crass and uncouth way of conducting tv debates, I will give him the solo credit of shifting the narrative on HR's side with his TV interview.

Wrt Kangana, her mental condition might have deteriorated with HR's rejection. I still like her interviews when she is not talking about HR or other petty stuffs. When she is talking sense, she sounds deep and insightful . Also kudos to her for grooming herself into an articulate speaker. From facing snubs in Johar led Bollywood circles for poor English speaking skill to being one of the most eloquent speakers, she deserves the credit where it is due.

She is a tremendous actor but in this entire saga, she has lost a lot but gained as much as nil. She has no friends, no projects and even lost a lot of respect among the audience. 

While HR has moved on in life and seems geared up after a hiatus, Kangana still seemed to be stuck in that rut. I wish she seeks help and bounce back as a great artist that she is..

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