Journalist: Why normalize Kangana's bullshit?Has mistreated outsiders

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Posted: 8 months ago

“Kangana Ranaut Has Mistreated Outsiders In Her Own Films, Why Hrithik Roshan’s Passport Doesn’t Have Paris’ Stamp?” A Journalist Slams Her Saying “Your Time Has Run-Out, Miss Ranaut”

Renowned Journalist Nayandeep Rakhshit, recently penned a long note on Instagram stories for his fellow media people who often take regular stands against a lot of things. He further said, the media took a stand against a paparazzo too who spoke out of line. But how does the same media, normalise Kangana’s bullsh*t? He further asks, why is media still covering her useless rants as if they are the most believable pieces of writing on earth?

A portion from his Insta post reads, “Acc to her, Hrithik proposed her in Paris but his passport doesn’t have a stamp of his entry into the country at that point. Which imposter proposed Kangana or was that also a part of her hallucination?” Adding, “Kangana has mistreated outsiders in her own films, thrown them out, cut their scenes, been insecure of them and then she calls out others on that basis. Hypocrisy, thy name’s Kangana. Acc to her, every other man finds her desirable and wants to be with her, woo her.”

“Acc to her, every film of hers is a hit and media and industry are bent on pulling her down. Your flop films were discarded by the audience, not by media or industry alone. Several films with 1 * rating also do 100 crore because the audiences have interest in them. Maybe it’s time to realise you were never a crowd puller, Ms Ranaut,” read his note further.

Source: “Kangana Ranaut Has Mistreated Outsiders In Her Own Films

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Posted: 8 months ago

Although he has some valid points, he also takes the same line as she in the way he bashes her (at least according to what Jack posted - I did not read the source article yet)...

The journalist also works for DNA...had he been, by chance, the one Kangana criticised publicly?

Edit: it had been Delhi Times Kangana had cited...okay...still quite the same line...

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Posted: 8 months ago

This guy is a big nepo star chamcha and acts like he is besties with all the celebs he interviews. He was with Pinkvilla earlier, not sure who he works for now.

But he is totally right in calling her out. Kangana is a bully and media needs to stop covering her.

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Posted: 8 months ago

Long long overdue. The media knows better than anyone else how much trash she’s talked and how many lies, big and small, she’s fed them over years and years. Yet most still lap it up for click bait. Even worse are the ones who pretend to be balanced but restate all her lies as if they might be true despite all evidence to the contrary and then add one little sentence at the end stating the other person denied or there is a legal case or whatever to both sides the story as if both sides are equally valid. 

Posted: 8 months ago

Actually, it's not a bad move to criticise Kangana's me, it's just the feeling that he seems to have a personal agenda because of how he writes what he writes..

Posted: 8 months ago

Whether that guy is a nepo supporter or not, Kangana needs to be called out on her bs, and this guy is absolutely right here. 

She's obviously frustrated about the audience being more interested in Alia, Deepika, etc, with their movies having greater openings than the lifetime of her movies, so she'll yap about "ermagawd I have National Awards, I actually made it on my own" whenever their movies do well, but the minute some outsider's movie does well, her insecurity crops up and she throws digs/denigrates them because she apparently believes she is the #1 flagbearer of outsiders in her delulu mind.

At the end of the day, she's just a big narc who uses the outsider and woman cards to her convenience to show that she seeks for justice, but then contradicts her own cards when other outsiders do better 😆

Posted: 8 months ago

I think, Kangana is a walking and talking pretence of something she wants to be but isn't...I feel sad for her... I suppose, she won't get what she needs to feel happy inside...

Posted: 7 months ago
Originally posted by Weems

about freaking time 😵

Imagine her plight if journalist don't give her any attention. 


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