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Posted: 2 months ago

Hello everyoneeee…

How are you all? Okay, so post todays episode – I just cannot seem to continue writing on my other FF – Dil ki DailyDaastan – with the POV’s resonating in line with the show for I just can't resonate with the instance that happened in today’s episode. Like Anagd shouldn’t have done this blunder but now that he has... in my opnion Sahiba shouldn’t just tolerate this nonsense too…

Hence, my frustration with this current track in the show where in they are showing the male lead stooping so low/losing all his sense of righteousness/consciousness  - has finally led me to get astray in my imagination and I will be penning down the tale differently here on…(differently from the show…)as in…how I’d like to see it unfold here on….in my head..ill just imagine this happening in a parallel universe in TMD world..side by side…

So yup – here I am with the first update on the FF – Shattered.

Hope you all enjoy reading this altered fictional tale for the show as per my imagination…on Angad* Sahiba - henceforth...

Thank you so much once again...guys....


FF - Shattered 



Take 1 - No Excuses for Sin - pg1

Take 2 - Ashamed - pg 2

Take 3 - Where do I Go? - page 4

Take 4 - The Mirror of Betrayal - page 5

Take 5 - An Unexpected Sunrise from the West - page 8

Take 6 - Anguished Conversations - page 9

Take 7 - Facing the Truth - page 10

Take 8 - Trapped - page 13

Take 9 - Justice Served - page 14

Take 10 - The Aftermath - page 20





Take 1 - No excuse for Sins

Sahiba’s POV

Yeh kya hogaya? Yeh isne kya kardiya??? Main toh kabhi soch bhi nahi sakti thi ki iss level tak niche gir sakta hai…isne mujhse itni badtameezi karne ki himmat kari kaise??

( What just happened? What did he just do?? I couldn’t ever imagine him stooping so low ever…how dare he freaking misbehave with me so godammit much???)

Yeh Sab kaise hogaya pata nai…par ab yeh zaroor pata hai…ki ab bass…pani sir ke bahut uppar chala gaya hai…abb bass…ab main yeh torture aur nai jhel sakti…na iss ghar mein reh sakti hun…agar maine yeh sab hone ke baad bhi apne aatma samaan ke liye kuch nai kiya…toh issse bada gunah kya hi hoga apne haathon apni taraf??

( I don’t know how all of this happened…but what I do know is that…enough is enough…that this is freaking it…this is beyond acceptable to me…I cannot tolerate this nonsense any longer. I just cannot. I also cannot stay in this house a second longer. If I stay under this roof a day more..and just tolerate this level of misconduct – it will be like commiting a sin towards my very own self. There wouldn’t be a bigger sin towards my own self respect …)

Ab tak toh main kadwa ghooth zeher ki tarah pee hi rahi thi…par ab agar maine apne liye kuch nai kiya toh matlab main apni rooh ka katl apne aap hi kardungi…( uptil now…I was still gulping down all that they were sending my way like posion…but not anymore…if I stay quite any longer…it will be like murdering my own soul with my very own hands…)

Yahh…Rabba…yeh kya hogaya…

I look at the sight of Angad – all collapsedand passed out on the mattress. Thankfully, he did pass out post his outburst expressing his pain on the betrayal he got from Seeirat di..which yes did give me a glimpse how deeply he can feel and how vulnerable he himself is in the moment – but none of that can be an excuse for his misconduct towards me…

Yes. He is in pain – clearly he is.

But so am I….

Maybe – its just simply wrong…trying to live and act on this façade is just simply wrong for him too. We are both just trapped...and experiencing only trauma...

My humanity gets the better of me in the moment though for a second, and that is the only reason – why I pull the blanket on top of him to cover him – as my resolve strengthens within that the only way out of this hell for both of us – is to just put an end to this nonsense act – as soon as possible. I don’t think I have it in me to trust anyone in this house anymore....let alone feel safe in here ever again….

I need to get outta here or I will suffocate…and  probably succumb…into a heart failure in my sleep tonight…

I stand up in my spot – now – determined to set things right for myself or else I’d never be able to look in my own eyes ever again. Sleep is not going to come to me tonight anyway which is a good thing I guess – because – now I have ample time to think and plan my next step forward…

Broken, shattered, traumatised – I begin to pray to Babaji to give me some strength and show me the way..

Shayad Babaji bhi meri madad tab hi karenge…jab main apni madad khud karne ke liye phir se chattan ban jaaungi…mujhe wishwaas hai…woh mujhe koi rah zaroor dikhayenge…

Koi toh raasta hoga jo mujhe iss nark se bahar nikalega…

( Maybe, Babaji will also help me as I continue to stand up for myself to help myself again. I have full faith that he will show me the way…show me the light to take the steps towards the direction that will take me out of this hell…)


Next Morning

Angad’s POV

My eyes flutter open and the very second I take in the surroundings around me – I jolt up straight getting seated on the mattress I was lying down in.

