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After a nice year away from Somnath, Raavi is back to her hometown, the place where she has memories and moments, trauma and tragedies, but more than that, it was the place that had the person she never thought she'd ever love more than anything in this world.

Shiva Pandya

But, fate had something else planned to the two when a fight between the older generation leads to enmity takeover the love.

And it all comes back to the sone ke kangan and her Massa ke Behen ka Beta...


a sequel to Maami ki Behen ki Beti

1. Raavi 2.0

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I loved your fic and also the letters to raavi .

Soo looking forward to read this one smiley1

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Hey welcome back so good to see you here again you already know i m fan of your writings so yeah i m looking forward for this master piece too smiley27

Do tag me 💜

Edit- btw i m pallavi  this is my new account 

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Looking forward to read this one! 
hope so it will have a happy ending! 

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1. Raavi 2.0


It was the place where she was brought up when her parents died.

It was the place she had lived her entire life.

It was the place where she fell in love, got her heart broken, and fell in love once again.

It was the place where her Shiva resided, and in consideration, her heart.

Raavi smiled as she looked past the outstretched forest, the bus brushing through the rocky roads and although it was a tough year away from her people, it was good break for her. It was way past a year since she had left Somnath, and with that, she thought the feelings which surfaced from Shiva would also be gone, but they only got stronger.

And of course, his letters helped a lot.

After a year of much needed solace, independence, therapy and self-care, Raavi was ready to be back to her the town that started everything, and to say she was excited was an understatement. But unlike Raavi 1.0, this Raavi was not going to let naivety cause her downfall again. A near death experience, sucidal tendencies, and a lot of thinking had made her very thoughtful towards people, emotions and mutual trust. She was still coping from being left at the altar, the wound would probably heal in time, but for now, it still left a mark. However, other than that, Raavi was also looking forward to the hopeful things that gave her a new life, a new beginning in the city.

Shiva Pandya

The very thought of him gave her cheeks a nice crimson hue and she face palmed herself at being a teenager in love whenever she would think about Shiva. The past year had been tough, yes, but Shiva had kept his promise of being with her and although not physically, Shiva had been there for her through his words. Those letters he wrote for her even when she would never reply to them had been her companion during her loneliest times and his words had been her shoulder to cry on during the darkest nights.

And after so long, she would be in front of the man, the man who saved her, the man who brought her back to who she was, the man who loved her.

"Somnath," The bus conductor screamed, more like breaking Raavi's trance and she immediately got up, picking her bags in an excited hush. She moved out of the bus and stood on the very ground that she was familiar with, only to find her excitement fading with the bus in the distance.

She felt uneasy, somehow, the excitement and longing had now turned into despair and fear, and although Raavi knew that this was her mind still weak from the trauma, she could not help but be scared about this fearful word called love. She loved Shiva, she truly did, but she had never said it aloud, not to him, not even to herself because she was scared that this love of hers would also cause her immense pain and heartache and Raavi did not want to go through hell again.

She was scared that this time, she would not escape death.

She gulped, as she eyed the town she was in, the hustle and bustle of the busy market street seemed nothing in comparison to her lonely mind, as she felt utterly alone there. The faces were not familiar anymore, nor were the lanes, she somehow either forgot her life back here or this one year had changed everything in Somnath.

Was this even Somnath?

Raavi rubbed her palms, it was a hot summer but she still felt nervous and cold, the kind of cold that anxiety would bring and there was nothing to do but bear it. She looked around, feeling the remorseful feeling of being burdened by unrealistic dreams of hers and before she could even take a step further, she found herself taking a step back. Maybe she was not yet ready to be with her people, maybe she was still wounded.

"Itna bhi bura nahi hai Somnath, jo tu aate hi jaane ko taiyaar hai."

And honestly, if Raavi would have described that voice resounding like a calm hug on a stormy night, she would have called it a call from the Almighty himself. Just like that, within a snap, when Shiva stood in front of Raavi, all of her anxieties and traumatic flashbacks vanished, she felt breathing was easier and winds were calmer, roads seemed familiar, shops looked similar, and she even recognised many a faces as they walked by her. 

