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Happy b'day komal jis ko har hafte ye yaad dilana padta hai that you are an adult and not a kid anymore.HAR HAFTE.smiley36

Ye bandi itni badi bacchi hai ki park me baccho ko dhakka de kar khud jhule par baith jaati hai. Aur itni badi bhukkhad hai ki apne baccho se burger and chocolates k liye kalah kalesh karti hai  smiley39

Dance karna is ko itna pasand hai ki phone k ring tone par bhi garba karna chalu kar deti hai and that too in her officesmiley41. Gaana gaane ka jiji ko itna shaukh hai ki Taylor Swift k concert me jaa kar sab ko bolti hai "i am the one who trained her"smiley16

Not to forget is ko painting bhi bahut pasand hai and jab paint karne ko kuch nahi milta to apna aur apne baccho ka mooh paint kar deti hai and bolti hai "it's just makeup yaar."smiley43

Ghar ki saaf safaai karna to is ko itna pasand hai ki apne house helper k ghar bhi jhadu pocha yahi karti hai smiley14

And her biggest talent is baat karna.NONSTOP BAAT first meeting me aap ko apne naam and address k sath sath apna biggest childhood trauma,apni biggest achievement,apna bank balance sab bata degi. Is ka to naam bhi hum ne Baatuni Billa 😺 rakha hai pyaar se.smiley31

Motivation to meri dost itna accha deti hai ki kai baar mara hua aadmi bhi zinda ho kar kehta hai sorry pehle apna goal achieve kar leta hu fir marunga smiley8

Apart from all this she was also a really bright student in her school time..itni bright ki Suraj ko is ki chamak se complex ho gaya tha ek baar.Is k jitne marks aate they us me mere jaise 3 students pass ho sakte they but anyway let's not talk about this :(

The point I'm trying to make is that she is the perfect person atleast for me smiley27

She knows literally everything.. cooking, dancing, singing,ghar ki saaf safaai, har bimari ka ilaaj,humour..kabhi kabhi to lagta hai saala yahich anupama hai 😭😭

Komal bro, all the jokes aside i love you so so so much. I know you have like 101028382 talents but in my pov your biggest achievement is that you have a kind and compassionate heart.smiley27 Have never met a person like you ,coz you my frnd is one of a kind.I know all your 10000 exs must have already told you "tu cheez badi hai mast mast" and in case they haven't they deserve to be your ex 😒

And btw behave,you are not a kid anymore and and and learn to sleep on time. smiley7

 i mean i understand that you are a foodie but is ka matlab ye to nahi na ki baccho ka lollipop cheen kar khaa jaaogismiley5.And jab khaana aaye saamne to have patience..okay !!😊 Ye nahi ki last time jaisa dabbe k upar se hi chabana shuru kar diya and wo bhi jab dabba Abbi bhi delivery boy k haatho me hi ho.smiley26 

Chalo happy b'day and have a blast ❤️(and please don't fight with your kids saying gift kyu nahi laaye)

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WOW, what a special day! The day you were born...🥳


Lord, thank you for bringing this girl into my life. 

You always choose the right friends for me, at the right time. 

Please watch over her, protect her and grant her all of the happiness she rightfully deserves. 

She does so much good for others and cares a great deal for those around her; I know you see that. 

Komal is one of your special creations - beautiful on the inside and out! 

A rare mix of emotion, humor, and resilience. 💜

She always stands up for what is right; to have her in your corner is a true blessing. 



Honestly, how do I explain you?? 

To know you is to love you! 

I already made this sooooo mushy and I guess u are sweating by the buckets atp, but if I don’t express my love for you in the most ultra-super-cringe-max pro way on today, of all days, when will I? 😌

(zip it Shrizzy) 


love you boo. 🥹


There is much much more I want to say, but I will save it for our regular stomping grounds. 

i wrote 2 poems for you, all by myself... smiley9

👼🏼 😇

K ind

O bedient

M ature

A greeable

L ikeable


🔞 🔥 

K razy hot

O utrageously hot

M ega hot

A mazingly hot

L oads of hot 

By the way, I noticed a bunch of randoms waiting at the door on my way in… should I let them in?  👀

Shaheer jiju brought his brothers with him. Please meet Zaheer, Maheer and Taheer. If you get confused, they all have different hair lengths. Round of applause for their parents please. smiley32 😩

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happy birthday komal 3.jpeg

I'm in the place we both love so my wish will be thoda sa late :( 


The skies above the city were a riot of colour. Kites of all hues of the rainbow fluttered in the breeze, floating and tossing majestically as they soared and dipped seemingly in tandem with each other. Shouts and shrieks rent the air as the ones guiding these things of beauty ran hither thither, trying to avoid getting their kites cut by another. 


Watching all of this was Komal, her eyes filled with regret at being stuck indoors at a time like this. She was visualising herself in the midst of this melee, directing and leading events. Running up mountains to get a better spot for her kite to rise ever more higher in the azure skies. 


She could hear the new student in her class drone on and on about herself. Professor Kapadia took off his glasses yet again to give them a little rub. A ploy to keep himself awake she knew. She could hear restless murmurs from the rest of her fellow students at this endless monologue they were being subjected to. Who knew a simple ‘Would you like to introduce yourself to us’, could lead to this! 


Her eyes wandered back to stare out the window she was seated by. She noticed idly as a cute little girl hopped excitedly waiting for her, presumably, mother to unpack and set up her kite. Accompanying them was another slightly older girl who was trying to control the little one while helping the woman to organise things. A smile tugged at her lips at the scene. They were clearly a close knit unit from what she could observe. Her imagination ran at warp speed as she wove scenarios about the little group who had snagged her attention. 


