Pati Patni Aur Takraar - a ViDev FF Part 12 updated pg 19

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Posted: 2 months ago

Vidhi after giving an earful to Amba in kitchen, quite pleased with herself for showing Amba her place, now goes to her bedroom to give gujiya to Dev. Dev is sitting on the sofa engrossed in a file and fails to notice Vidhi. Vidhi to declare her presence clears her throat.

Vidhi : Devji, dekhiye main kya lekein aayi hoon aapke liye

Dev lifts his head up and notices Vidhi carrying a bowl in her hands. He puts his file away.

Dev : Arre wah, aaj kya banayi hain meri masterchef ne

Vidhi : Gujiya banayi hain maine, taste karke batana kaisa laga aapko

Saying this Vidhi gives a soft smile and blushes. Dev also realises the reason and gives a shy smile and bends his head down to control his own blush. 

Dev : Waise hamari love story main kahin na kahin ye gujiye ne bhi bahut madad ke hain

Vidhi gives a hearty smile and nods in agreement.

Vidhi : Uss din main bahut darr gayi thi, kahin aapke liye banayi gujiya kisi aur ke paas na chala jaayein. Accha hua aap ne Arjun se pehle woh gujiya le liye the.

Dev : Ab jis par mera haq hain woh main kisi aur ko kaise lene deta 

Saying this he looks up at Vidhi and wiggles his eyebrows at her. She gives a hearty smile.

Vidhi : Jalkukda

On hearing this, Dev immediately pulls Vidhi on to his lap with one hand and balances the bowl in her hand with his other one. They both look into each others eyes and laugh heartily.

Vidhi : Chaliyein ye gujiya khayiye

Dev : Main nahin khaunga

Vidhi is utterly confused. 

Vidhi : Kya.. kyun nahin khayenge aap, itne pyaar se banaya hain maine, thoda sa khalijiye na

Dev : Main nahin khaunga

Vidhi : Arre kya hua aapko abhi to itna excited the gujiye ko leke

Dev : Main apne hathon se nahin khaunga

Vidhi now begins to worry. She tenderly touches Dev's forehead and cheeks and checks for any sign of illness. With eyes full of concern she says

Vidhi : Kya hua tabiyat kharaab hain kya

Dev gives a naughty smile and stresses every word Main apne hathon se nahin khaunga and looks pointedly at Vidhi. Vidhi now realises what he meant. With a shy smile playing on her lips, she takes a small piece of gujiya and brings it to his mouth. Dev now tightly encircles her waist and brings her closer and takes the piece into his mouth along with her fingers and while looking into her eyes romantically kisses her fingers and hand. Vidhi can not help but notice how hot he looks and blushes profusely and bends down her head. 

Vidhi : Aapna bahut badmaash ho

Dev : Tumhara badmaash hu

Saying so he gives her a wink and slowly lifts her hand and places tender kisses up along her forearm and arm. Overwhelmed with the feelings being pent up in her by him and for him, she closes her eyes. Dev now realises that he has not checked if Vidhi was comfortable or not. He looks up to her to find her face flushing, lips partly open and quivering and eyes shut, she looked ethereal. He slowly touched her shoulder and removed her dupatta away. He slightly pulled her dress to expose her collar bone and gave a wet kiss over there lingering for a moment, his eyes not leaving her face. When he reaches the base of her neck to kiss, she turns her neck in such a way to provide him access. Dev smiles into her and slowly nibbles her neck which causes her to moan and open her eyes. Upon opening her eyes, she finds Dev's eyes boring into hers with such a passion that she has never seen. 

Vidhi : Aapne bataya nahin gujiya kaise laga hain

Dev : Gujiye ka taste batane se pehle mujhe kuch aur taste karna hai

Vidhi : Kya taste karna hai

Dev : Wahin jisse tum roz taste karti ho

Vidhi's eyes widened in shock upon seeing this bold side of Dev. She covers her face in her palms due to her shyness. Dev slowly brings her hands away and cups her face in his palms.

Dev : Tum bahut khoosurat ho Vidhi. Tumhare pyaar ne mujhe pagal kar diya hai. Maine kabhi nahi socha ki main apni zindagi kisi ke saath share karsakta hoon. Par ab tumhare bina main apni zindagi soch bhi nahin sakta hoon. Main tumhara pyaar paana chahta hoon poori tarah se tumhe apna banana chahtha hoon. I want to make love to you Vidhi. Haa par tabhi jab tum poori tarah se tayaar ho. Main tumhe force nahin karna chahtha.

