Refreshing show and Loving it

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Posted: a month ago

Just caught up on Hulu and I have to say I love the show and the cast too, but the forum is surprising silent. Anyway, I am glad it's doing well on the rating wise and hope it continue that way.

Posted: 29 days ago

earlier i was enjoying the show.  but for past few days, they are just showing crap.  going blind, doing pooja.

not loving it all...............

Posted: 29 days ago
Originally posted by ruchikacdc

earlier i was enjoying the show.  but for past few days, they are just showing crap.  going blind, doing pooja.

not loving it all...............

Same here now I hardly watch it. Don't like the dragging they did after Mumbai tracks started. Got bored coz of dragging .

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Posted: 22 days ago

I made the mistake in watching one episode on Hulu and binge watched the entire show within two days. I really like the chemistry between the FL and ML and like the overall characterization of Ayaan. I actually really like Tanisha and like the growth of her relationship with Faltu. I know in the near future they will forsake this neutral stance that she has for Faltu to a more negative one, but for now I  really like her character.

Posted: 21 days ago

Tanisha from the beginning was going to be a Villan and i don't think anything would change that. The way she treats Ayaan's mother, her actions like a spoiled brat in regard to somethings and when she finds out she is the second wife whom Ayaan never loved and that he loves Faltu, she is going to go bananas. I think from the beginning, when he realized this marriage was set up by Ayaan's parents, we knew she was going to be someone else as the show progress.

Posted: 20 days ago

Tanisha was the villian/vamp from the introduction of her character in episode 3 but I appreciated that they didn't make it over the top or too overt. She was already showing the jealous/possessive side when she saw the video of Ayaan and Faltu garba dance around episode 5. Once again, I appreciated the neutral stance where they did show her warming up to Faltu and apologizing for her nasty behavior. 

Her behavior with Ayaan's mother showed a bratty, spoiled, and selfish rich girl whose mother never demonstrated limits and selfless behavior. Her mother is overcompensating since, for whatever reason, Tanisha's father is not in the picture so she never taught her the definition of "no" and "empathy/consideration of others". Does that warrant villian status yet, not yet.

Heck, when Ayaan told her Faltu was in trouble and he had to save her, she could have been a vamp and threw a scene, once again she didn't but understood where he was coming from and gave him permission to go find Faltu, before their wedding. 

Why am I saying all this, it is interesting with Tanisha's character as she is a spoiled brat but she does love Ayaan, to an extent. They could have shown full vamp but they haven't gone full force.

 But as you mentioned when she finds out Ayaan married Faltu and that is what is driving his inconsistent temper tantrums.....then she will go full vamp. When she finds out he loves Faltu....full vamp. She might join Sidd and go full force.

Posted: 20 days ago

She does have some good qualities and she reminds me of Malini from Imlie. She was a great friend and almost a sister figure to Imlie but then she finds out the truth about her relationship with Aditya then went full 180. Tanu is a brat that her mother has spoiled but not a bad person. 

She wanted to marry Ayaan because her mother told her he was the perfect partner and then fostered in her mind and now she believed he is the one for her too. she would be great for Sid, but she never had the chance to explore that because her mom made all the decision for her. I actually like her but because I know where they are going to take her character and what the future might be for her it's a bit sad for her. I hope they don't butcher her character too much and maybe she might be happy with Sid and not go full Vamp because of Faltu and Ayaan.

Posted: 20 days ago

I watch this drama in and off. Can someone plz tell me about Faltu's marriage? Did it happen before or after the marriage of Tanisha? Is putting sindoor on someone's forehead a real marriage? smiley3


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