She saw the older woman rummage in her bag and then bend to say something to the little girls before turning to head towards the parking lot. Seems like she was going to retrieve something she had forgotten. Komal’s eyes instinctively remained peeled on the girls. The two had their heads turned towards the skies and she could see them talking nineteen to the dozen. She wished she could be there to listen to their animated chatter and not be stuck in the classroom having to listen to the annoying voice and even more annoying life story of the new girl. 


A small movement in the crowd drew her attention. She saw a little puppy dashing through the throngs, chased by a girl who was rapidly losing sight of it. From her vantage point she saw the girl turn in the opposite direction of where the puppy was headed. The chasing girl continued for a while before stopping to look around forlornly and promptly bursting into tears. 


Komal saw the two girls from earlier rush up to the sobbing girl and try to console her. She saw them have an intense conversation and then head off in three different directions. Clearly, in their quest to look for the puppy, they had decided to cover more ground this way. Panicking at what was unfolding down below, Komal jumped up and rushed out of the class, much to the astonishment of Professor Kapadia and the rest of the class. Needless to say they were all secretly breathing sighs of relief at having stopped the new girl mid flow, albeit momentarily. 

Komal flew down the stairs and slid down the hallway towards the entrance. By sheer luck, the moment she stepped out she came upon one of the wandering girls. She walked up to her and gently spoke to her. Reassured by what she saw and heard, the scared  child looked at her tearfully and blurted out her woes. Taking hold of the child’s hand, Komal led her in the general direction of where she had seen the other two go. 


The Gods were clearly smiling on the kids that day because she was able to find both the other girls in rapid succession. She took all of them back to where she had first spotted them.  Fortunately, their mother had only just got back and was spared the panic she would otherwise have been in. Thanking Komal profusely, she turned to give her girls a right talking to. Far from being contrite, she heard them launch into a defence of their actions. Shaking her head in amusement, Komal turned to the third girl who was listening to the conversation in fascination. 


Seeing the smart watch on the girl’s wrist flashing, a relieved Komal asked her to answer the call. Soon enough, that girl was also reunited with her family. The puppy had coolly pitter pattered its way back to where the family had set up their picnic. 


Brushing away all the thanks ringing in her ears, Komal turned to go back to class. Mentally girding herself to listen to the dratted new girl’s endless nonsense. If it hadn’t been for the crush she had on Professor Kapadia, she wouldn’t have bothered going back. It’s not like he would reprimand his star pupil! 


Seeing her besties, Ali and Shri, waiting by the main door, she let out a whoop of delight. Never mind the Professor, it was time to party! Ignoring the mutterings of Jhansi ki Rani and Xena the warrior Princess, she grabbed a hold of their hands and did an impromptu round of garba before rushing them to the open grounds.Their laughter trailing merrily in their wake.



Dear Komal,


Happy Birthday once again. I won’t say belated because I want your celebrations to last and last. I have had the best time getting to know you over the last year. You are an inspiration with the way you approach life. Everything Ali and Shri have said holds true for me as well. No one meeting you can help but adore you. Me included smiley27 

Always stay as you are. Well, without the all nighters that is! 

With love, 


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Have a blast and go on rampage mode on MAA today smiley37

Much love my dear friend smiley27

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 Have a great Birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊 yaar.

You bring so much fun and maturity in every topic and I look forward to reading your posts smiley31

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Happy Birthday Komal.smiley31 Wish you a blessed year ahead. Hope you get a Darshan of Deviji.smiley36

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Anuj looked at his watch, it was almost time. She should be in the office in about 10 minutes. He drew down the blinds of the cabin and switched off the lights. 

Click click click came the sound of her heels.

The cabin door opened and the lights snapped on.

"What in the whole wide world was so important that you had to wake me up in the middle of the night... I couldn't make head or tail of your ramblings over phone. Now take off that goofy grin off your face and explain."

Anuj chuckled at the sound of her irritated voice. She frowned at his chuckle and clicked her tongue impatiently.


"Calm down, calm down Komal... Will you take a moment to look around, your Highness..."

Frustration still visible at her face, she finally looked around the room to see it beautifully decorated with balloons and flowers and confetti.

"What's all this for?"

"It's your birthday, your Highness.... Now cheer up and give that bright dazzling smile of yours..."

He pulled her towards him into a bone crushing hug. He then brought her to the table where he had placed the cake. She grinned and pecked his cheek at the sight of the cake.


"You are the bestest...."

"Of course, I am... Well there's someone special here to meet you..."

Komal looked at him a little nervous.

"Special? Don't tell me its that goody goody wife of yours.... Anuj, I really am not in the mood for a bhashan on my birthday..."

Anuj sighed.

"I wonder why you never can like her... You know she loves you so much..."

Komal muttered expletives under her breath.

"She is at her maayka... She really wanted to come... there was some issue..."

Komal shut her ears and Anuj shook his head.

"Alright, alright I won't talk about her... There's someone else... Look..."

He made her look towards the door.

"Happy birthday Komal"

He said to a starstruck open mouthed Komal and she fainted gracefully in his arms...


Imagine the rest birthday girl however you want.... Happy birthday Komalsmiley31 May all your dreams come true... And may you get more troll material this year to keep us in splits with your humorous commentaries on Anu the Maasmiley31

Enjoy your day... 


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