Heartstrings - OS - ArVan (Part 2)

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Author's Note: Considering that I am not pleased with the angle of the serial currently or more specifically Kunal's character, I decided to introduce a new character to the story. This OS features, Dr. Arjun Kaushal, Tara's new Pediatric Cardiologist. This is part 2 and a follow-up to The First Heartwarming Encounter - OS - ArVan


As the night reluctantly loosened its grip, Dr. Arjun Kaushal found himself jolting awake from a haunting, blurry nightmare that relentlessly revisited the tragic incident from almost six years ago when he lost his wife and daughter. His heart raced, beads of perspiration clinging to his forehead, as the ghostly memories lingered in the dimly lit room of his apartment. It took a few steadying breaths for the fragments of the past to retreat into the shadows, leaving him with a lingering ache in his heart.

In the quiet aftermath of the night, a gentle hum disrupted the lingering silence as his phone buzzed. He rubbed the fatigue from his eyes, reaching for it. The screen illuminated with Vandana Karmakar Maholtra’s name, signaling the arrival of morning.

He answered promptly, “Good morning, Vandu.” His voice carried a sound of sleepiness yet genuine warmth.

“Good morning!” Vandu’s warm voice flowed, carrying a subtle touch of consideration. “Dr. Arjun, I’m so sorry. Did I wake you? I remember it’s Saturday, and I hope I didn’t disturb your day of rest with this early morning call,” she added, expressing concern for his routine.

“No worries at all,” responded Dr. Arjun, who found Vandu’s call a welcome interruption pulling him from the haunting reverie.

Concern threading his voice, "Vandu, is everything all right? How's your throat? Is it still sore? Any improvement since our last meeting?”

It had been a week since he first met the mother and daughter duo that he was immediately drawn toward.

A gentle chuckle echoed through the line. "Oh, Doctor, I'm completely healed, all thanks to your advice and care. My voice is back to its melodious best," Vandu responded cheerfully, the gratitude evident in her tone.

“I’ve been thinking about our conversation the other day," Vandu began earnestly. "I would like to help and collaborate with you to organize the special musical event at the hospital.”

Arjun felt a gentle surge of gratitude at Vandu's willingness to support the cause. Her offer held a promise of hope, a chance to channel their collective efforts into something meaningful and raise awareness for children battling heart conditions.

"I'm grateful for your enthusiasm, Vandu. Your support means a lot," Arjun expressed, his voice quite appreciative.

In the coming days, emotions ran high as Dr. Arjun and Vandu worked tirelessly, pouring their hearts into the preparations for the musical event. The hospital halls buzzed with anticipation, each detail meticulously planned to create an atmosphere of awareness, compassion, and hope.

Amidst the soft melodies of the guitar, Vandu and Dr. Arjun found a moment of respite from the weight of their responsibilities. As the chords echoed through the hospital music room, Dr. Arjun’s fingers danced skillfully, creating a rhythm that intertwined with the shared laughter and conversation.

Vandu couldn’t help but be curious about Dr. Arjun’s skillful playing. “Dr. Arjun, how do you play so effortlessly?” she inquired, a playful glint in her eyes.

Dr. Arjun, seizing the opportunity to share his passion, rolled his stool neatly behind Vandu.  She was nestled between his legs on her rolling stool. Taking off the guitar, he draped it around her shoulders. His stool, slightly elevated, afforded him a vantage point to appreciate the graceful curve of her shoulders and the subtle nuances of her skin color that seemed to glow under the soft lighting. He couldn’t help but notice the unique shade of Vandu’s skin—a canvas painted with warmth and grace. The contrast between the rich tones of the guitar and the hues of her skin created a mesmerizing tableau. However, aware of the boundaries that tethered them, he redirected his focus to the task at hand, reminding himself of the professional nature of their relationship.

With a playful twirl of her hair to one side, Dr. Arjun took his time adjusting the guitar strap. His fingers brushed against her skin gently, the intimate contact veiled by the shared laughter and casual banter.

While guiding Vandu’s hands to the guitar, Dr. Arjun marveled at the elegant shape of her fingers. The proximity between them became both a blessing and a challenge, as the magnetic pull of their connection threatened to breach the carefully constructed walls of professionalism.

