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Posted: 6 months ago

Hello! it's me again hehe. Here's a os/ss whatever you would like to call it in form of 10 snippets that may or may not be connected. I hope y'all like them <3 I will be updating them as soon as I can

1. Anger :


Kunal’s anger wasn’t misplaced. As much as he hated to admit it out loud Vandana was a beautiful human being and he meant it not just physically but also inherently.She didn’t deserve this. None of it. Not his aunt’s taunts, not that jerk’s family taunts and not even self-blame.

He was angry that she cried day and night over the betrayal she went through. He knew what it all felt like. He had been there too, so he was even more angrier that she had to go through the same hell. He had started beating his punching bag to subdue his rage, but it only seemed to grow more and more he thought of her and her tears.

Why were they affecting him so much? He did what he could. He revealed the truth to her,he stood by her side when she needed him then why did it feel not enough. What more could he do. And this thought made him angry more. 

2. Hurt :

Kunal had hurt his hand. The next day Vandana saw him with his with his knuckles red and bloody.

It was against her nature to not care when somebody was hurt and this was her kunal sir!

She thought he was very concerned and conscious about himself so how did he hurt himself.

Kunal sir what happened ap ke hath pe yeh chot?

None of your concern

What had gotten into him why was he reacting this way when just two days ago he was standing with her, consoling her and being a … friend? Consolatory?

Forgetting her own pain for a moment all her focus was on Kunal’s wounds. Because they looked deep and red and fresh. It looked like he had punched someone or something.

Did you punch someone?

A thoughts suddenly came into her mind and she blurted

Did you beat Vaibhav?

I wish I could. Perhaps I should.

Why would you?

Because he hurt you.

3. Stress:



She was overworking herself. In the office and in her home too. She knew it but this was the only way she could find some peace, some escape from her trauma. She made sure she stayed late in the office and that too being hungry hoping that her hunger would suppress her anger and hurt.

She perfectly knew that everyone around her was aware of what she was doing to herself. She did every single chore in her home too. She would stay up late working; without sleeping.

Everyone was giving her time to deal with her situation, and she was grateful for it because if she didn’t do all this, she would go insane. And she didn’t want to cry anymore too. She just wanted to forget everything and everyone.

Until one day her body gave up and she fainted in the office that too in front of Kunal sir.

4. Comfort :


Kunal had been patiently seeing what Vandana was doing to herself. With every ounce of patience in him he was stopping himself to stop her from this madness. But everyone said to give her ‘time’ but he knew what was going on with her, what kind of ‘remedy’ she was going for. Kunal had done the same. He had become a machine who only worked and worked without taking a pause. He had stopped acting like a human. The only difference was that Vandana was still very much humanly, she laughed as fake as she could, she talked too a lot more than before actually. And he knew why. He bloody knew everything, but he was stopping himself from doing anything until one day she fainted and he caught her just in right time.


Vandana ..Vandana .. open your eyes.

God damnit.

Sprinkling some water on her, Kunal brought her back to her senses and the moment her bloodshot eyes came in contact with his worried one he lost his patience

What is  wrong with you? He shouted.

I know I know damn it that it’s hard but STOP this madness.

I ..

Shut up just shut up.

Making her sit on a chair, Kunal disappeared for a minute only to come back with a plate filled with food. She hadn’t eaten anything from past two days. He was watching her every move.

Eat it

I am not hungry sir

Eat it or else I will feed it to you myself

Taking the plate in her hand, Vandu looked at the food and suddenly started crying

I know it’s stupid but I can’t eat. I feel I will choke on it. I feel I don’t deserve to eat. Everything reminds me  of them. I hate it.

It’s not stupid Vandana. It’s okay. But you need food to live. To bear this pain.

Kunal took a morsel and put it close to her mouth.

And that’s how Vandana ended up eating a meal after days because someone told her that he understood her madness and didn’t judge her. Because someone fed her from his hands the an entire meal.

This was kunal’s way of comforting her, of letting her know that he is right beside her.Today and tomorrow and perhaps for as long as she needs him to be.

Just as kunal was making her drink water, Vandana burped loudly. And Kunal burst out laughing while keeping a hand over her mouth Vandana mumbled a sorry and started laughing too.

Who knew that eating a just a regular meal could bring this much comfort.

5. Friends :


Standing by each other and comforting each other had become a thing between Kunal and Vandana. When he was stressed due to his dad’s words or his aunt’s taunts he would be sulky and throw tantrums in the office and Vandana knew not to push his buttons that day but instead she gave him bright smiles, cracked some lame jokes,told stories about what’s happening at home and eventually she managed to remove the creases from his forehead because she didn’t like it on him.


He was always there for her. He knew she finally knew that. He was never going to leave her. He couldn’t. she was his… friend?! They never even became friends but they behaved so. If kunal was unhappy it was Vandana’s duty to make sure he became his sweeter version again and if by god Vandana was sad or in distress Kunal would burn down the world to make sure his vandu was okay. 

He made sure no one talked about Vaibhav to her anymore.

 He made sure she ate her meals on time. 

He made she smiled enough for a day.

So perhaps they had really become .. unsaid.. but friends.



6. Denial:


Bobby called it denial. Kunal called it sheer stupidity.

Pfft! He didn’t ‘like’ Vandana. He did like her but not in that sense you know. And he was sure of that. He cared about her because she felt like a close friend and comfort person. 

Because she made him smile when he was down. 

Because seeing her happy made him happy.

 Because he had secretly started watching her every move and admired her actions. 

Because when she wore glasses she looked cute and he had never seen anyone cuter. 

Because when she gets angry her nose flares up and she looks adorable.

 Because her voice sounded heavenly to him. 

It was all because she was his friend … not because Kunal liked her. Stupid bobby!

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Posted: 6 months ago

Too good.. Loved the #4 Comfort part! 

Posted: 6 months ago

Ohk, so Part 2 first of all, that 'mere Kunal sir' huh! I noticedsmiley9

Also that 'I wish I could. Perhaps I should'

What a line, sir ji! Le lo, mera liver le lo. What a kidney touching line!!

(This reminded me of the scene when Kunal had called Vandana cute in his sleepsmiley36)

Now, for Part 4, Kunal's understanding of Vandana's pain is so well written. Totally gives 'been there, done that' feeling.

Also, kunal ki naak par baitha gussa, kud kud ke bahar aa raha hai from your writeup.

Eagerly waiting for next updates, I mean, these past few days, episodes have been so dry! 

Posted: 6 months ago

dude the story is going to get more and more crappy from here. I really loved this show I AM SO SAD I WANNA CRY

Posted: 6 months ago
Originally posted by aatiii

dude the story is going to get more and more crappy from here. I really loved this show I AM SO SAD I WANNA CRY

Vandana married Vaibhav yes. I wonder, if this is Anupama's adaptation because Vandana is going to remain oblivious while Vaibhav and Mrunal will fool him.

Posted: 6 months ago

they are not going to reveal the truth anytime soon. What will be Kunal's roll in all this? I wanted the truth to come out or somewhat heartbreak but let's see


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