Kangana: attention seeker or mental health issue?

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Posted: 1 years ago

Is there a method to her madness?

Does she know exactly what she is doing and knows controversies get her attention and keep her in news despite her flops? She was irrelevant earlier despite good performances in TWM, TWMR, Gangster and Woh Lamhe.

She began to get attention after her letters were leaked in media by Roshans and after her interviews went viral.

Does Kangana do all these antics knowingly, by design, to stay relevant? 

Or does she indeed have serious psychological and psychiatric issues and needs good therapists, counsellors and psychiatrist, before it is too late? 


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Posted: 1 years ago

She starts controversies before her movies n now ppl r bored of Hrithik story so she started ranbir alia controversy. So she is not completely mad she knows what she is doing.

Also her stories sounds like desperate n frustrated soul. She doesn't value her struggles like SRK n others but hates her journey. She sounds like she wanted to be a nepo kid n is jealous of them.

Her frustration may be driving her crazy as now she has no personal live n professional live too seemed doomed. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

She should immediately join BJP officially and get dry cleaned in the washing machine

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Posted: 1 years ago

However one looks at Kangana's actions, they have a touch of both, I think. Something must have happened in the past (or even some things) that could be supressed for a certain time... I think that the growing attention she got through her work and the image of a straight forward young women may have given her a (false) sense of power and influence...it may have needed just one incident on the emotional level that throw her out of any balance she could maintain until then.

It could have been very well a certain closeness she believed would exist between Hrithik and her - they've worked together in two movies and spent a lot of time together - yet without the intimicy she wished for. I think her failed attempts of getting that intimicy (her stalking) which went public and made her appear in a bad light, could have been the trigger for her growing agressive attitude.

Actually, I think, Kangana has an ever-hungry need for attention and if people don't give it the way SHE wants, she reacts in a growing negative way (which she won't - in no way - see as HER fault but a mere reaction on the wrongbeing of others).

I also think that she has a disturbed sexuality (abuse at a young age?) and a resentful character.

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Posted: 1 years ago

She wants to stay in the news at all costs. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Are we now handing over the health diagnoses on the IF? Great!

Posted: 1 years ago

FYI, Attention seeking behavior is one of the major hallmarks of borderline personality disorder. I see this most common among young women at the hospital all the time. So it may not be one versus the other, necessarily.

Just a guess, obviously I’m not diagnosing her…..before anyone comes at me. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

I think it’s both, I think there may be some mental health issues and maybe some life experiences just led her to be like that. But the thing is we can’t keep blaming those things for constant vileness.

The funny thing is that the venom she spews online and in interviews, suddenly disappears when she is in public amongst other industry folks. That video of Jaya ignoring her and refusing to meet her, while Kangana stood in the background like a meek child was telling. Online she has the right wing bots supporting and validating all her nonsense but real main woh sab kaam nahin ata. Deffo not long term as well. Madame ne behti ganga mein khoob haath dho diye and had became a warrior for some but it doesn’t last long, she’s burnt all her bridges and probably realised now that life on the side ain’t that fun 😆 that’s why there is some flip flopping nowadays, I think she’s trying to get into BWood really badly but kis munh se ayegi and who will even give her that importance, basically she dug her own grave. Can’t be blaming mental health issues for everything. She may be misinformed and have the wrong people around her but like I said it’s not an excuse.

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Posted: 1 years ago

I don’t know how much of it is attention seeking tactics, but she seems to be on a path of destruction. 

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Posted: 1 years ago

I feel it's mostly mental health issues. 

She left her family who was against her becoming an actress to go to Delhi and then Mumbai alone. 

She was a young girl who HAD to succeed to show her family she was right (it's no secret how competitive she is) but while she was IT in her town, she wasn't polished enough (style sense, command on her english, the codes) to be able to mingle easily. 

She was used and abused by Pancholi.

God knows what went on with Bhatt (it might actually be the root of her resentment toward Alia)

She was belittled by the Suman who didn't think she was good enough for their sons.

She was used by Ajay, Sanjay and Salman who thought of her as their plaything (she even got breast implant done at one point).

She was mocked by the Bollywood IN crowd and didn't get to star in big banner movies despite having proven her mettle more than once beforehand. 

She also had to go through her sister's acid attack.

But still, for all that, she still held some responsabilities as she might have been a user which impacted her behaviour. 

She couldn't control herself when she was being courted to star in big banner movies. 

And she alienated herself from everyone. Even those who didn't blacklist her after her Hrithik scandal. 

It also doesn't excuse her surfing on the tensions in India and egging on the haters.

It's sad and I hope she gets help. Only then will she able to get redeemed and mend relationships.