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Author's Note: Considering that I am not pleased with the angle of the serial currently or more specifically Kunal's character, I decided to introduce a new character to the story. This OS features, Dr. Arjun Kaushal, Tara's new Pediatric Cardiologist. I plan to drop a new OS weekly which will follow Dr. Arjun and Vandu's growing friendship that will soon gain Kunal's attention.


In the sterile yet comforting hospital, Vandu sat with Tara in the examination room, who seemed anxious about meeting her new doctor. To put Tara at ease, Vandu theatrically grabbed her air guitar, expertly strumming invisible chords, and belted out a lighthearted tune. Although it was a whimsical act meant to divert Tara's attention from her apprehension, Vandu was putting on a show to conceal her worries about Tara’s health.

As Vandu danced around with exaggerated gestures, pretending the air guitar was the most magical instrument in the world, Tara's initial apprehension melted into giggles. Her little face lit up with amusement, finding solace in her mother's playful antics.

Unbeknownst to them, Tara’s new doctor, Dr. Arjun, with the nurse entered the room, captivated by the heartwarming scene unfolding before them. They observed silently, waiting until Vandu finished her impromptu performance, singing the final notes with a slight tickle in her throat that culminated in a cough.

Dr. Arjun and the nurse applauded Vandu's spontaneous act, catching Vandu off guard as she turned to see their guests, a blush coloring her cheeks.

"Quite the rockstar performance! None of my patients have ever greeted me with song and dance before," teased Dr. Arjun with a playful glint in his eye and a warm smile gracing his lips.

The nurse, with admiration in her voice, introduced Dr. Arjun. Listing his numerous accolades, she was proud to mention the doctor was one of the top pediatric cardiologists in the world. “Dr. Arjun is our new addition. He comes from a prestigious background, known for his remarkable achievements,” the nurse continued, her tone infused with respect for Dr. Arjun’s expertise and reputation. “Patients rave about his care.”

Dr. Arjun, humble in nature, acknowledged the nurse's praise with a grateful nod. Despite his professional stature, he engaged with a lighthearted grace. He was a man of undeniable charm reflected in his easy smile. He possessed a devastating handsomeness about himself standing tall at 38 years old with chiseled features framed by a well-defined jawline. Draped in his pristine white doctor's coat over a crisply ironed shirt and a meticulously tied tie, he epitomizes professionalism with subtle sophistication. His warm, expressive eyes held an innate kindness, a sparkle that danced with unwavering dedication to his patients.

He extended his hand in an introduction to Vandu meeting her gaze. Immediately, he found himself drawn to her elegance and warmth. He couldn't help but admire Vandu's grace in the blue sari she wore. Blue, his favorite color, draped elegantly around her, accentuating her poise and adding a subtle radiance to her demeanor. However, his attention shifted subtly as he noticed the mangalsutra adorning her neck and the vermilion gracing her hairline.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Arjun, Tara's new pediatric cardiologist."

"Nice to meet you, Dr. Arjun. I'm Vandana Karmakar Malhotra, Tara’s mom,” she greeted with a polite smile.

In that fleeting moment, Dr. Arjun found himself drawn to Vandu's ethereal beauty and gentle presence. Clearing his throat, he masked his initial intrigue with a warm yet professional demeanor. “Mrs. Malholtra, it's a pleasure," he replied, slightly distracted yet maintaining his professional composure.

"Shall we have a look at this little superstar?" Dr. Arjun suggested to Tara with a playful wink that created a safe space where the two were now comfortable with one another. He playfully examined her, making her laugh with his antics, earning her trust effortlessly.

As Tara's examination progressed, Vandu's occasional throat clearing and coughing caught Dr. Arjun's attention. Sensing her discomfort, Tara insisted, "Doctor, will you please examine my mom next? Her throat hurts."

Vandu chuckled, "Tara, you're being naughty now. Dr. Arjun specializes in children's heart health, not sore throats."

Despite his specialty, Dr. Arjun felt genuine concern for Vandu’s well-being. "Let me take a quick look, Mrs. Malhotra,” he insisted, his tone gentle yet persistent.

Quick to brush off any concern, Vandu smiled, nodding. "I'm fine. Probably just a little dryness," she assured, trying to downplay her discomfort.

