Movies with a good concept but bad execution?

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Posted: 5 months ago

The topic stems from watching OMG2 last night. I understand the importance of sex education, and I think a massy, entertaining approach is a good step to educate people and raise awareness about something important. I liked how the movie delved into detail to highlight all the issues and concerns people might have while discussing it. Despite being a taboo subject, many schools, even in underdeveloped countries in South Asia, have incorporated sex education into their curriculum. There's still a lot of work to do though. 

However, the movie itself could have been a lot better. Firstly, I don't think it needed a god directly on earth to come and tell Kanti what to do and how to do it. There are better and more effective ways for people to find inspiration and motivation. It feels like they made it a sequel to "OMG" just for some box office numbers; otherwise, the movie didn't need that angle entirely. It would have been a lot better without it.

Secondly, I thought it wasn't as funny as it could have been. The jokes, other than a few here and there, fell flat.


Posted: 5 months ago

imho it was director briilance mjhe to bhut pasand aya 

Posted: 5 months ago

All movies of SRK were good but bad execution.

Posted: 5 months ago

Perhaps Baar Baar Dekho.. I thought the concept of time travel, the songs and the chemistry were pretty good. But the film was too lengthy and I feel like it was written poorly as well.

Posted: 5 months ago

Tashan. Really cool concept but it’s like the director just went off into Lala land in the middle. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Omg 2 was well executed. The problem was they didn't connect religion with it to explain the presence of God. 

Posted: 5 months ago

I think here, God was needed, Kanti himself had a sex -ve outlook and needed someone to guide him to become a better father, husband and human.

But, execution wise, it was suuuper predictable that everytime the judge said "court is adjourned" and Kanti made a stressed and confused face, that Akshay Kumar would show up. However, I love his advices, especially the sex education one. It was very well written. Another bad execution was Yamu's character. Woman, find another ways to defend your case other than "its dirty and filthy"! You are a lawyer! And which lawyer doesn't prepare her clients (the van seller, the pharmacist and the doc) and obviously, the video leaking thing, that was like a loose plot end a AD reminded them at the last second. 

OT (on top of my head):

Plan A, plan B. I like movies that are basically have fanfiction type plotlines (Love Per Square Foot type of movies) and the tropes of heartbroken people, one grumpy, one high 24*7 falling in love was a good idea for a OTT release, but the movie wasnt that good. Even Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani kinda has similar trope, but it's way more fun and interesting.

Jawaan and Pathaan (ik people just give me bombastic side eye for my views on the two movies) honestly, I love the concepts of both movies, but the movies sometimes went "heh? Chal kya raha hai!" (In Jawaan's case with its villian's writing and convenience and with Pathaan, DP's whole arc and SRK trusting her. She gave him more trust issues by the end of it than ITV ke leads give to their partners) 

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Posted: 5 months ago

I completely agree that Yami's character was underwritten; her only argument centered around labeling everything as vulgar. While this might be a popular mass argument against sex education, one would expect better from a lawyer.

Another thing that struck me as ridiculous was the event leading to the entire court case. A guy masturbates in a washroom, gets filmed, and suddenly everyone knows and has watched the video? They recognize the guy every time they see it. In today's world, nude videos leak almost every day, intentionally or unintentionally. An acquaintance and neighbor of mine, a strong Instagram influencer, ran a secret OnlyFans page that got leaked. Initially, the videos were everywhere, but after a week or two, nobody really cared. The comments under her Insta page weren't focused on the leaked nudes, unlike when it initially happened. People move on quickly these days, and videos of guys, especially just someone masturbating in a washroom, wouldn't gather much interest beyond his own friends for a bit of fun. The way it was depicted, as if it shook the entire town, seemed utterly ridiculous.


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