Angad-Sahiba Drabble: Tujhse aisa uljha

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Posted: 2 months ago

Inspired by the lyrics of 'Sahiba' from the movie 'Phillauri' 

"Tujhse aisa uljha
Dil dhaaga dhaaga khincha..
Dargah pe jaise ho chaadron sa bichha
Yun hi roz yeh udhda buna
Qissa ishq ka kayi baar
Humne phir se likha…

Sahiba… Sahiba..
Chal wahan jahan Mirza…" 



The tumultuous past few months had left their mark on Angad's face. His eyes were sunken and red, with dark circles that betrayed the many sleepless nights he had endured. His face was etched with lines of pain and sorrow, a testament to the hurt that had been inflicted upon him. The once bright countenance had been replaced with a stoic mask that did little to hide the grief that he carried within.

He had been wronged by his closest ones - his first love Seerat, his baby brother Garry, members of his own family for whom he would have laid his life down without flinching... But while he had wept in the confines of his dark room, he betrayed none of that hurt before others. He had stood tall, his head held high, a silent symbol of resilience in the face of adversity. And, defiantly, he had built walls around himself, vowing never to let anyone get close enough to hurt him again.

And yet, Sahiba... was different. Sahiba, with that gentle smile on her face that radiated kindness and warmth, her eyes bright and sparkling, filled with a deep sense of compassion for those around her. He had been wrong about her. She was selfless, always putting the needs of others before her own. She would do anything to help and uplift others, going out of her way to make a difference in their lives. 

How could he have thought that she was a scheming opportunist. She was nothing if not truthful and sincere. How he admired her now, for having always spoken her mind with honesty and integrity, for her courage in facing adversity head-on, never backing down in the face of a challenge. He could appreciate now, how hard she had worked to support her family, and yet she did not care for material gains. Her true wealth was in the connections that she effortlessly made with others and in the love that she gave and received. 

At first, Angad had resisted his growing admiration for Sahiba. He had been blinded by prejudice for too long, and then - after the truth of his family members' betrayal had broken out - he had been too scared to trust again. Heartbreak had hardened him.

But she drew him in, even as he tried to shut himself away, and in her own quiet, patient way, she began to heal him. While they were still distant, a friendship of sorts had developed between them over time. She seemed to see something in Angad that he didn't see in himself. 

Slowly but surely, Sahiba broke down Angad's walls. She showed him that love was that feeling of warmth and connection, of respect and admiration, that transcended the superficialities of attraction and infatuation. And that love was worth the risk. 

Being with Sahiba was a feeling like no other. He felt safe with her, to be vulnerable, to be himself. And at the same time, he felt exhilarated - her presence was electrifying and left him breathless. She was both water and fire. 

As they sat by a fountain in the compound of the Gurudwara, watching the children playing and laughing, Angad felt a stirring in his heart. He watched as Sahiba reached out and cajoled a crying child, her eyes filled with a love so pure, so divine... And it struck him. That is what he saw in her... a reflection of the divine. She was quite like the mirrors that she incorporated in her spiritual artworks. 

In that moment, it was clear as day - Angad knew that he wanted to be with Sahiba. He wanted to be the man who would do anything to make her happy, who would cherish and love her with every fibre of his being, putting her needs before his own. He had found the woman for whom he wanted to become a better man, a better husband.

He dreamed of a child who would bear her eyes, her smile, who would inherit her kindness and priceless values. He imagined himself as a father, teaching his child the same lessons that Sahiba had taught him.

And so, Angad resolved to let go of his prejudice and his fear. He would open up his heart to Sahiba, ask for her forgiveness and hope that she could find it in herself to love a man like him.

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Posted: 2 months ago

It would be magnanimous of Sahiba to still heal Angad after only insulting, manhandling and attempt to rape her. Nice take though, hope they do show him grovel for her forgiveness once his realization comes

Posted: 2 months ago

This is written so well smiley32smiley27

Posted: 2 months ago

This was an awesome read! I loved reading Angad's thoughts in this. 

Posted: 2 months ago

This is beautiful! How could Angad escaped from Sahiba divine aura!

Do write more! 

Posted: 2 months ago

Beautifully written ❤️ 👏 

Teri Meri Doriyaann 

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