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Posted: 7 months ago

Originally posted by: Joannna

Oh cmon cut Deepika some flak! 😉

Deepika over came a “1 year-old” relationship!😱

Then, she took SO many years to get over the complicated relationship which scarred her that she couldn’t commit for many years after.  

DP took much longer to get over Ranbir (hoping she is over him) than she was dating him. 🤪

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1cDoRqPnCXU&pp=ygUdeWVoIGphd2FhbmkgaGFpIGRlZXdhbmkgc29uZ3M%3D now this 


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Posted: 7 months ago

Originally posted by: TheMinion

Shaitu, you are my most favorite member, just saying smiley36

Ye kab hua?smiley37

Posted: 7 months ago

Did you not read their Archies review? You’ll also become a fan smiley36

Posted: 7 months ago

Kartik just posting https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J1rOfVst-EQ&pp=ygURYmhvb2wgYmh1bGFpeWFhIDI%3D

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Fantasy Force

Posted: 7 months ago

Question should be, why is Deepika always targeted and s**t shamed?

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Posted: 6 months ago

Originally posted by: Biutiful_waLl

Ya even I am noticing that she always gets targeted for one reason or another  smiley24

Of course you are bumping up Deepika topics 

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