Fated to be... ( lagnachi bedi fanfic)

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Posted: 1 months ago


One accident... a freak interchange of lives.... four interconnected people... a right person at the wrong place....

Accident, or was it fated?

Madhura 'Madhu' Joshi was a fairly successful lawyer - sharp, witty and slightly calculative, yet armed with a strong moral compass. She presented a cold, detached mask to outsiders but was a warm, sweet and caring person to those she considered her own.

 Her client had a hearing that day. Fate had, however, a different plan in store for her. On her way she had a serious accident. Her vision started darkening as she took her last breaths, her last thought being,

'Aaj cha diwas shewatcha nahi asu shakat.. Mala jagaychay.. please.. nahi.. vachva..' (Today can't be the last day... I want to live.... please.. no... save me..)


She woke up to the sound of fading footsteps. There was a young lady sleeping in the chair next to her hospital bed. 

Slowly getting herself into a standing position, she moved along to go to the washroom. A sense of foreboding, of wrongness was rapidly growing within her, her own self felt so unfamiliar to her.

'Kahitari vegla ahe... kahitari chuktay... kahi tari motha ghadlay.. pan asa ka vatava mala?! Kay visartey mi.... devaa dayaghanaa...' (Something is different... something is wrong... something serious has happened.. but why do I feel like this?? What am I forgetting... Ohh God...)

Her saviour greeted her, "Uthlaat ka tumhi?? Ek minute, mi madat karte, tumchi tabyet ajunahi naajuk ahe. Mi Sindhu, Sindhu Sawant.. yaa.." (Ohh you woke up!!? One minute, let me help you. Your health is still weak. I am Sindhu, Sindhu Sawant... come along...)

Madhu allowed herself to be taken till the door. She went ahead to take a glimpse of herself in the mirror, only to be greeted by an utterly unfamiliar face.

'Hi mi nahiye... he kon ahe?? Kay chalalay??' (This is not me... who is this?? What is going on??)

"Pan tumhi kon ahat? I mean tumcha naav kay?" Her thoughts were broken by Sindhu's question. (But who are you? I mean what is your name?)

"Madhurani Deshpande." The answer came unbidden. That was not her name, though it definitely broke the dam holding back foreign memories. Flashbacks, those that she hadn't lived, ushered forward.

Parents, but not her own....

Unfamiliar faces associated to the word friends....

School and college, both different....

A man in police uniform, familiar yet so unknown - Raghav... her mind supplied his name...


Sindhu's voice faded to the background as she tried to process it all. Her conscious mind threatened to buckle under the pressure of this. Black spots started appearing as she collapsed down.

Unbeknownst to her, the memories that she now had were those of madhurani, who had unfortunately died on the same day, in the same time, on the same moment, setting into action a turn of events that would go on to change everything. In a freak accident, their energies had resonated, leading to madhura getting another chance at life, by taking madhurani's place as the latter was forever lost to the world. The last wish had been granted to madhura, and now, for better or for worse, she was now madhurani - 'madhu' - to the world.

Posted: 1 months ago

Wow... interesting read... smiley27

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OMG..please write more. 

हे काहीतरी वेगळंच आहे..

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Aila! This is a different take. Would love to read more. Update karat jaa smiley27

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Are we going to get any updates smiley14 ?

Posted: 1 months ago

Yes, most definitely... smiley20

Please tag anyone who might enjoy reading this. smiley1


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Khupach interestingsmiley20

Posted: 23 days ago

Chapter 1


Sindhu was a young, ambitious girl; aspiring to become a doctor. Always kind and helpful, she was quite studious and was firm in her beliefs and values.

The accident that she witnessed right in the middle of the street had further cemented her belief in the medical field. It was all very gruesome - one moment a young lady was driving her car, and right in the next moment the car was being overturned as a large heavy vehicle rammed it from behind. She had rushed over to the site where the lady lay trapped under the destroyed remains of her car. Her torso had suffered major, serious injuries. Sindhu distinctly remembered having checked the lady's pulse only to find none. On all accounts, she couldn't have survived the injuries. Even if Sindhu couldn't find her pulse, it being too low, there was too much of blood loss and a high chance of spinal injury - her being alive should have been technically impossible. On reaching the hospital, even the doctors had told her not to hope for anything. Her parents had been called - she couldn't bear to see their state. Inspite of having everything - name, money, status; their only daughter was in this vulnerable state, and there wasn't much that they could do. 

