The letter - admat ss ( future track)

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Posted: 1 months ago

The letter - five shots.

New year has approached with splendid celebrations. Advait was glad that finally he was participating in the election campaign. All credit goes to his father Shamsher who stated so what if Jasmin ahluwalia isn't funding u. Put ur own efforts. People know u. It's not first time u stood for elections. Do something good for the society.

It's ur deed that defines u as a politician .

He realized the truth in his father's words.He was right. I have to fight this all by myself.

She served breakfast at the table. He ignored her stare as she placed a warm gobi paratha on his plate.. She sighed. He's a stone. Unappreciative character. I rushed him to the hospital after the accident. Still he wants to show his ego

Mrs.shamsher was not happy. She was worried for her son's health and safety. He just survived from a deadly accident. Perhaps his life was in danger. 

A night before the campaign 

He looked out towards the window of his room watching the dark sky with twinkling stars and a shining moon . They seemed to smile at him indicating, bro, ur wishes will be fulfilled. U will be a great politician. 

It was bedtime and Nehmat still haven't arrived. That was absurd. After dinner, she stated to go to Sandhus to pick up some clothes gifted by her grandma for coming Lohri celebrations which will fall on 13 January 2023.

It's been three hours. She should be back by now. He rang Sandhus and found out his wife left long back. 

Advait Kapoor freaked out. Where is she???

Minutes later, 

He received an anonymous phone call from a stranger.

Open the front door and u will see a letter.

Before he could answer, the guy hung up.

A letter?? 

God, is Nehmat kidnapped?? 

Tomorrow is the election!!

Did Jasmin or someone kidnap her, so he wouldn't stand in the campaign??

Arggh, Nehmat!! U put me in trouble again. . I won't spare u this time if u ruined my political career.

It was dark as all lights were switched off. He moved silently towards the front entrance so as not to woke the family.

Minutes later he freaked out again.

The letter written in English.

Helo, mr. Advait Kapoor. I am ur wife's fan. An ardent lover. I started loving her long back but she was in love with that Ekam Randhawa. Two weeks ago i went hometown to see my ill mother and now when i returned, i found out u married her. The wait is over. I have lost patience. Sorry she's mine now. I am marrying her tmrow at noon and then taking her far away . Far from everyone. We will live happily ever after. 

A stalker!!

A guy who was obsessed with his wife!

He thought hard. This was a blessing. I got rid of her finally. Why do i care. Politics is everything for me. 

To be continued 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Ok i need the second part now 😂 i wanna know what the hell happened afterwards 😂😂

Posted: 1 months ago

Part two .

In a dark isolated place., 5 am , the next morning.

Mouth gagged , hands and legs tied to a wooden chair, Nehmat struggled to free herself . She recalled her kidnapping. 

A flashback 

It was getting late and Sati reminded her to get back to her inlaws soonest possible. Sandhus hailed a taxi for her and she left instantly. Advait would still be awoke. He would start taunting me if i reached late. 

The anxious wife was deep in thoughts when the driver pressed the emergency brake out of sudden

A man laid at the roadside, unconscious! 

The driver then walked out of the cab to approach the stranger but the latter ambushed him with a knife out of sudden. The horrified Nehmat, witnessed the incident and tried escaping from the passenger back door but the guy rushed forward and pressed a hankie on her nostrils. She fell unconscious in the backseat.

When she regained consciousness, she found herself tied to a chair in an isolated dark room.

Where am i ?? She freaked out. No one can help me now. Not even Ekam. Advait doesn't care about me. He only desires his political career and today is the final day for the election campaign. The MLA would be declared. I have to help myself. 

A masked man walked in and laughed. " Helo Nehmat, pehchana?".

That voice. Oh my God ! She could recognize it instantly. " Ajay" She whispered.

He giggled uncovered his face, smirking.

" Itni jaldi pehchanliya" 

Ajay was a good friend in college days who did favours for her. It's been few months he was missing and no one knew his whereabouts.

The angry wife.

"Kyun kiye tune aisa. Maine tera kya bigada".

He replied harshly squatting on the hard cemented floor facing her.

" Kyunki tumse pyar karta hun. Lekin tujhey toh sirf vo Randhawa chahiye".

Her head spinned with his shocking statement.

" Kya?? " 

He continued.

" Bahut bhar kehna chaha , lekin mauka nehin mila. Tu Ekam ke sath chipki jo rehti thi. Mujhse bhardas nehin hua, maine college sey dropout karliya aur kehin dur bhaggeya. Tujhey bahut bhulane ki koshish ki lekin nehin kar paya. Phir jab wapas aya , peta chela tune politician sey shadi karli. Main toh sirf din mein tare ginta raha. Marjaniye, mujhey bhi consider karleti shadi ke liye. Kitne favor kiye tere liye college mein. Shadi karne ke liye tujhey vo Advait Kapoor hie mila tha"

He was crazy and dangerous. She knew she had to be polite and calm. She had to trick him to get out of that place. No one was gonna help her.

Then came another shock when he stated smiling,

" Waise tumhare peti Advait ko letter de diya hain ki main tumse shadi kar raha hun" 

She exclaimed in horror

" Kya. Advait jante hain?".

He smirked.

" Nehin, darwaze pey chod diya. Ab toh ped bhi liya hoga ".

So, advait knew she was missing. She prayed to rhe Almighty. Please send him babaji to save me 

She tried talking to her kidnapper explaining she never knew about his crush and she was a married woman and pleaded to be released but her plight fell on deaf ears.

He left saying he was going to marry her in few hours time and taking her far away with him.

An hour passed and she still struggled to release herself cursing her destiny. 

I loved a man who didn't trust me. I married a man who hates me. Now i am kidnapped by my college friend coz he wants to marry me. 

God, how much of torture do i have to bear.

Only Advait, the man who despised her knew she was missing but it was election day. His dreams were more important.

Somewhere in the corner of her heart, she wished he would still come to rescue her. 

To be continued 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Bro!! Bro!!! Come on you left me hanging again! Wanna read what happened next!!! Did advait came to save her let's hope he does! 

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by Minhasmansi92

Bro!! Bro!!! Come on you left me hanging again! Wanna read what happened next!!! Did advait came to save her let's hope he does! 

Keep guessing. It's a little twisted 🤣🤣🤣

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by Aniash

Keep guessing. It's a little twisted 🤣🤣🤣

I have lot of thoughts in my mind lol 

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by Minhasmansi92

I have lot of thoughts in my mind lol 

Coming soon.

Part three 


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