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So Tinna, who had been torturing Maheen the most for the footage with her sob stories, and displaying her undying love for dogs, cried rivers after losing her dog, now wants BB to send someone from outside to clean Maheen's mess? The dog owners who are true dog lovers don't hesitate to pick n bag their dog's poop. Nimmo rightly exposed this fake dog lover yesterday.

Tinna also has a fake front tooth that started to come off right after dentist's exit in her place. Was it just a coincidence, or the karma, or the dentist's baddua? smiley36

Fakester tinzie and evil twin pyari si pari. No explanation needed for their mahaan views

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Originally posted by Dr.KachaBadam

@bold- Looks like u didn't watch it properly. She obviously didn't use her bare hands, she picked it with a trash bag flipped out like normally people do. And wiped the floor out with the toilet paper. That brings another interesting point, being sucha dog lover like Tinna claims to be, she couldn't even potty train Maheen in all these days? smiley36

But anyways, u decided to get into the cleaning details and go off on a tangent, and conveniently ignore the main point of the thread, Tinna's hypocrisy and fakenesssmiley36

@bold🙄these sounds like very amateur to me. Tina kiyun isne bhi ghar ka kaam nehi kiya. smiley36Smart cleaning toh definitely nehi aatey.

@redn Lol. Her own original master couldn't give her potty training how will Tina give it in couple of days?🙄 Sp she doesn't stay whole day or poops everyday. 

Besides this dog really has no training. It pooos pees wherever it wants. Steals food too. Her original master looks like a very lazy person. Jiska kutta usne kucchh nehi sikhaya. how is Tina responsible for its potty trainingsmiley37Just kucch bhi.smiley37 She didn't mind when Mahim ate her only egg. Woh bhi toh payar hai. Aap ne woh nehi dekha? 

Archana romantic scene kiya with Mahim, Shiv uski shaadi ka promise bhi kiya, Shalin isko gf bhi banaya. Isn't this targetting that  Nimmo only accused Tina. Shalin,Shiv ko kiyun nehi bola? 

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Exactly man, no one who loves a dog will shy away from taking care of them and picking up their potty or cleaning after them falls under care. Even when she talks to Mahin she does so about her nominationsmiley24

Just when you think Ms.Datta can't fall any lower, she manages to surprise you smiley24 

Itne nakhre to Ambani khud bhi nahi karta, jitna Ms. Tina ke he smiley21

BTW ek tina ambani bhi hai  jiske pati ne public ka paisa dooba diya apne faltu business main 

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When did this happen? Which episode?

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So u are assuming she didn't divide the duties because it wasn't aired? Very intelligent of u.

Did Tinna say it wasn't her duty? no. She was reluctant to get her hands messy she said, or maybe in reality didn't want to do her duty in Nimmo's captaincy but did not have guts to say it out loud. It's okay BB exposed her hypocrisy and how she probably keep her home messy when the domestic help is out. Kudos to Nimmo for executing the expose well and earning some brownie pointssmiley32

@bold- konse tools hain? smiley36I bet u never had a pet dog smiley36

You too are assuming that the duties were divided by Nikammo & then questioning others on how they are assuming they weren't divided. 

Very convenient bro!!!

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Gauhar had cleaned dog s mess in her season without making a fuss about it. Being a pet owner,it wasn't new for her and this sporting attitude  made her winner of the season is still remembered fondly when bb winners are discussed. 

Tina and tantrum is synonymous.What else can be expected from her.

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smiley36 I read a spoiler that Farah will tell her off for this on WKW!

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Originally posted by Radhe101

Fakester tinzie and evil twin pyari si pari. No explanation needed for their mahaan views


Bigg Boss 16 

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