Dr. Arjun guided Vandu’s hands to the guitar, carefully positioning them. His warm breath grazed her neck as he directed her with words, his closeness adding a layer of intimacy to the moment. Vandu, still oblivious to the romantic undertones, enjoyed the playful interaction, unaware of the subtle dance happening between them.

“See, Vandu, it’s all about feeling the rhythm,” he explained, his voice carrying a soothing cadence.

Vandu, caught in the enchantment of the music, responded with a playful smile. “I never thought learning the guitar could be this much fun!”

Dr. Arjun couldn’t help but appreciate the grace in Vandu’s movements. “You have a natural elegance, Vandu. It’s like the guitar was meant for you.”

Vandu chuckled, “Well, who knew I had a hidden talent? Maybe I should thank Tara for bringing us here.”

As Dr. Arjun guided Vandu’s hands, he couldn’t resist a gentle tease, “Watch out, you might become a rockstar!”

Her laughter filled the room, mingling with the notes of the guitar. “I don’t know about that, but I’m enjoying this.”

As Dr. Arjun sat close to Vandu during their guitar lesson, he found himself captivated not only by the enchanting melodies they were creating but also by the intoxicating fragrance that emanated from her. Vandu’s scent was a symphony of subtle notes, each telling a tale of warmth and care.

The air around Vandu carried the soothing aroma of spices and more to her fragrance. It held a comforting warmth, akin to the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of tea on a cool evening, wrapping those who inhaled it in a cocoon of familiarity and care. There was also sweetness in Vandu’s scent that added another layer to the fragrant melody—a gentle sweetness that lingered like the memory of a cherished dessert. It was the kind of sweetness that evoked a sense of comfort, inviting those around her to bask in her presence.

As Dr. Arjun inhaled Vandu’s captivating scent, he felt a longing that went beyond the realms of their professional connection. The subtle desire to lean in, to press a gentle kiss against the curve of her neck, and encircle his arms around her waist flirted with his thoughts. It had been a while since he had been so mesmerized by a woman, and Vandu’s essence seemed to awaken emotions within him that defied easy explanation.

Yet, conscious of the boundaries and complexities of Vandu’s marital situation, Dr. Arjun fought against the tide of his own emotions. Reminding himself of their professional relationship, he treaded carefully on the delicate line between admiration and restraint, all while questioning the unexpected impact Vandu was having on his heart.

As Dr. Arjun pondered on the intricate layers of Vandu’s scent, a thought flickered in his mind. He found himself contemplating who cared for Vandu. She, who appeared to be the pillar of support and care for everyone around her, deserved the reciprocation of the love and attention she so willingly bestowed upon others.

In a lighthearted exchange, Dr. Arjun teased Vandu, “I must say, you’ve got some hidden talents!”

Vandu chuckled, a genuine smile lighting up her face. “Well, Doctor, I’ve been saving those talents for special occasions.”

Their banter continued, weaving a tapestry of shared laughter and camaraderie. Dr. Arjun, in his genuine appreciation, offered words that Vandu seldom heard. “You’re truly remarkable, Vandu. Your dedication to Tara, your strength—it’s admirable.”

Vandu, unaccustomed to such praise, blushed slightly, touched by his words. “Thank you, Dr. Arjun. It means a lot.”

As the evening unfolded, their friendship deepened. Instead of the guitar chords filling the air, Dr. Arjun and Vandu found themselves in the comforting ambiance of the hospital music room face-to-face and holding cups of tea in their hands.

Dr. Arjun’s ability to make Vandu laugh and appreciate her worth became a refreshing contrast to the dynamics of her marriage. In a moment of vulnerability, Vandu opened up to Dr. Arjun, “You know, Doctor, I married Kunal for Tara’s sake, to be her mother. It’s a marriage of convenience, not love.”

Dr. Arjun, surprised by this revelation, observed Vandu with a mix of understanding and a hint of hope. The vulnerability in her admission created a unique connection, as he navigated the delicate dance between friendship and a growing sense of admiration. The unspoken possibility lingered in the air, hinting at the potential for something more than a shared commitment to Tara’s well-being.