What the hell???

What the hell am I doing here in the Store-room? 

Or rather Sahiba’s room??

When did I get here? How did I get here??

I look around in panic. I do not spot Sahiba around – just the sight of her small suitcase all packed up.

Whattt? Is she leaving? Dammit. What the hell happened in here last night???

I shut my eyes – trying to recall the events of last night.





Freak. It takes me about ten seconds of trying to focus and the events from last night begin to stumble their way into my head…


What did I dooo??????? Was that really me – engaging in that pathetic misconduct with Sahiba last night?

Tears of remorse, guilt, and anger at myself blurr my eyes as the moments of her pushing me away from herself in order to protect herself from me – make its way to my eyes…

Oh. Waheguru…Babaji…how deeply have I sinned??

I was like a disgusting predator last night….a monster…who’d lost all his sense of thought…in the cocktail of anger*wrath *alcohol…

Unable to open my eyes , because I don’t know how will I look into my eyes ever again – I feel myself tremble within as the events from last night keep rewinding their way in my head…




I can’t believe this was me…I can’t believe I stooped so low in front of any woman..forgetting all the manners my family taught me…I cannot believe what all I implied to Sahiba last night…that I was there to force myself on her…to torture her…hurt her physically…

Yeh mujhe ho kya gaya tha?? Yeh mujheho kya gaya hai??( what was wrong with me?? what is wrong with me now??)

I cant sit statued here in shock over my own mistake and misconduct. I need to find Sahiba. I need to apologize. No matter what..I shouldn’t have behaved with her in such a way…

My eyes flutter open now – as I hear the sound of a door creaking and spot – Sahiba stepping back in the room with a file in her hand and her bag on her shoulder…


Was she out? 

Where did she go early morning??

I get up in my spot now – thoroughly embarrased and ashamed unable to look straight at her – I ask my voice fumbling in guilt for the very first time – “ S..a…hi..ba…main…”

No other words follow because – Sahiba’s just showed me her palm of the hand with her eyes flashing to me in so much anger and angst – that I could only just pause. I spot a slight red mark on her cheek – hand marks on her wrists and horrified that I could the one to blame for the same – I manage to ask my voice stammering – “ yeh…mark…s…tumhare facepe..haath pe…yeh…maine…,”(I pause yet again…unable to word anything out...anymore…)


I could drown in shame and guilt. This is not me..so not me.I am not a monster of a man and yet that is what I had become towards my own wife..last night…

Sahiba continues to glare at me hard- nonetheless and without saying a word she walks past me towards her suitcase and begins to tow it out behind her. Aghast, ashamed – I can only stammer to ask– “ tum jaa…rahi ho…?”( you are leaving??)

She glares at me hard – her eyes coldstone as if I had butchered her soul last night – “ aur nai toh kya…ji haan…jaarahi hoon..hamesha ke liye…tumhare iss ghar mein ek second aur bhi ruki…toh meri rooh mar hi jaayegi yahan rukne ki toh ab main soch hi nai sakti…isse bada aur koi paap nai hoga mere haath khud ke saath…”( yes…I am leaving…for ever…if I stay a second longer under this roof of yours…there wont be a bigger sin commited by me towards myself…)


I feel as if she’s slapped me – hard with that. I don’t blame her. I deserve it...

 I stammer on reflex taking a step closer to her – “ paap…toh mujhse hogaya hai..sahiba…kal raat…alcohol ke nashi mein…aur shayad…anarth hi hojata mujhe..agar tum mujhe…push nai karti…ya phir…kahun toh anarth hi hogaya mujhse…kal raat…yeh main nai hun…sahiba…yeh main nai hun….aur meri iss harkat ka koi excuse nai…mujhe pata hai…” ( its me who has sinnedunder the influence of anger* alocohol last night…Sahiba…infact I would havebecome the greatest sinner of all if you wouldn’t have pushed me away…lastnight…or rather I should say….I have sinned greatly anyway…and I know there isno excuse for my this act of sin/anyway…)

She takes three steps backwards at that disturbed and nervous – the agony of the trauma I inflicted on her last night evident in her eyes – as she holds her hand in between of us – asking me to keep  my distance and I freeze in my spot - feeling all whipped at that. As if someone had just taken a leather belt and belted me with it...she cannot even stand the sight of me taking a step towards her...