Yet the face of the man who stood in front of her, smiling, was her absolute favourite. 

"Tu sach main yaha hai, yaa mujhe bas veham ho raha hai..." She said it aloud, watching him chuckle as he walked towards her.

"That makes me wonder how many times do you imagine me with you," He winked, head tilted and his hair falling over his face, over the year, handsome and chivalry had been Shiva's charm. "Chipkali, main sach mein tera Bhootnath hoon," He said now a feet apart from the girl, "you can touch me too-" 

But even before Shiva could complete his statement, Raavi engulfed him in a hug, wrapped her arms around him completely and the breath of relief which she took in his warmth was a sigh of happiness for the former who melted in her touch. He always claimed to be the toughest guy in Somnath, and yet he would be a complete puddle whenever she held him, her presence was just as powerful as it was a year back.

Maybe even more effective.

Shiva let the girl breathe as he shut his eyes, she smelled just as comfy as he'd imagine and to her, he was his home. 

"I missed you so much," Raavi said, in a low whisper, making it almost impossible for Shiva to contain himself from not kissing her. "I really really really missed you."

"Not as much as I did," He replied, hugging her back, happy to have his sunshine back in his life, Raavi noticed how his beating heart was calm and composed the moment she placed her head on his chest. "You have no idea..."

They broke the hug, eyes now locked in a loving gaze to the other, and for a moment, all seemed just fine. 

"If you keep staring at me like this," Shiva whispered leaning forward, "I will have to kiss you." 

That did the job pretty well as Raavi immediately broke contact, lowering her gaze and Shiva chuckled, loving how much he still affected her. "You are an idiot." She replied, rather tried to as she blushed.

"All yours," He winked, as he picked her bags, both in his left hand and when Raavi offered to pick one he held her hand in his right. "This one is for you," He replied, as their fingers intertwined perfectly with each other, and Raavi could not help but awe at the man who all his life kept her at an arm's distance and now, could not bear to even leave her hand. 

"I had no idea this one year away from me would make you this cheesy, Shiva." She said, as they walked towards her house, hands entwined, steps matching and unbothered by any gaze, they would not care less of what anyone thought about them. "Honestly, I think I am liking this Shiva Pandya more than the Chattan Pandya I knew."

"Aacha," Shiva played along, admiring how Raavi's eyes still lit whenever she was happy, "Main Chattan Pandya rahu na rahu, tu toh mere liye meri chipkali hi hai." He brushed their shoulders playfully and Raavi pouted, nevertheless holding his hand a little more firm as she felt at ease. 

They walked past the lanes, everything may have been different, yet it felt just the same, now that they walked with each other, and Raavi heard Shiva intently as he pointed to the renovated shops, the new entries, the oldies, the people and their stories. "This one," He pointed by his eyes as they walked past a glass convenience store, "this is the shop where you would always come and buy make-up products," He said, a twinkle in his eye, sparkling brighter than the sun, "they renovated it last summer and look how fancy it is now." Raavi was more interested in the man next to her than the nicer looking shop, "aur ye dekh," He pointed at the huge banyan tree in the middle of the market, keeping her bags down, "this one is our tree, where I once climbed and refused to come down..." Shiva chuckled, as they stood under the shade, "remember how you climbed up because I was not listening to anyone and..."

"I pushed you off the branch, and while you got ointment, I got grounded." Raavi replied, nodding with a soft smile, Shiva noticed how soft spoken she was, nevertheless, he loved her the same. "And you remember how much you teased me after that?"

To that Shiva smiled, embarrassed as he rubbed the back of his head with his palm, "arrey, so what, as if you did not have fun pushing me off and watching me wince in pain."

"Guilty as charged." Raavi tilted her head, smiling at Shiva as he chuckled, and as Shiva picked her bags up, they walked past the old town and even though it was a different town, Shiva managed to make Raavi as comfortable as he could.

And they noticed how neither of them left the other's hand, that was the one thing that reminded them that the things may now be different, but with them, it would always be the same.

