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Posted: 1 years ago

I liked his logo

If I was in his position I would have accepted Anupam’s job offer I think that is also a good opportunity 

Peyush wanted too much equity


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Posted: 1 years ago

Namita & Vineeta's presumption before the pitcher was annoying lol. 

Coming to the pitch, the bleeding of net performance at -20% was bit fishy since there is money burning to make those shoes. Thus, making the valuation bit confusing here since the company is at a runaway stake. 😐 Second thing, using the money to send inventory on an international level rather than focusing the niche problems is a loophole since previous investors have limited their fundings, IMO. Target market is also confusing. 

Peyush's offer with the 33.3% seemed high as a solo investor but Vineeta's co-joining kinda made the deal more plausible. Though Ganesh also made wise decision to learn more over his prioritization for sure.