However, sensing her hesitation, the doctor promised, "I'll be as gentle as I would with one of my young patients. It won't take a minute."

Feeling a mix of reluctance and gratitude for the doctor's consideration, Vandu complied. "Okay, if you insist," she relented, offering a faint smile.

The doctor fetched his examination tools. As he prepared to examine her throat, he encouraged Vandu, "Open wide for me."

Vandu complied, trying to remain composed as the doctor conducted the examination. His calm demeanor helped alleviate her nerves.

After a brief, but thorough examination, the doctor concluded, “You have a minor throat irritation. Rest, warm tea, and avoiding strain on your voice should help."

As he prepared the prescription, he jotted down a playful note: "Prescription: Warm tea, plenty of rest, and a day of silence. PS: No air guitar playing and singing allowed!" He hoped to bring a smile to Vandu's face amidst her discomfort.

Handing her the prescription, he added with a hint of playfulness, "And remember, no air guitar playing or singing for a day! Your vocal cords need a break."

Vandu chuckled, appreciating the lighthearted touch. "Thank you, Doctor. I'll follow your advice," she replied with a grateful smile, amused by the humorous prescription note.

Dr. Arjun grinned as he concluded the examination and praised Tara for being a brave patient. 

“Tara, you've been the best patient! You deserve a big round of applause!" Dr. Arjun clapped playfully, making Tara giggle with delight. “For being such a superstar patient, you deserve a treat.”

Turning to the nurse, Dr. Arjun requested, "Could you please grab a lollipop for our cute patient?

Tara's eyes lit up, but her innocent mischief sparkled even brighter. "But Mommy should have one too! She was a good patient, and she's cute!"

Vandu couldn't help but interject, her tone playful yet reprimanding, "Tara!"

Tara glanced at her mother with wide, innocent eyes, momentarily surprised by her mother's gentle admonishment. However, her desire to see her mom receive a treat persisted, and she looked back at Dr. Arjun with a hopeful expression.

The doctor, catching the playful reprimand in Vandu's tone, chuckled softly but maintained his professional demeanor. "Of course, Tara. Your mom deserves a lollipop,” said Dr. Arjun as he met Vandu’s eyes briefly, a subtle warmth creeping into his gaze. He didn't speak the words Tara had insinuated but acknowledged her 'cute patient' comment. 

Changing his request, he turned to the nurse again with a warm smile. "Could you please get a couple of lollipops? One for Tara and one for Mrs. Malhotra here. Oh, and would you mind taking Tara with you? I need a moment to talk with Mrs. Malhotra alone."

With the nurse escorting Tara out to claim her treat, Dr. Arjun turned to Vandu, who wore a worried expression.

"Let's talk, Mrs. Maholtra,” Dr. Arjun began with the intent of guiding her into a comforting conversation about Tara's health.

Anxiously, Vandu began expressing her concerns and couldn't shake off the worry that crept into her voice.

Dr. Arjun interrupted gently, “Mrs. Malhotra, Tara's heart is resilient, much like her mother's spirit."

He wiped away a tear that had escaped Vandu's eye, offering her a tissue with a compassionate smile.

"I've reviewed Tara's records. You're doing an incredible job. Your care for her is evident, and I knew from the moment I saw you with Tara that you're a great mother," Dr. Arjun praised sincerely, his words offering solace amidst her concerns. "Your strength and dedication to Tara are commendable, and she is in the best hands with you."

Dr. Arjun's supportive words brought a sense of reassurance to Vandu's worried heart, cementing a bond of trust and gratitude between them as they navigated Tara's health journey together. 

Vandu, touched by the compliment, blushed faintly. "Thank you, Dr. Arjun. I want what's best for her," she replied modestly, her eyes reflecting her love for Tara.

Dr. Arjun, momentarily lost in admiration, couldn't help but let slip, "And your husband is a lucky man to have you," before realizing he may have overstepped. Quickly trying to amend his words, he added, "I mean, um, your grace and kindness are truly remarkable qualities."

Vandu, oblivious to the underlying sentiment, smiled appreciatively. "Thank you, Dr. Arjun. Your support means a lot," she replied.

