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Posted: 6 months ago

Just another version of what happens when vandu gets to know the truth. I keep thinking about how Kunal will handle her. We shall keep writing and depending on these pieces until dkp gives us good episodes smiley36

This meeting was important, they were finally landing a big deal. But Kunal could care less about it because his Vandana needed him right now. And that’s the only thing that mattered to him.

Damn it! Thought kunal. To hell with this meeting. He couldn’t stand being there for another moment.

‘’I have to leave. I am sorry.’’ Barely saying this onto the other party faces, Kunal rushed out of the studio.

When he reached her he was devastated to see her. He had prayed for her to know the truth as soon as possible. But he wasn’t ready for the condition she was going to being when the true faces of her vile husband and sister came out.

She was crying.More like wailing. She was broken. Kunal didn’t know how to approach her.

He slowly very slowly moved closer to her as if to not startle her.


When she looked at him with bloodshot and tear filled eyes, Kunal’s heart broke.

‘’ I am sorry Vandana..’’

’Kunal Sir..’’

And she started crying even more.

‘’they were together.. I saw them.. with my own eyes. ‘’

With every passing moment she was breaking down more and more.

‘’ I am not this strong.. I can’t bear this. I can’t believe this. You tried to stop me but I never listened.’’

Kunal knew she would be broken the day this happened to him but he didn’t know how to console her or how to tell her that her tears and words were cutting through his heart.

‘’ It’s not your fault Vandana. They are the ones at fault. You have to be strong for yourself,for your father.’’

’I can’t tell this to anyone. That’s why I could only call you. ‘’

‘’ Everyone already knows Vandana.’’

Like a lightning struck her, Vandana was shocked beyond her wits.

’no.. no..that’s not possible.’’

‘’ Vandana.’’Kunal carefully put his hand on her shoulder.

He was being as cautious as he could be. 

He knew what it all felt like, he knew how devasting these moments were.

‘’Come here.’’ Slowly putting her head on his shoulder. 

Kunal let her weep on his chest. 

He didn’t know what else to do.

Whispering promises into her eyes softly he made a promise to avenge every single tear of her. 

He couldn’t bear this. He won’t let his vandu face this alone. 

He promised to protect her from her family. Her In laws. His family and the society.

Posted: 6 months ago

His Vandana smiley10

Guess, we all just want to see them falling in love rather than these villains keeping them apartsmiley19

Keep on writingsmiley27

P.s- I have decided not to watch the show for atleast a month or so, do din se Vandana kitchen main hi jee Rahi haismiley8. Ye Anupama kinda vibes are kinda intolerable. 

Posted: 6 months ago

all we wanted was to see their love story but alas! I am not watching it either these days :(

I hope you keep writing though smiley27


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