Vidhi's eyes become wet hearing all the love Dev has for her. She hold his face in her palms and brings down his head and kisses his forehead and kisses his both cheeks.

Vidhi : Main to hamesha se aap hi ka hoon. Jo apna hain use paane ke liye permission kis baat ki. I love you so much.

Dev brings his forehead against hers and wipes away her tears. He tenderly kisses her eyes and then reaches her cheeks and places kisses there. He then slowly nibbles her ear and kisses all along her jawline and places a kiss on her chin. He looks at her with a burning desire and passionately cups her face, bringing their lips together. He starts slowly and when he feels Vidhi also kissing him back, he deepens the kiss. They separate after a moment and look at each other and give contented smiles.

          Dev gets up and locks the bedroom door. Though Vidhi is nervous about what the family members would think to find them missing, but she ensures herself that everyone is busy in their own works especially with Chitra in the house. Also she did not want to ruin Dev's mood considering that he, infact both of them had waited too long. Dev comes back to her and lifts her in one swift motion and places her carefully on the bed. He joins her on the bed and positions himself on top of her minding not to put his entire weight on her. He slowly starts kissing her jaw and places his face in the crook of her neck. He kisses her there and snuggles closer to her. In middle of kissing, he sometimes was nibbling her neck. Vidhi felt her hormones going haywire. With every kiss, she wanted him more than she can explain. He starts kissing down her neck and reaches her chest. Unable to control her shyness, she turns around from him. Dev slowly pushes away her hair and again kisses her neck from the back. Both are now overcome with passion and Dev reaches for her zip and pulls it down. He slightly pulls away her kurta from the shoulder not making her uncomfortable. He places kiss all along her shoulder. He slowly starts kissing her back down the spine. He makes her face him and again kisses her forehead. He kisses the exposed part of the chest below the collar bone and goes back to kissing the crook of her neck. 

      Suddenly there was a huge cry from the hall. Confused, both of them got up and hurriedly tidied themselves up and went to check on what the commotion was about. Both of them were shocked to see Chitra lying on the floor holding her ankle and Amba beside her trying to help her. Dev rushed to her and lifted Chitra in his arms and carried her to a room. By now the whole family has joined them with Satya crying, Abhi calling the doctor and Vidhi getting ice packs. Dev and Vidhi tried to apply ice packs to her foot. The doctor arrives and on examination says that Chitra has sprained her leg from the fall and she needs to rest her foot for at least two weeks. 

Satya : Chitra tum yeh do haftein yehi par rehna beta, ham sab tumhara khyaal rakhenge

Chitra : Par main yahan kaise reh sakti hoon, Vikram ko accha nahin lagega ki Amy mausi akeli wahan par hain

Dev,Vidhi and Satya look at each other and silently come to an agreement

Satya : Amba, if you don't mind , kya tum bhi hamare saath rahoge  Chitra ke theek hone tak

Amba : Lekin main yahan kaise reh sakti hoon, aap logonko uncomcortable hoga, while batting eyelashes at Dev

Dev : Nahin aisi koi baat nahin hai,  Chitra ki tabiyat important hain aur we will all make sure that you are comfortable here

Amba : Theek hai aap sab insist kar rahe hai to mai ruk jaaongi. 

Amba gives her cunning smile to Dev and Vidhi's retreating backs who have joined back with Chitra.

Posted: 2 months ago

Loved it - makes up for the garbage we’re being subjected to in the show! Can’t wait for the next part!

Posted: 2 months ago

Yeh kya kar diya aapne? 😡😡😡Amba ko Raichand house mein rokliya 😜😂😜😂😜. Sahi jaa rahe the Dev aur Vidhi, but Chitra ne sprain kar diya moment kya. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Thank you so much for the feedback🥰

Edited by Srj9 - 2 months ago
Posted: 2 months ago

Ha ha..  thank you so much🥰

Posted: 2 months ago

Wow this was so beautiful. Dev kitna romantic hein iss mein..Vidhi ko aise hi pakadke pakadke sab sikhane honge. I was enjoying the way romance was going on. But like serial yahan pe bhi romance mein interruption. Yeh Chitra Amy Mausi ko nahi chodegi 😂😂 Abb kya hoga Amba Raichand house mein rukegi toh 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Kyun rukwadi aapne usse 😡😡😡😡 But hope Vidhi aur Amba ke takkar kaa scene aisa kuch milega humein . Waiting to read next part..loved it. 

Posted: 2 months ago

definately a good one ... waiting for ur next work ...

Posted: 2 months ago

He he.. serial ke writers ka jyaada influence ho gaya hai🤣🤣 thank you so much for the feedback🤗🤗

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 

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