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Thank you so much PriyaArshiSarun for this lovely cover page.

Cover page


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Love and emotions Season 6 Part 1

 Friends...I don't know how many of you remember Love and emotions series.The first 5 seasons were successful. In the first 4 seasons it was ArShi IshRa as parents and their children falling in love.But in season5 it was GoHem IshRa combination with their children's love stories.But now I am presenting the season6 of Love and emotions.But it is the RaYa and NikVi combination with the love story of their children.

The credit for the NikVi edits goes to xXS.ArtzXx

A taxi was running.

A boy and a girl ran after the taxi.

The girl:Please stop...

The boy:Please stop.

The taxi stopped near them.

The boy:Please drop me at...

The girl stared at the boy:But I only called the taxi driver first.So he will have to drop me,not you.

The boy:Hey...we both called at the same time.



Suddenly the taxi driver said:You both please stop fighting.I will drop both of you.Both of you just give me your address.

Both of them smiled:Thank you bhaiyya.

They told him their address.

Taxi driver:This girl's house is near by.So I will drop her first.

She was very happy:Thank you so much bhaiyya.

The boy did not care.

Taxi driver:Both of you get inside the car.

They both got inside the car.

The boy and the girl did not look at each other.

The driver stopped the car near her house.It was a huge house.

The boy asked the girl:Your house is so huge.You are really rich.Then why did you catch a taxi?

The girl:My car had a brake down.That's why.

The boy was surprised.

The boy:What a coincidence!My car too had a brake down.

She smiled.

She:Anyways bye.


The girl got out of the taxi and went to her house.

After some days...

The boy went for a pool party.It was a couple's pre-wedding party.There all youngsters were dancing.Suddenly he saw the girl in the taxi also dancing there.He went near her. you remember me?

She:Of course yes.I am surprised to see you here.

He:Me too.How come you are here?

She:I am from the girl's side.She is my friend.

He:Really?The to be bride groom is my friend.

She was surprised.

Her friends pulled her away for dance.

She:Excuse me!

He:Ok carry on with your dance.

While dancing she slipped and fell into the pool.She got scared.

The boy was shocked.He jumped into the pool and caught her.

He lifted her up in his arms and got out of the pool.Then he released her from his hands.

The boy:Are you alright?

She:Yes.Thank you very much.

The boy:You have to be careful.

She:I will be more careful from now onwards.

He:Since you have come for a pool party,you must have brought spare dress.Right?Change it.Otherwise you will catch fever.

She nodded.

He:By the way what's your name?


He:Ok.My name is...


He was surprised.

Aarav:How did you know my name?

She smiled.

Pihu:You are Nikhil uncle and Pallavi aunty's son Aarav.Right?

He was surprised.He nodded.


He thought a little and asked:Are you Ram uncle and Priya aunty's daughter Pihu?

Pihu smiled:Yes.

Aarav:I did not recognize you.You are still chubby and cute.But otherwise you have changes.How did you recognize me?

Pihu:Because you are still the same.No change.So when I saw you that day itself I recognized you.

Aarav:Then why did'nt you tell me that day itself that you are Pihu?

Pihu:You did not recognize.So I thought that you don't remember me at all.

Aarav:I have met you only once.But still I remember you.

Pihu:Me too.

They smiled at each other.

Flash back....

Ram and Priya along with their daughter Pihu went for Ram-Priya's college reunion function.

Ram-Priya were classmates in college.They were happy to meet their college classmates Nikhil and Pallavi who are also a couple now.

They chatted with Nikhil and Pallavi.

Ram-Priya introduced Pihu to Nikhil,Pallavi and their son Aarav.

Pihu:Hi...I am Pihu.

Aarav:Hi...I am Aarav.

Ram and Pihu danced together surprising everyone.

Aarav went to Pihu:You danced really well.

Pihu smiled:Thank you.

Aarav:Ram do not dance as well as Pihu.

Ram was embarrassed.

Nikhil:Aarav,is this how you talk to elders?

Ram held his hand and said:Nikhil...control your temper.He is a child.

Aarav:What mistake did I do?I just said that Pihu is the better dancer,not that Ram uncle is a bad dancer.

Ram smiled and said:You are right beta.Pihu is the better dancer.

Aarav smiled.

Ram looked at Nikhil and said:Children are innocent and honest Nikhil.We should not scold them unnecessarily.

Pallavi and Priya smiled.

Nikhil nodded.

Pihu and Aarav played a lot.

After the party,Aarav and Pihu bid 'good-bye' to each other with a sad face.


Aarav:Remember...though we spent only a very little time with each other,we felt sad while parting our ways.

Pihu:You are right Aarav.

Aarav:After that did you ever felt like seeing me?

Pihu remembered a day in her childhood.

Flash back...

Pihu was looking upset.Ram and Priya went near her.

Ram:What happened Pihu beta? was so nice playing with Aarav.Will we meet them again?

Priya:Pihu...they are staying in Dubai.Once in a while only they come here.So we don't know when we will meet them again.

Pihu became upset.

Pihu:I feel like playing with Aarav.

Ram:Don't worry Pihu.Never lose hope.One day you may meet him again.That time you can play with him a lot.

Pihu smiled.

Ram and Priya hugged her.


Pihu changed the topic and said:Let me go and change my dress.I feel cold.

Aarav:Ok.Anyways we will meet at the wedding.


The couple got married.All were dancing.

Aarav went near Pihu and asked:Shall we dance together?

She smiled:Sure.

They started dancing together.

Aarav:It was nice meeting you again Pihu.Shall we be friends?

