*Rani of Hearts-Reena Kapoor Paristan#57* Bhavna 2.0

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Posted: 1 years ago

To the Appreciation Thread of most talented,, beautiful,lovely, humble,down to earth Actress of Tellywood

our Diva

Reena kapoorEmbarrassed

So lets start the celebrationParty


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Reena Kapoor

Reena Kapoor: Indian Attractive-Popular TV Actress The very beautiful and extremely talented actress Reena Kapoor has managed to woo the audiences of the small screen by essaying the character of Rani in the very popular Sahara One show 'Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki'. She has also managed to captivate the heart of the television viewers by the gentleness of her role. She is in fact regarded as a typical Barjatya heroine and is always seen to be very sweet and sacrificing


On the personal front Reena Kapoor hails from a family of Merchant Navy, both his dad and brother sharing the same profession. born on 17th March . she tied the knot on 22nd March 2005 with a software engineer Karan Nijer who works in HCL on  Technologies and resides at Noida. His father-in-law was in the Air Force and now flies independently. Like her on-screen matrimonial alliance her off-screen one was also arranged. Both the story of her serial and that of her off-screen life were almost running on a similar track. Both decided from the very beginning that they would not let their marriage affect each other's career and decided to take their families into confidence. Both her husband and in-laws are very much fond of her character in the serial and watch the show religiously.


On the professional front Reena Kapoor is thankful to Rajshri Productions who has given her this opportunity to showcase her acting skills by portraying such a character which she feels is an inspiration to the younger generation. For this actress also acting happened by chance and she has settled down in the tinsel town to pursue her acting career since 6-7 years. She went to accompany a friend for an audition with Lekh Tandon and got selected instead of her. Following that she has acted in many popular shows like 'Ganga Maiya' for DD, 'Dekho Magar Pyar Se' and also 'Kisse Apna Kahein' by Saira Bano. But she catapulted to fame in the Sahara One shows 'Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki'. Leaving out on the super hit serial 'Devi' she feels she had made the biggest mistake of her life. She is however not very ambitious in life and does not believe that one has to party hard in order to grow network and build up his/her career.


About her character in 'Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki' Reena Kapoor claims that Rajshri Productions were looking for a heroine she decided to give a try and was fortunate enough to bag the role. She claims that she had successfully passed the screening and dialogue delivery test. About the later one she remarked that though they decided to try her mettle by giving her hard core Hindi script to read out she managed to qualify through it. While portraying the role also she tried to get into the skin of the character and has many similar traits like that of her on-screen character. In future she would also like to try out theater and claims she would definitely like to experience that at some point in her life. She has already made her mark in the Bollywood Film Industry by performing in a meaty role in the chartbuster 'Kya Kehna' by the renowned filmmaker Kundan Shah where she played the role of Preity Zinta's close friend. About working in films in future she is not at all very comfortable with the idea of exposing so her interest would revolve around the television industry. 

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Posted: 1 years ago


 She worked in many serials In "dishayen" as sonia

in episodic "Rishtey" epi number 79 as "Shikha"

in "Aap beeti" story "Bewafai" as Karuna

In jai ganga maiyaa as Ganga

in "Vishnu Puran'" as Sita

in an Episodic - "Gubaray" - Bye bye bindu as Tina

Episode 22

in "devi" as kavita

in dekho magar pyaar se as Kaya

in "kise apna kahain" as Noor

Worked in movies too

in kya kehna as anju

in hero hindustani as uzma

And then she worked in the superhit serial which completed 1000 episodes

          Woh rehne waali mehlon ki

                    The serial which changed Reena's life,

in this serial she played 3 roles




                                   Mast kalandar

She performed a dance number with co star Aamir ali


                      Shh..phir koi hai

as sheetal in sshh.. phir koi hai episode 132-133 (woh kaun thi)

                       Saas vs bahu

She particaipated in dance reality show "Saas vs bahu"

hosted an astorology show " Grah nakshatra aur aap"

in itti si khushi as Durga

 as" Bhavna" in "Aur  pyar ho gaya"

 in badi Devrani as Prabha

 in "Shakti Astitva ke Ehsas ki" as  "Nimmi Kaur"

 as "Yashoda Maiyya" in serial "RadhaKrishn"

as "Ranju" in Ranju ki Betiyan

Ranju Ki Betiyaan (Dangal) TV Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki  & More

and now she is back as "Bhavna" in "Dheere Dheere Se" 