Dr. Arjun, inwardly chiding himself for the momentary lapse, shifted gears, steering the conversation back to Tara’s well-being. “Mrs. Malhotra, you have nothing to worry about. Tara is doing well, but your health matters too. I've noticed the tiredness in your voice and the weariness in your eyes. Taking care of Tara is essential, but taking care of yourself is equally important,” petitioned Dr. Arjun.

His words carried a genuine concern, emphasizing the importance of Vandu's well-being, knowing that a healthy caretaker would ensure the best care for Tara.

“Make sure you're looking after yourself. You being healthy and strong is crucial for Tara. Please don't neglect your health in the process of caring for her. You're doing a remarkable job, but remember, you matter just as much."

As Dr. Arjun wrapped up his advice, Vandu nodded, quietly murmuring under her breath in Marathi, "Thik aahe" (It's okay), assuming the doctor wouldn't catch her words as she nodded in agreement.

However, to Vandu's surprise, Dr. Arjun replied in Marathi with a playful smirk, "Thik aahe, pan kahi kahi ekdum changla gheu!" (It's okay, but sometimes take good care!)

The doctor's unexpected understanding of Marathi caught Vandu off guard, adding a layer of warmth and surprise to their interaction.

Their brief exchange was interrupted by the nurse's return, accompanied by Tara, who gleefully held the lollipops. "Doctor, here are the lollipops for Tara and Mrs. Maholtra,” the nurse announced.

Tara, bubbling with excitement, extended her hand holding the lollipop to Dr. Arjun. "This is from me!"

Dr. Arjun chuckled, accepting the lollipop from Tara. "Thank you, Tara! Now let's not forget your mom. She deserves one too."

As Tara excitedly presented the lollipops, Vandu couldn't help but smile.

As the appointment concluded, Dr. Arjun's eyes sparkled with an idea. "Mrs. Malhotra, I have a proposition for you”

“First,” she responded, slightly caught off guard, “please call me Vandu. I'm still getting used to the whole 'Mrs. Malhotra’ thing. It catches me off guard each time." Her words carried a mix of vulnerability and a desire for familiarity in the new phase of her life.

Dr. Arjun nodded understandingly, a gentle smile gracing his lips. "Vandu it is then," he said warmly, acknowledging her preference with a hint of camaraderie. “Would you consider joining me for a musical event we're organizing at the hospital?” 

Intrigued by the proposal, Vandu hesitated before nodding in agreement, feeling a sense of anticipation fluttering in her chest.

“I play the guitar, and I believe your talent combined with mine could create something special for our little patients," he suggested a glint of excitement in his eyes. “Once you're feeling better, would you consider helping with the hospital's music event? Your voice would be a great addition," he suggested, genuinely impressed by her singing prowess.

He jotted down his personal cell phone number on another prescription paper. "In case you decide to join us for the event, here's my number. Feel free to reach out," he offered, handing her the paper with a friendly smile.

Vandu, touched by Dr. Arjun's consideration and the invitation, nodded in agreement. "I'll consider it, Doctor. Thank you for the opportunity," she replied, grateful for his kindness and encouragement.

As Vandu and Tara prepared to leave the doctor's office, Dr. Arjun bid them farewell with a warm smile. "Take care, Vandu, Tara," he said, his tone filled with genuine warmth and care.

As they turned to leave, Dr. Arjun observed the duo's interaction—a tender bond woven between mother and daughter. Tara held Vandu's hand tightly, her eyes sparkling, while Vandu looked at Tara with unwavering devotion, a silent promise of support and love.

A gentle smile played on Dr. Arjun's lips as he witnessed their departure. The sight of their intertwined hands and shared glances spoke volumes—a testament to the resilience of their bond and the strength they found in each other. He held respect for Vandu's strength and admired her dedication and the tender bond she shared with Tara. However, behind his friendly demeanor, he wrestled with memories of his family tragedy, his heart heavy with the loss of his wife and daughter years ago.

Watching Vandu and Tara's beautiful relationship brought forth bittersweet flashbacks of moments he once cherished. Dr. Arjun couldn't help but feel a pang of longing for the warmth and love that he once had and dearly missed.


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