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This is written in a short plot as i don't have time to write it into a FF.

I have written similar for aditya ginni of channa Mereya and fateh tejo of udariyaan.

Same plot i write for admat.

Who are u ??

Naaz is annoyed with Nehmat getting attention from shamsher. Worried she might become the MLA.  Power , money and status will be gained by her. So she plotted against her sibling.

Just kill her. Get rid of her once and for all. 

She sprayed oil droplets at the edges of the stairs and Nehmat slipped. Fell from the staircase. Advait witnessed the incident. Totally shocked. He panicked. She bled profusely. Head injury.and bruises. He rushed her to the hospital.

As the doctors attended to her in the operation theatre, he sat restless on the bench and reminisced their marriage. And how badly he treated her. He repented for his actions. He didn't want to lose her. He realized she was important to him. He walked barefoot in the cold winter towards the gurdwara and prayed for her safety.

Finally at the sunrise, he received a  call from the hospital. She survived and is stable. 

He ran as fast as he could crying with joy. His feet bleeding. But all he wanted at that time was to see her alive and breathing.

As soon as he reached,he demanded to see her as she already regained consciousness in the recovery ward. 

Advait walked into the room. She looked at him, puzzled. A bandage covered her head. A few plasters on her neck, shoulder and legs covering some bruises. She was in a pathetic situation. 

He became emotional and sat beside her holding her hands, apologizing for being a jerk. He went on and on and on repenting his actions after their marriage. He promised to take care of her 

She remained silent a while and puzzled . Kept staring at him with a blank face full of questions mark 

She asked finally,

Ap kaun??? Who are u ???

He gets the biggest shock of his life 

She forgotten him!!! 

He stood up straight at once 

" Kya!" 

She looked up at the nurse checking her pulse and said weakly.

" Mera peti Nikhil kahan hain".

Another shock. He felt the earth below his feet spinning like a tornado 

Nehmat thinks Nikhil is her husband 

He frowned.

Ekam was not enough that now she started Nikhil jaap 

She panicked looking around.

" Nikhilji , ap kahan ho. Mujhey bahut der leg raha hain. Yeh chimpanzee kon hain?".

The pissed Advait to himself 

" Arey chimpanzee kisko bola " 

How dare she called me chimpanzee 

The frightened nurse alarmed the doctors who examined her and declared a temporary state of amnesia. A partial memory loss. Will recover slowly in a short period of time. Nothing to worry about. Her body went through a shock . A trauma from the tragedy. She must not be stressed. 

They had to play along. Nikhil freaked out the most as he had to pretend as the husband with naaz giving him killer looks indicating.

U better be in ur limits around my sister otherwise i will chop ur ba***.

The  other side advait giving him angry looks .

Meri biwi sey dur rehna hath legaya toh kat dalunga 

Nikhil trapped. Advait shocked and frustrated. Naaz pissed her plan backfired and now her marriage on stake. Kapoors confused like hell.

What is going on?? May the lord spare us from these Sandhu girls.

Two days later , she was discharged from the hospital 

Nikhil escorted nehmat into his own bedroom. All marriage photos in the house were hidden. She should not undergo any stress. Nikhil tried to keep her company entertaining her with lots of stories while advait burns in his room all alone sitting and thinking. Restless full night 

What the hell are they doing together?? 

He even goes to stalk outside their door but shamsher instructs him to go to his room. Nehmat will recover in a few days.

A few days!!


That few days were the biggest tortures in his life 

The forgotten husband 

The moment he fell in love with her that was the time she erased him as the husband.

The end 


Best way to teach advait a lesson. To bring a turnaround in him. Best redemption plot.

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This is perfect!!! the most hilarious thing I have read in a long time!

Posted: 29 days ago

Please update romantic os on admat

Posted: 29 days ago

Superb os anismiley32

Both adnaaz glaring poor nikhilsmiley36

Thanks for writing thissmiley31

Posted: 29 days ago

Oh this gonna be a good one 不不. 

Posted: 28 days ago
Originally posted by Irshita

This is perfect!!! the most hilarious thing I have read in a long time!

Imagine if it comes onscreen 不不不

Posted: 28 days ago
Originally posted by Marathi_Mulgi

Superb os anismiley32

Both adnaaz glaring poor nikhilsmiley36

Thanks for writing thissmiley31

Nikhil in hot soup 不不不

Na idhar ka na udhar ka不不不


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