And yet, by some kind of miracle, she didn't know how, she managed to hang on to life by a thread. She had been kept in a private ward as requested by her parents, who were apparently quite influential. Her father had been trying to contact other medical experts who could help her. The mother was inconsolable, but had to go out as the doctor beckoned her out. Sindhu volunteered to sit with the lady, 'Madhurani'. She had probably drifted asleep sometime between, because when she opened her eyes, an injured, weak Madhu was trying to make her way her way to the washroom. Against all odds, miraculously, she had gained consciousness. Sindhu introduced herself and offered to help her there. Madhurani looked quite shocked and upset as she gazed at herself - though Sindhu couldn't tell why - there were no significant facial injuries that could permanently mar her face. Sindhu asked for her name - a safe conversation starter. She answered her question, looking rather lost and then promptly fainted. Sindhu quickly called the doctors who were also quite surprised. They themselves hadn't expected any progress in her. She was brought to the bed and further treatment was started.

Sindhu didn't know what kind of treatment had actually helped Madhu, but she was sure of one thing - her own decision of entering the medical field was correct and she was proud of it. She could save many lives through this one decision.



The days Madhu spent in the hospital flew by rather quickly. She had taken the time to understand and analyse the situation she was in. She was a miracle case - as she had been told by the doctors. She had tried to explain her truth to one of them, who checked her for concussions. To be fair, it was all rather unbelievable and she herself was yet to completely comprehend it. There was no precedent similar to this that had been recorded, so she was limited to doing guesswork. So it essentially came down to a few conclusions - 

No external help, as she couldn't possibly confide in anyone without sounding crazy. She had her hands full without others suspecting her of suffering from mental damage.

If she went by logic, the one to whom this body had earlier belonged must have ended up in her original one, consequently dying - she had tried to find out all she could without raising much suspicion.

That meant this incident was irreversible. Besides even if it were reversible, she had escaped death, she had been granted another opportunity to live. She wouldn't have given it up, even if it meant living a stranger's life.

She had only one way now - to live as Madhurani Deshpande, in her place, making use of her memories. Her parents didn't suspect anything odd, at least for the time being, more relieved by her survival to feel anything else. She didn't want to take advantage of them - her conscience was already stained by guilt. She could handle the friends' circle easily. It was much more difficult to imitate some parts of her personality, especially where they were poles apart from each other. Anger expression, for instance. The original Madhu had a temper and was hotheaded. Her anger was like a blazing fire, she reacted instantly, and often without thinking things through - something that couldn't be faked. She herself, on the other hand, was slightly vengeful rather than hotheaded. She took retribution in a cold, calculated manner. Her anger was like ice trickling down the veins, freezing everything in its wake.


 'Extreme' was the word to aptly describe her - she could simply give away her everything, even her life, for those she loved. She was generally kind hearted to those around, but could show her penchant for terrifying coldness to those who dared to cross her or hers just as easily.


It appeared that their education was mostly similar with few minor differences, though the earlier one didn't practice. She could start anew by setting up her practice. She definitely had enough experience. 


"Madhu, uthlis?" (Madhu, you woke up?)

A man of a stern countenance was standing at the door. His words had broken her musings. Raghav, she identified. She couldn't exactly tell him what had transpired, but she couldn't carry on that relationship either, not when she didn't return the feelings. It would be wrong to string him along that.

"Kashi ahes?" (How are you?)

"Thik hotiye halu halu.." (Getting better slowly...)

"Mala tujhyashi kahi bolaychay." (I need to talk to you.)

"Ho, bol na." (Sure, do tell.)

"Tujha accident jhala tya nantar mi eka mulila bhetlo. Sindhu. Mi tichyashi lagna kelay karan mala ti awadte." (After your accident, I met a girl. Sindhu. I married her because I love her.)


To be contd.

Spoiler: raghav's pov in the next part smiley2

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