Mehndi - Kuvan {OS by all of us}

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Posted: 6 months ago

She looked pretty, dressed in green and shining with glee.

 It was her mehndi tonight and she was flying high in the sky but if only she knew the whole reality. She was dancing to her pain not happiness. 

Her life was not going to be beautiful but a mere façade full of lies and deceit that too by her own to be husband and sister.

 Kunal thought he had himself under control and that he didn’t care about anything that doesn’t relate to him but he was wrong, the moment he knew she was being cheated on he cared.

 He cared when she was wearing her heart on her sleeve and dancing in the air while being oblivious. 

He cared when he couldn’t do anything to save her from the heartbreak and lies.

 He cared when all he wanted was for her to be okay and happy because if anyone deserved happiness in love it was her. Her who believed that love is beautiful.

Everyone was dancing to some song but kunal’s eyes were stuck on her who was adorning her mehndi and smiling to herself.

GUYS LET'S DO TAG ALONG! SOME ONE CONTINUE FROM HERE AND SO ON! it will be so fun. It will also increase forum activity and give us a diverse OS/FF. <3

Posted: 6 months ago

Here’s a continuation… 

She can’t help but smile as she sees Vaibhav’s name written so beautifully on her hand. She has waited for this day for five years and it has finally come. 

She turns to her side to show her mehendi to Vaibhav but like always he’s nowhere to be found. As she’s looking through the crowd for him, her eyes lock up with Kunal who is already staring at her. Kunal holds her gaze for a few seconds before looking away. Vandana can not decipher the emotions she saw in his eyes. It wasn’t his usual gaze filled with hatred but rather there was care in them. Her Kunal sir has been confusing her a lot these days, firstly by celebrating the ganpati festival, then saving her brother and finally giving her four days of paid leave. For a second she thinks that could the thing Mrunal said be true? Has Kunal started liking her? However she quickly brushes of this thought, the only thing she wants to focus on today is her and Vaibhav. 

She starts to look for Vaibhav again and decides to see if he is outside. As she’s going out her foot gets caught up in a birch of light wires on the side. She gets ready to take a fall and closes her eyes hoping her mehendi does not get ruined. She’s waiting to hit the ground but instead there are two arms holding her. She opens her eyes to see the same pair of eyes that were looking at her with care a few moments ago.

I hope it’s good and I can’t wait to read what someone else comes up with!! 

Posted: 6 months ago



Their stood both of them with Kunal holding her by her waist and vandu hands almost touching his body.

Standing straight Kunal coughed awkwardly.

I am sorry said Vandana

No, it’s okay.

I hope I didn’ truin your shirt.

I wouldn’t have minded if you did – and suddenly those honey doe pair of eyes captured vandana’s questioning eyes again.

Just as she was about to answer Vaibhav came to her and Kunal gave him an ugly look which didn’t go unnoticed by Vandu.

What was going on?

She thought but she had no time to ponder over it because it was her mehndi tonight and she didn’t want to think about anything else other than her happiness and her Vaibhav.

She moved with Vaibhav to the dance floor, but something told her to turn back once and see kunal sir.

The urge was so strong that Vandu scummed to it and found him staring right back at her with an unusual emotions in his eyes.

Vaibhav really didn’t want to dance with her but to show kunal who is in charge here he did.

 Pulling her close on a romantic number he acted all lovey dovey which Kunal loathed.

She doesn’t deserve this; I have to stop this somehow. This is not real happiness. It’s a trap. An abyss. With a certain determination Kunal moved towards the dance floor and …

And ta-da!! now someone needs to add some masala guys. can't wait to read the upcoming parts.

Posted: 6 months ago

With one strong movement he reaches for hand and pulls her towards him 

“Kunal sir yeh aap kya kar rahay hain” says Vandana 

“Mujhe tumse bohot zaroori baat karni hai” 

“Excuse me, tum hote kaun ho meri honewali biwi ko aisa kheech ne walay says Vaibhav 

Kunal looks at Vaibhav, his anger evident in his eyes and takes a step forward to give him an answer but before he can say anything Vandana steps in between, as if sensing the tension between the two, and says “Vaibhav sunn na main do minute mein aati hoon, koi office ka zaroori kaam hoga tu apna mood kharab mat kar” and as if right on cue Mrunal comes there and offers to dance with Vaibhav. 

Leaving them to dance with each other, Vandana turns towards Kunal who tells her to come to the office and he also leaves behind her after giving one last disgusting look to Vaibhav and Mrunal. 

Vandana walks inside first and turns to Kunal and asks what did he need to talk to her about but instead of replying he just stares at her not sure how to tell her. 

“You know maine bohot try kiya apne employees aur apne neighbors ki life mein interfere nahi karoon but pata nahi aaj mujhse raha nahi ja raha hai” says Kunal 

Vandana looks at him confusingly. Kunal takes a breath and begins again “Main Vaibhav ki baat kar raha hoon, mujhe tumhe uss kay baare mein kuch batana hai. Woh aur tumhari —“ only to be cut off by Vandana’s screaming 

“Ahhh, chooha, chooha, wahan chooha hai” screams Vandana while pointing towards the door 

She starts jumping and shouting and Kunal not being fully able to process what has happened tries to calm her down but his foot gets caught in her lehanga and he falls on top of her. 

After realizing what has happened, Kunal looks down, again to be captivated by the most beautiful eyes. He just can’t see these eyes shedding tears for that no good Vaibhav. As both are lost looking into each other’s eyes when Kunal notices a strand of Vandana’s hair blocking his view and gently and softly tucks it behind her ear. 

“Yeh kya ho raha hai” they hear someone yell and look up to see…

There wasn’t much masala in this one but I hope the next one is full of drama!! 


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