Pihu smiled:Sure Aarav.

They smiled.

Aarav and Pihu started enjoying their friendship days.

Tum Ladki Ho Main Ladka Hoon
Tum Aayi To Sach Kehta Hoon
Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka
Ki Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka

Main Ladki Hoon Tum Ladke Ho
Yoon Lagta Hai Jab Milte Ho
Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka
Ki Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka

Aarav bought a cake and said:Years back on this date only we met for the first time.

Pihu:So today is our first meeting anniversary?



They cut the cake and fed each other.

Lalala… Lala
Lalala… Lala
( Jaane Kyon Lagta Hai Meri Tumhari Pehle Se Pehchaan Hai )… (2)
Tum Maan Itna Jo De Rahe Ho Mujhpe Ye Ehsaan Hai
Ehsaanon Ki Baatein Chhodo
Aao Humse Naata Jodo
Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka
Ki Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka

Aarav and Pihu played Cricket and enjoyed.

Main Ka Jaanu Ka Cheez Hove Hai Pyaar
Karajva Pe Lagi Najar Ki Kataar
Main Ka Jaanu Ka Cheez Hove Hai Pyaar
Karajva Pe Lagi Najar Ki Kataar

Arri Deewani Na Kar Naadani ( Hay Daiya )
Teri Baatein Hai ( Achchha ) Badi Toofani

Nahin Ye Mausam Dillagi Ka( Arre Re Re Re )
Nahin Ye Mausam Khudkhushi Ka

Aarav gave a sweet box to Pihu.

Aarav:My mom made sweets.These are home made sweets.

Pihu:Wow..I love it.Even my Nani and Maasi have a bakery of their own.

Pihu picked up sweets from the box 

and ate.


He smiled.

Tara Ruru..Ruru
Hey Hey.. Hoho
( Rishta Nahin Hai Dono Ko Phir Bhi Baandhe Koi Dor Hai )… (2)
Is Dosti Ko Kya Naam Dein Hum Ye Baat Kuchh Aur Hai
Deewanapan Keh Sakte Ho
Dil Ki Dhadkan Keh Sakte Ho
Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka
Ki Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka(Maine pyar kiya).

Pallavi wore a saree to go to her office.Suddenly Nikhil held her hand and tied a bracelet.

Pallavi was surprised.

Pallavi:I have so much of jewellery.Then why did you buy it?Nikhil held her closer and said:If not for you,for whom will I buy it?I have no daughter.But I have a beautiful wife.And you look really pretty when you wear the accessories I buy for you.

Pallavi smiled sweetly.

Ram and Priya went for wedding anniversary shopping.

Priya picked up a party wear.Ram chose a simple white gown for her.

Ram:Wear it and come.I think this will suit you.

Priya:But this age how can I wear this gown?

Ram:Why not?You look like Pihu's sister.

She smiled.

She wore the gown and came.

Priya:How do I look now?

Ram:Not bad.

Priya:What?I wore this for you and this is what you are saying?

Priya pretended to cry.

Ram:Hey...stop crying Priya.

Priya:How can I not cry Mr.Kapoor?

Suddenly Ram embraced her romantically and whispered:You are looking very beautiful Priya.Bade ache lagte hain tum.

She blushed.

They broke the embrace and shared a romantic eye lock.

Priya:By the way I was not actually crying.I was pretending to cry.

Ram:I knew it.Nautanki!But you were looking cute.

They both laughed.

Ram and Priya's wedding anniversary....

Pihu has arranged a party to celebrate it.

Priya was getting ready for the party.

When Ram entered,he stood closer to Priya and looked at the mirror.

Ram:Am I looking good Priya?

She smiled:Yes.

Priya made him wear the coat with her hand.

Priya:You will get better with over coat.

Ram noticed that there was no earring on one ear of hers.

Ram:You did'nt wear earring on this ear.

He put earring on her ear.

She smiled.

Priya:Mr.Kapoor...I will put it by yourself.What's the need of taking trouble?

Ram:Dressing up my wife on the wedding anniversary is not a trouble for me.Understand?

Priya smiled.

Ram:Pihu also told me that her mumma should look the best on the wedding anniversary.

Priya smiled:She is big.But still she is childish.

Ram:Who said she is big?She is still small.

Priya:Mr.Kapoor...for us she is small.But she is at marriageable age.She will get married soon.The time is flying fast. are unnecessarily getting worried for Pihu.Everything will happen at the right time.When the right time happens Pihu will meet her Prince Charming.

Priya smiled.

Ram-Priya went to the party hall.All the guests were present there. both are looking so good.

Pihu hugged them and wished them:Happy wedding anniversary.

Ram-Priya smiled.

Pihu:There is a surprise for you both.Turn back.

They turned back.

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Hey, Sama here not Bad at all, loved it. Never thought of such cross connection. And this is my IF account. I put my firsts FF here too but last on my Wattpad

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Loved it dear

Awesome and beautiful part🤗🤗

Thanks for the PM

Continue soon 🤗🤗

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Part 1

Superb update.... greatly written 

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Aarav Simar meeting was nice. So her name in this ff is Pihu. Recognizing scene was nice. Dance was also nice. Nikhil getting angry was shocking. Fb was nice. Now that they met they r no more children. Cake feeding scene was cute. Nikhil Pallavi scene was romantic Ram Priya scene was funny. PriyAm talk over Pihu was cute. Wonder what’s the surprise. Perfect pics. 

Posted: 8 months ago

A shared taxi and maybe a start of something?

Sasural Simar Ka 2 

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