Why people suicide, is it easy to choose the exit way?

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Posted: 5 months ago

From last couple of days i have been thinking about Tunisha sharma demise by sucide , i used to love her from the show "Internet wala love" but then didnt knew her name , recently came to know that she is gone by choice, she was so talented at the age of 16 she did a brillant mature performance of Adiya sharma, why she ended when it was a very bright future for her professionally , she got in relation with co actor and she was seriously involved with his family to and called his mother as ami and sister as api even though the guy turned out to be an a*shole infidel but what Tanisha got from the exit she made , while the guy is still alive and enjoying his journey of this world.

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Posted: 5 months ago

It isn't easy, but when a person is debilitated by depression, making the decision to end it causes a sudden brightening of mood, a peaceful feeling.

If anyone reading this notices someone with symptoms of depression exhibiting a sudden brightening, please be aware that it's a very dangerous sign that the person will self-harm.

Do talk to the person. Asking if someone is suicidal does not cause the person to take the step.

Suicide is not an impulsive decision, and it is a mistake for bystanders to attribute it to a single life event. When the biochemicals in a body make the person feel lethargic, incapable, and worthless, day after day, that person is not going to feel better just because you point out how wonderful s/he is or how bright the future is. Calling a suicidal person selfish and pointing to how much loved ones would grieve is only going to make the person feel more guilt and depression.

While you cannot just talk someone out of depression because it is a biochemical problem in the body, talking is the first step to connecting the person with professional care. It may take time to find the right medication and notice its effect, but drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist can improve a person's perception of the quality of life.

Posted: 5 months ago

Maybe she was depressed. Didn't have alot of people who understood what she was going through. Or she dint feel comfortable sharing what was going on with her to someone. Maybe just maybe if she had spoken to anybody she could have confide in, this would not have happened.

Moreover today we all are aware of how much important is our mental health just like our physical health so even if she had reached out to a conusellor or a psychiatrist it could have helped her alot. Just talking to a counselor could have helped her alot because their job is to help people out, give unbiased perspective opinion. In short we always need someone to talk to who would stand by you , who you trust more than anyone else, just one person. 

Im sure we know nothing about what was going on with her but just once if she had reached out to someone or medical help. Sad.  RIP.


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