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ArNaMir VM - judai by Masu

Raj Rani Vm - Soch na sake by masu

ArNaMir VM - Deewana kar raha hai by Masu

ArNaMir VM - Jo Bheji Thi Dua by Masu

ArNaMir VM - Aas pas hai khuda by Masu

ArNaMir VM - Aas pas hai khuda (Edited) by Masu

ArNaMir VM - Salam aya by Masu

PaYa VM - Jaanay Do Na by Masu

ArNaMirKa VM-Ishq Risk by Masu

Saumya Pari in Multi couple VM - Raabta by shobhi


Nimmi Soumya VM - Shakti by shobhi

Raj/Prince Rani VM - khuda janay By Shahina

Raj/Prince Rani vm - Thoda sa pyar hua by shahina

Saumya Pari VM - Bheer mein tanhai mein by shahina

Saumya Pari vm - teri ore by shahina

Saumya Pari VM - Tum bin jiya jae kaise by shahina

Saumya Pari VM - Kavyaanjali by shahina

Saumya pari vm by shahina

Raj/Prince Rani VM - Kasam kha k kaho by shahina

Raj/Prince Rani VM - Surilee ankhiyon wale by shahina

Raj/Prince Rani VM - Ore piya by shahina

Raj/Prince Rani vm -Zindagi ban gae ho tum by shahina

Raj/Prince Rani VM - Mitwa by shahina

Saumya Pari VM - Kal ho na ho by shahina

Saumya Pari VM by shahina

Saumya Pari VM-Lambi judai by shahina

Saumya Pari VM - Tum mile by shahina

Saumya Pari VM - humko humi se chura lo by shahina

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Saumya Pari VM  by shahina

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Rishabh Rani VM  by shahina

Saumya Pari VM - Tere naina by shahina

Reena Kapoor Birthday VM by shahina

Saumya Pari VM - Iktara by shahina

Jeet Rani VM by shahina

Rishabh Rani vm -Tere hone laga hon + tere liye by shahina

Rishabh Rani VM - Bin tere by shahina

Rishabh Rani VM - tujh mein rab dikhta hai by shahina

Rishabh Rani VM  by shahina

Saumya Pari VM - Dheere Dheere by kanikabasu


Saumya Pari instrmental VM by aamir sanjee


Saumya Pari VM - Pee loon instrumental by aamir sanjee


Saumya Pari glimpse in amir bday VM by Aamir Sanjee


Manav Pari VM - aayega sajan by chamak

Raj Rani VM - Na kajre ki dhaar by chamak

Prince Rani vm- jab tum ajatay ho by chamak

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Pari Rohit VM - teri dulhan saajaungi by chamak

Raj Rani vm - pyaar kar k dekho by chamak

Raj/Prince Rani VM - kya tujhe by farzana

Raj Rani instrmental VM by farzana

Raj/Prince Rani VM - My dil goes by farzana

Raj/Prince Rani VM - Humko tumse by farzana

Rishabh Rani VM - judai judai by chamak

Raj/Prince Rani VM tham k baras by chamak

Best of Raj Rani VM by chamak

Raj/Prince Rani VM dreamland by chamak

Saumya Pari VM - tinka tinka by gagan

Rishabh Rani vm - Rabba by mrKhalidOmer


Rishabh Rani VM - Raabta by Symar 


Rishabh Rani VM - Baarish by Symar


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Fan Fictions

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chapter 7


FP Thread 

Reena Kapoor- FunPost Thread # 1 !~INVITES ONLY!~! #NO REPLIES#

GIFs album


WRWMK One liner Story Thread


RaCe OS: Love at First Sight


RajNi One Shot :: The Crossroads



1- Launch of Zee TV's new show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya


3-Avni excited to perform with Raj






8-Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya Completes a Century

9-Suket's B'Day Celebration in Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

10-https://vimeo.com/99938867 OR  https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x20tsb5_reena-kapoor-s-re-entry-in-woh-rehne-waali-mehlon-ki_lifestyle



Masooma Bukhari





















(if u want to join AT please hit like)

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Helloooo 🤪

abi previous AT move kr lena tha.. 1 khatam nahi hota ab 2 - 2 sambhaale ge hm 🤪

btw buzzy you have added AT 56 as AT 57 🤪

when willl you update the AT with dheere dheere se info 😛

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Raghav and Bhavna 

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Hello AT people 🤗

koi hai ?