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"Did I offend you?"

"...." She froze amidst her hasty steps, as he walked in front of her.

He looked into her surprised eyes questioningly, as she stole them in unease.

"Clearly, there has to be a reason why i am at the receiving end of such behaviour?" He voiced his discontent, hoping to find answers but silence replied to him, for she even refused a glance.

Pissed, he looked away, sighing out deeply. If this was what she wanted, so be it.

He turned to walk away but paused as his lips parted and then pursed.

Apologetic, as Bhavna stared at his back, he swivelled on his heels making her avert her gaze.

"I- I have been nothing but good to you. I mean yes, our first meet wasn't ideal but I thought we had moved past it. If anything, I thought we had become acquaintances, or were on a road to becoming one", He stopped, and breathed in deeply. Clearly he had dealt with a lot today, and the last he wanted was to pour out his frustrations on this woman.

"I will never approach you if that is what you want".

Bhavna looked up at that remark, as she detected the hint of pain in his voice.

His voice dropped, and softened while his gaze looked far away. " I just wanted to understand, why do you run from me? I just wanted an answer".

"I mean-" he wiped his face, as his composure crumbled, " I don't want to be left hanging. I don't want to be left confused. I- I am fine with being left behind. I just want the reason. I just want a closure. And I do think, I deserve it..."

His voice cracked, and when he finally snapped out of his far off thoughts, he found a water bottle held out in front of him.

There she stood looking at him, with those familiar eyes convering understanding, and Raghav felt his throat clog up, as he urgently clasped the bottle, opened the cap, and started to drink water.

" You are right, no one deserves to be in the dark. It's scary, and lonely".

A melancholic smile found her lips while he looked at her and handed the bottle back.

"Raghav ji, Thank you. Had you not been here today, I would have become a criminal for no fault. Thank you, for saving my child when no one did. And sorry. Iraada aapko thhes pahunchana nhi, bas khud ko dard se bachana tha".

At this remark, as he looked at her puzzled, she narrated the ordeal that had transpired,and how she was instructed not to have anything to do with him.

"My help ended up putting you in trouble. I am so sorry about that", he responded, on hearing her story.

"You don't have to be sorry for helping", she smiled mildly and added, " Acha, main abhi chalti hu". And she took her leave

The offer to give her a ride home died at the tip of his tongue, for it could worsen her predicament. But atleast, her reasons for avoiding him, were ordinary.

Raghav chuckled dryly. Yeah, a neighbourhood feud was ordinary!

"Raghav ji", He turned quickly to her voice as she forwarded a Rs 5 dairy milk towards him.

"Thank you, for being a good person", and she signalled him with her eyes to take the chocolate. And so he did.

Her retreating figure left him smiling genuinely, for the first time that day, as he forgot all about the day's misadventures, and focussed on the sweetness filling his mouth, and heart.

To anyone reading it, hope it is worth your whilesmiley4

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Posted: 1 months ago

Wow Nish! It's lovely...enjoyed it...smiley20

I am really liking their pairing...hope you write a FF someday on them or at least a SS...would love to read it smiley17

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by M_Nira

Wow Nish! It's lovely...enjoyed it...smiley20

Thank you ☺️

I am really liking their pairing...hope you write a FF someday on them or at least a SS...would love to read it smiley17

As of now, still trying to get a hang of their dynamics, and develop some dialogue for the sehmi hui bhavna. She really needs it! But will surely write something involving the two, soo-nish.

Posted: 1 months ago

Yayyyyy! Can't wait for...I hope it would be a little long smiley42

Although yaar I really can't wait to see Bhavna standing tall & strong against her crazy family. Sehmi hui Bhavna se strong Bhavna smiley10


Dheere Dheere Se 

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