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Posted: 1 years ago

Dear friends I am writing down my thoughts mostly to vent out the disturbing thoughts that keep crossing my mind every now and then....firstly I always wondered y Abhinav is shown the way he is....is he the anuj kapadia here in a very distorted manner?whereas Abhimanyu is slowly taking up Vanraj?.....not really

Abhinav is a mirror reflection of Abhimanyu

There names are similar yet distinctly different as Abhimanyu ends with a vowel whereas Abhinav with a consonant....abhiM is intense grey aggressive and hot-headed....Abhinav is exactly opposite he is fun-loving achha gentle and very cool by nature.... he is brought in for Abhimanyu to know his faults and that phase has already Started.....what do you say?

Now moving to Abhimanyu....he has somethings that I noticed

Firstly his wish to go to Mimi's birthday?yhe recurrent ways in which he had called or directly come into Akshara's house....y do I find these acts are indirect means to stay connected to her? 

Even in the recent scenes he keeps looking ar akshara

During tilak the touch scene had a different vibe altogether

Today in the hospital scene to ...he first tries to stealthily look at abhir (abhir is a part of akshara and symbolizes the has the same sense of peace for him)then simply enters into his world ...the scene was sweet surfacetually but him taking abhir had shades of grey as well

In a previous promo there was a dialogue  of him coming to see yhr Sharmas" phir kabhi aagaonga"snd there have been several scenes where he is shown to take Abhinav's place

What is disturbing is the mental dynamics that are incorporated in the action of yhis man...in the precap he is submerged in aksharas thoughts and blurts out his and her names....he does not care about even ruhi when akshara is around ...and if you observe his actions towards ruhi is the birthday party and there after had been mechanical habitual rather than driven by emotions

My essential question is how this man can be termed anything when his central emotion is this obsessive almost drugged longing for akshara and if atall abrohi take place where will he land up? 


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Posted: 1 years ago

P.s. I dont know how to tag...if anyone can do it will really be helpful.

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Posted: 1 years ago

Thus Kairav's warning to Aroohi that he will never love her how she'd expect to be loved by her husband.

Although Aroohi has done some pretty messed up sh*t in the past, she does seem to have realized her mistakes and is apparently trying to do and be better. What she experienced at such a young age is enough to force a person to self-reflect. Neil's death within the first year of their marriage that too when she was pregnant must have taken a toll on her and forced her to reassess her priorities. That would be traumatizing for any woman. I can understand her situation, but I would have preferred them addressing this in the show and if Aroohi were played by a competent actor. Regardless, the point is that she has reformed and that incident and the past 6 years living alone must have been retribution enough. I don't think she deserves a husband who won't truly be hers ever.

I do feel that Aroohi is better suited for AB as she can counter him and not take his abuse silently like Akshara used to, but I'd rather it doesn't get to that and they both learn to at least be civil with each other like Akshara and Abhinav are. I would like to see both the couples moving on with their respective partners and giving each other their due rights.

All I'm asking is for them to not make a mockery of marriage and divorce yet again and show life after divorce/loss of spouse in a mature and somewhat realistic manner.

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Posted: 1 years ago

There's a very thin line between love and obsession and Abhimanyu is certainly obsessed with Akshara. He has not been able to move on even after 6 years and is still apparently in love with his brother's 'murderer'. He's been civil until now but slowly his obsession is resurfacing in his actions (as you mentioned) and I'm pretty sure it'll just increase once Abhir's truth is out. Will Abhimanyu really separate Abhir and Abhinav?

Abhir today, even in his unconscious state, was calling out for his Papa. Mind us, that is Abhinav for Abhir, bot Abhimanyu. Every time Abhir called out Papa, he meant Abhinav. How can any parent snatch their child's happiness for their own happiness? I truly hope this does not happen. 

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Posted: 1 years ago
Exactly I look at this so-called true lovers jodi and get Kabir Singh vibes. It feels like an AU storyline where Preeti moves on with her husband after Kabir ignores her n decides to raise her & Kabir's child with her husband. While Kabir again remains stuck (till eternity) with his wadawaoo music in bg. 😸 Now about Abhir. He clearly deeply love, respect n admire Abhinav. He's his super papa. Let's assume for d sake of not butchering their ml (tho I don't see d pt. anymore), cvs decide to show that no custody battle but Abhinav deciding to be d bigger person n sacrifice his family & happiness for sake of uniting sachhe premis and sachhe sperm donating father (no offence up till this pt. that's all d contribution Abhi has in Abhir's life). What would be its impact? Imo disastrous. Cos a 6 yr old child simply won't be able to understand such a sacrifice! If a grown ass man, world class doctor n universe best husband wasn't able to understand d sacrifice of his wife (no matter how stupid it was but was done only for his sake n wellbeing), how do d cvs/audience expect a little child to comprehend d logic behind Abhinav leaving him n his mother with Abhi. Abhir would most probably end up believing that Abhinav abandoned him due to some fault of his which will badly impact his emotional n mental health & we would get yet another troubled adult with deep trust issues.