 Sahiba says now her voice all cold stone again, her eyes twinkling with determined resolve – “ yeh toh tumne sach hi bola..ki tumhari iss harkat ka koi excuse nai…aur tumhari sorry ka bhi nai….iske liye koi maafi nai ho sakti....”(you are right..there is no excuse for this act of yours…neither any meaning to your sorry anymore…)

I stammer ashamed…unable to look ather anymore – “ Sahi…ba….”

She roars now back at me her eyes glaring back at me like a wounded lioness – “ naam..mat lo..mera naam mat lo……main bass iss nark main nai reh sakti……issiliye waqt aagya gai galat ko sahi karne ka….abhi tak jo kuch bhi hua sab galat tha…sahi toh ab hoga…aaj mujhe samjh aagayaki..sach chahe jitna bhi kadwa ho…sach hi sahi hota hai….,”she gestures towards the file in her hand.( don’t you dare take my name ever again…I just want toget out of this hell now…once and for all..whatever has happened till now hasbeen wrong…the correct will happen now…today once again I’v realised that nomatter how bitter the truth may seem…its only the truth that is right…)

Ashamed to even muster a word, for guilt seems to eating me up, I just gape at her – drowning in deep remorse. She doesn’t get affected by it – her stature/her vibe remains bold, strong, and cold as she finally hands me the file in her hand to see – “ yeh annulment ke papers hai…agar hum family court mein yeh file kardein ki yeh vyaah…hamare hoshon awaaz mein nai hua…annulment ho jayegi vyah ki….yeh divorce se alag hai..easy h ai...annulment matlab yeh vya kharich…jaise ki kabhi hua hi na ho…maine in papers pe sign karbhi diya hai…tum bhi kar dena…”( these are the papers of annulment of marriage…if we just file in family court that this wedding took place when one of us wasn’t in our complete senses of thinking straight – we will get the annulment through. Divorce is a tricker proceeding to handle than this. Annulment just basically nullifies our marriage completely…easier way out...I have already signed these papers…you just sign them too…)




I stammer reading the papers through –my eyes taking in the sight of her signature on it already and before I can ask her when /how did she even get these ready – she just shoots me a long hard cold stare and just walks out the door with her suitcase towing in behind her..

Dejected, I follow behind instantly…knowing that once my family spots her out – another Hungama will only unfold out in the open…


Yeh Maine kya kar diya??

Yeh maine iske saath kya kar diya?

Iske liye toh main rab se bhi maafi nai maang sakta jab mein khud ko bhi kabhi maaf nai karsakta is galti ke liye…

(Damm. Just what did I do dammit.Just what did I do with her. I can’t even seek forgiveness from God on thisgiven that I don’t even know if I can ever forgive myself for this…)

And I hear my inner conscious remindme at that – It was not just a mistake – Angad Singh Brar. It was not just a mistake. The way you behaved with Sahiba last night…was no less than a sin…indeed…



how was that guys??? 

pheww can't tell you all how releived i felt post writing this...I mean...show ne toh yeh sab dikhane nai...toh maine socha...main hi likh dun...the bit i'd like to see...henceforth...

what did you all think of it?

will await to know in the comments below!

thanks guys..

much love


( Next Update : Full on Hungama in front of the brar's as sahiba reveals why she will never set a foot in this house ever again....)




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Posted: 2 months ago

Wow I so wanted to see this in show. I just hope they show something like this rather than any puke worthy drama or romance. I just hope Sahiba gives everyone in the Brar mansion mouthful and walk away. I really hope keerat supports her through this and help her out of depression and trauma. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Awesome,  loved how sahiba took her stand,  drunk or not , forcing someone is not acceptable,  pls update the next part soon

Posted: 2 months ago

A wonderful piece! I hope the creatives take some inspiration from this work of yours! Things have to be realistically portrayed. It’s not 18th century! We are in the 21st century!

Posted: 2 months ago

Amazing work smiley27. Good thing I do not watch the episodes daily. This would turn me off immediately. smiley11

Please continue and I hope that Sahiba would be a successful woman who would literally make them see their own worth. smiley15

Ho sake toh Daarji ko bhi na chorna! smiley13

Please tag me whenever you update! smiley20

Posted: 2 months ago

Nice start

Love it

Update soon 

Posted: 2 months ago

How she stood up smiley32smiley32

Can't wait for the next chapter, could y tag me please.


Posted: 2 months ago

Angad beta - best thing you can do - grant her that annulment and  get your ass into therapy. One heartbreak  has made you this means you have unresolved issues and you need help. Go and get it.

Thank you  for giving us the scene we all wanted.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 

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