“All I want is to be a good mother to Tara, especially considering her heart condition. It's been a challenging journey, and I've dedicated myself to ensuring her well-being,” continued Vandu. Her concern for Tara’s condition mirrored an underlying fear within herself—a dread of losing someone dear, a sentiment Arjun could empathize with all too well.

"Vandu, I understand your concern for Tara. It's natural for a mother to worry about her child's health," Arjun remarked softly, a compassionate tone lacing his words.

Vandu nodded, her eyes reflecting the flicker of fear she tried to conceal. "It’s just... I can't bear the thought of losing her, Doctor. She means everything to me," she confessed, her voice quivering slightly with emotion.

Arjun's gaze softened as he felt a pang in his heart, memories of his loss resurfacing. Sensing an opportunity to offer solace through shared experience without divulging the specifics of his past, he opened up a sliver of vulnerability. "I understand, Vandu. Sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and we find ourselves facing unimaginable situations," he revealed, his voice tinged with a quiet sadness.

A fleeting moment of hesitation crossed Dr. Arjun’s mind before he softly spoke, "I lost my wife and daughter almost six years ago in a fatal accident."

Vandu's eyes widened in empathetic understanding, the gravity of his words palpable in the air. "I'm so sorry, Dr. Arjun," she murmured, her voice laced with compassion.

Arjun nodded somberly, his gaze distant yet laden with unspoken grief. "It's a loss that never truly fades. But I've found solace in dedicating my life to helping children like Tara," he admitted, the weight of his words reflecting the depth of his commitment. “I know what it's like to lose someone close. So, I assure you, I'll do everything to ensure Tara is safe and healthy."

Vandu nodded, her eyes mirroring a blend of worry and trust. "Thank you, Doctor."

Arjun reached into his bag, pulling out a colorful brochure. "Speaking of dedication, Vandu, let me show you something." He handed her the brochure with images of smiling children engaged in various activities.

"This is the Pediatric Heart Camp that we organize. It's a place where children with heart conditions come together, participate in activities, and receive specialized care. It's a haven for them," Arjun explained, his eyes alight with passion for the initiative.

Vandu leafed through the brochure, a soft smile playing on her lips as she glimpsed the joy in the children's eyes. "This is incredible, Doctor. Tara would love this," she commented, touched by the thoughtful gesture.

As their discussion wove around the camp's offerings and the possibilities for Tara, Dr. Arjun’s commitment to the cause became evident, fostering a sense of hope and assurance within Vandu's heart.

"It could be a wonderful opportunity for her, both medically and emotionally. Seeing others like her, sharing experiences, and engaging in activities often works wonders," Arjun explained.

Vandu's gratitude shone through her eyes as she thanked Dr. Arjun for the valuable information, feeling a newfound hope and determination to explore the heart camp option for Tara.

Meanwhile, at the Malhotra house, Kunal noticed her excitement as she animatedly texted someone, a sense of unease creeping into his mind. Curiosity getting the better of him, he accidentally bumped into her, prompting her to reveal her giddy state.

"Who has you so thrilled?" Kunal inquired, a trace of suspicion tainting his words.

Vandu caught off guard, hesitated before confessing, "It’s Dr. Arjun. We're meeting for rehearsals, Kunal Sir."

His jealousy simmering beneath the surface, Kunal swiftly suggested an alternative arrangement. "Why not invite Dr. Arjun here for your collaboration meeting? It’d be easier than going back and forth," he proposed, masking his true intent behind a veneer of practicality.

Surprised by Kunal’s sudden suggestion, Vandu tentatively agreed, and without further ado, she texted Dr. Arjun, extending the invitation to their home.

As the text message pinged on Arjun's phone, he considered the sudden change of plans. A sense of intrigue mixed with cautious anticipation washed over him as he prepared to meet Vandu and Kunal in an environment beyond the hospital walls—a setting that held the potential for complexities yet to unfold.

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Love it! Love it! Love it! ..Beautifully written and so heartwarming - I would definitely LOVE to see this - Kunal needs a reality check. Vandu deserves all the love and appreciation and if Kunal is taking her for granted and not considering her his wife in every way then he really can't mess with her friendships - Let him burn for a bit and figure out what he wants :)) ..Love it ..keep it going - I'm cool with whoever Vandu wishes to be with :)

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