"Accha sunn," Shiva said as Raavi reached the outskirts of the vicinity where Pandya Store was, she was quite excited to catch up with her Pandya family, especially Dev and Krish and more than that, Dhara and Gaumbi, "before we go in, I need to do something..." Shiva said, a bit serious and grasping Raavi's attention almost immediately. 

"Do what?" Raavi asked, concerned as Shiva took a deep breath, confusing and worrying her.

"This," He said and he leaned in, quickly take a peck of her lips and while that took her by surprise, she shut her eyes and that mini-second seemed just as delightful as their kisses did. Shiva straightened up, smiling at the blushing Raavi who had her eyes still shut. "I did not know how weak my kisses still make you... chipkali..." He said, winking and Raavi opened her eyes, gasping.

"You better run, because you are dead."

With that Shiva actually ran away, as Raavi chased him, and in they went, to the store that witnessed all of their tales. The moment Shiva stepped in, he shoved the bags aside and stood behind Dhara holding the flour packets, who was caught by surprise seeing Shiva holding her and then she smiled when she saw Raavi coming towards her, "Dhara bhabhi, please... ye chipkali mujhe kha jaayegi..." He said, as Raavi tried to catch him, and he dodged her, running past the counter towards Gaumbi who smiled at the duo. 

Raavi took the packets from Dhara, opening it as she pointed them towards Shiva, who now clearly hid behind Gautam, the man who was both startled and a little scared now, because he did not want to be in the middle of a Shiva Raavi fight. It was always messy, even though the dynamics may have changed.

"Gaumbi, aap Shiva ke samne se hato!" Raavi warned the elder Pandya.

"Gaumbi, aap mere dhaal ban ke rehna." Shiva urged as he stood behind Gaumbi who was worried, unlike his wife who was laughing from the distance. 

The fact that Raavi was back, and with her, Dhara's Shiva was back too, was just as overwhelming as it could get. 

"I am warning you Shiva, get out..."

"Arrey par, aisa kya kiya Shiva ne..." Gaumbi tried being the peace maker, he held Shiva's ear and twisted it as he brought the tall man in the front, making Raavi to also stand still. "Bata, kya kiya tune mere Raavi ke saath?" He shouted at the yelling in pain Shiva, while Dhara stood next to Raavi, interested to know more about their childish bickering.

"Suu thaiyu, Shiva," Dhara added, siding with Raavi, "abhi aayi hai woh, and you already started messing with her..." To that Raavi gave Shiva a smug smile, making Shiva to match her gaze with  a smirk.

"Haan, toh pucho iss chipkali se," Shiva added, getting out of Gautam's hold, "ask her then what did I do..." 

As all gaze now pointed at Raavi, the latter gulped, completely nervous as she met Shiva's teasing gaze, there was no way she could actually narrate what started this tom and jerry chase and he knew that well. "Woh..." Raavi hesitated, making Gautam and Dhara inch closer to the girl in concern, as Shiva did a little dance from behind them, "woh..."

The classic woh train, which Shiva was once a part off was now Raavi's forte, and she shook her head. "Kuch nahi." She said, making the elder Pandya couple sigh, smiling nevertheless because they were happy to have the Raavi they loved back. They took turns in hugging her and asking her about her whereabouts, lovingly kissing her forehead as she hugged them, while Shiva watched them, a soft smile on his face. 

Somehow, his heart felt like it was now full, and nothing could ever hinder this.

However, he spoke too soon because they heard loud bickering from outside the shop and as Gautam and Dhara rushed to witness their mother Suman Pandya in a heated argument with Prafulla Mehta, Raavi's aunt, Shiva and Raavi looked at each other, and then back at the fighting ladies.

Well, so much for jinxing it.


i was so excited to start this, and I hope I do complete it. Please do give your reviews, comment and vote, this helps me in knowing people are reading it and I can continue to write it.

do read Maami ki Behen ki Beti before starting this, because that will help you connect to my shivi and my ps characters a bit more. 

I am not much active, so wont be tagging anyone, hope you guys dont mind <3

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Aww! So cute! I loved that Shiva came to pick up Raavi, and the small peck he gave her, that sent her into a fumbling "Woh, Woh" train <3

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Pandya Store 

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