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Posted: 4 months ago

Didn't you recommend Shiddat and you said that film was very similar to Dunki? I finally watched Shiddat and my first reaction is that immigration and the imbalances in the system seem to be a topic very close to the Kaushal brothers. I found it interesting that both brothers played tragic roles where they die for love because the system was not on their side.

I did not know Shiddat's ending going on, so that ending shocked me. Especially since it came right before the dream 90s happy ending. I kept expecting a last-minute save or someone to reveal that the actual ending was also fake and just a fever dream. The ending was too tragic for me. I suppose that was the point but as someone who thought Dunki's ending was unnecessarily tragic, this one was even worse in that regard.

As much as I liked Shiddat, that ending makes it too hard for me to want to repeat. It only furthers my belief that the message in these two movies is that illegal immigration is only an evil, not because the people are at fault, but because the system is at fault for failing innocents and forcing them to have to resort to illegal means in the first place. The blame lies not on the people but these man-made borders and corrupt governments and bureaucracies who support imaginary dotted lines that arbitrarily change with every war and conflict.

On a plus side, I enjoyed seeing Diana Penty again. Liked her in Cocktail and was surprised she didn't have any substantial BW career after that.

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Posted: 4 months ago

Yeah, it obvioulsy is - in both movies - an accusation of the system.

As I already mentioned in another post, Raees, Pathaan and Jawan also are movies, were a certain system is accused.

Personally, to me, too, Dunki has repeated view-value, but that may be because of ShahRukh (among others). There are movies I don't need to watch a second time to feel the impact they had when remembering them.

But interestingly, an SRK movie (very often) makes me discover additional things which add to the former experience(s).

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Posted: 4 months ago

It was a good watch.. definitely makes u ponder over the reasons why people choose this Dunki route over the safety net of their home country. 

For Hardy and Sukhi it was love..for others it was greed..yes will call it greed even if it sounds wrong. They could've done that same work in India with the pro of living with their family members..Jo kaam yahan unko Chhota lagta hai, karne me Sharm aati hai wo wahan itni aasani se kar lete hai..yahan se bhi zyaada zillat seh kar. Just coz pounds convert to rupees. And can u blame the system when u r ready to lie about ur country for asylum? That's also the same system which allowed u to stay back.

Back to the movie..it was nice. SRK wasn't off with the accent..or a misfit as some said. But Taapsee was good..best of the lot. She was the only one who showed appropriate emotions in Vicky's introductory scene..the drunk scene. everyone else acted caricaturish there. 

Lots of points r debatable in the story but as a movie it's good. Wish we didn't get to see how it ended 

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Posted: 4 months ago

Atleast for Indians (not people escaping war zones) things like dunki happen for only two reasons.

1. People live in denial and refuse to understand that if they do not have the skills to succeed in their own country amongst their own people they can't succeed in foreign land too. If they can't get a good job due to lack of a proper educational qualifications in India or poor speaking skills how the hell do they expect it abroad

2. When they reach foreign shores and can't deny anymore they hide their misery with fake pictures like Balli instigating more willfully blind to follow the same path