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Posted: 9 months ago

Guys!! The rewind of episode 25 ..

dev asks her is she ready for exam then she shares about her fear of exam . Dev asks her to take rep breath and forget her fear and think about god. He says hard work and prayer is mind blowing combination. So focus on your concentration.
Vidhi says that till date seema is my saviour and now you did same by becoming emotional. Dev asks why are you emotional for this . She says always Seema motivated and she asked to help the kids who didn’t got a sister like her . Now she can’t think her life without balghar kids and she will share all her happiness and sorrow with them like her loved ones.

Dev consoles Vidhi and goes but comes back and says to Vidhi about his connection to balghar and asked her to keep this as secret and he doesn’t know why he shared this with her and goes. Vidhi thinks that his mother is… deva sis Sangeeta to accompany and asks her to say all the best.

Priya sees achar in table and asks servant to remove it. Satya sees that and knows that Vidhi sent and asks Priya that it belongs to her. Priya criticises but Abhi gives back. Priya leaves from there fuming. Dev comes home and looks disturbed. Satya asks him and he replies that he touched books after 25 years and teached in office. Satya asks who is that lucky person. Dev says it’s Vidhi and says he is tensed that wether she will do good or not. Satya says it’s your habit and asks him to message her all the best if he feels worried. Dev says Vidhi will do good and leaves.

Seema asks Vidhi is she nervous for exam . Vidhi says no and dev sir explained her all well. She started to prepare for exam and tried to study in Dev’s method.

She confused in demand and supply theory. Here comes our pyaz moment.. dev sir appears suddenly with pyaz in hand and explains demand and supply theory very well to Vidhi.. she thanks dev sir.. Seema sees Vidhi and asks where is sir.. Vidhi confused that dev sir is real or imagination. She checks under bed for dev and by not finding gets confused.. she sits and writes notes.. next day she prays milapini mata to let her not forget any thing in exam..

Dev sir’s economics classes and demand supply theory is fun to watch and vidhi’s innocent replies are cherry on top of cake.. and I dev sir’s audden appearence with pyaz is hilarious and good to see as well. Iqbal and Rachana nailed those scenes..

Guys pls share your views…

I will continue from now onwards… 

Thanks for waiting…

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Posted: 9 months ago

Yes even i liked the marginal utility scene. It was very well executed 😍. Vidhi was so innocent back then. Dev is indeed a good teacher.

That pyaz moment was also good. Liked how Dev was tensed for Vidhi and wished her luck for exam😊

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Posted: 9 months ago

The best part of the episode for me was Dev watching Vidhi from a distance and then again returning to answer her question about balghar. 

Likely, she was the first person whom he had told about his relation with the balghar. It was just the beginning of him trusting her. 

That "yeh baat maine tumhe kyun batayi?.... Mujhe khud pata nahi" was so wholesome. Even the bgm in that scene was soooo good. 

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Posted: 9 months ago

One of my most favourite scenes❤️❤️ these were the essence of NUKSH🥰😍. They could have explored the office romance more after confession of love track instead of jumping to HP heart attack one. 

P.S : please don't be sorry when you are unable to update. You are trying your best to keep this moving ❤️❤️

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Posted: 9 months ago

Hey guys!!! Came with Priya ki bhai sahab’s swayamvar and dev sir’s main Hu sharif   Vala episodes…

Episode starts with Vidhi is getting ready to attend exam and Seema asks Vidhi she is not scared this time? Vidhi says she is confidant this time. She seeks hp blessings and asks him to talk with Bimla as she is not angry. Chachi taunts Vidhi but Vidhi says confidently that she will clear this time. Dev hopes Vidhi write exam well this time and sends her wishes. Vidhi recieved dev message and feels confidant. Dev argues with Simmy teacher and asks Simmy to play. Priya talks with some one and thanks them. Satya asks  priya to milapini mata at vidhi’s house but she declines. She recieved call and welcomes some people into home. She declares Dev’s swayamvar shocking Satya, Abhi,dev. She introduces the girls and insults them by taunting about daughter in laws are  not allowing to work. Dev got angry but controlled and opologise and requests the girls to not behave like this and asks them to leave. Then comes the galat hai yeh… roar of dev to priya and warns her that if he tolerating her means she is family otherwise she don’t know what he will do to his enemies. Priya looks scared and dev says he did everything for this home peace but he feels that he will never get that. He says about his promise to papa and  he has to follow his promise of never marry before solving this house problems . Satya feels sad by this.Bimla and ho patch up. Vidhi comes and says dev sir taught her some tricks so she will get good marks this time. Hp and Bimla feel happy and thank milapini ma for sending dev in vidhi’s life. Ho says if Vidhi passes this time they will think about her marriage.

Good episode and Dev’s that roar.. awesome.. OG Dev Raichand…

Next episode:

Dev is going to office and sees old man and helps him . The man asks to leave worries on Devi ma and dev thinks about milapini ma temple at Vidhi home. Dev asks Rishab to send Vidhi. Yogesh comes and asks did you know Vidhi is late today and did she submitted leave application. Dev says her exam is today. Kanika says she gave ulthe application and asks dev that he taught her till night. Yogesh says if you do undue favours for her all will gossip. Dev says they know about me and for humanity sake they have to help. Yogesh instigates dev that did he know all employees problems then dev proved himself and asks Yogesh to challenge.. Yogesh accepts defeat and rejects challenge. Kanika says they have only one relation of salary with them and they are gossiping about dev closed the door when Amba visited. Dev says gossiping not allowed and Kanika evilly smiles.

Sharma house jagrata planning going on and Vidhi reaches office and Rishab says to go to Dev’s cabin.Vidhi thinks to thank dev. Kanika instigates dev that he can increase work to Vidhi as her exams are over. He gives accounts work to her and Kanika objects but dev says she is best at it. Yogesh scolds Kanika but she says she will send her out soon.

Dev asks her about jagrata and abhi and Priya’s darshan to milapini ma.. she about to invite but stops by remembering Kanika words. He says he trusts her asks about someone gossiping about him. Vidhi says that everyone feels that you are sharif🤣 dev jerks and says ha main hu sharif🤣 Vidhi says I mean everyone respects you a lot. Vidhi goes from there but keeps a letter in the coffee tray.she stands out dev sees the letter and reads it. He smiles by reading her thanking him for the help and about her treat if she clears and get good marks.he smiles and says  Pakki vali promise.. vidhi feels happy by seeing him smile. Vidhi reaches home and sees others tensed and asks them to take deep breath and relax then do whatever you want to do.. dev sir teached her this trick and gave her new responsibility to write accounts.Bimla and hp appreciates for her confidence. 

Nice episode .. sharif vala scene is hilarious and Dev’s trust on Vidhi is evident… but next episode again Vidhi had to face the wrath of dev.. poor Vidhi..

Guys give your views too…

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Posted: 9 months ago

Yes Dev and his Sharif thing😂😂how he asked Vidhi abt it. He trusts her more than anyone else in office but Vidhi was too naive.

I liked that heartfelt thank you letter by Vidhi😀how she wrote it .

Dev's swayamvar was funny and embarassing at same time😅 Noone asked him his wish

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Posted: 7 months ago

Hey guys came after many days…

Aaj ka episode dekhna hai kisi ko..

Bahut maza aaya .. dekh ke mujhe…

Jal kukda dev is loading…..

Jealous , possessive and caring dev…

Our kamartod mehanat yaad dilane wali pagali filam…

Jisse pasand karte hai uske liye kuch bhi karne vale arjun…

Dekhiye our batayiye kya acha laga aapko..