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What’s your take on polyamory?

I believe in loyalty and consider myself a true Taurus in that regard. Loyalty is one of the most crucial and important foundations in any relationship, not only in a romantic relationship but in any relationship. Be it friendship, a romantic relationship, brothers, sisters, mother, father, or anything else. So that is my personal take. And of course, when it comes

to Govinda Naam Mera, there is the thing that I have a wife, and then I have a girlfriend. But when you see the film, you’ll understand where their loyalties lie, which is a completely different story. When you see the film, you’ll understand that it’s not about this triangle that is being created or that was introduced in the trailer.

But if you were in a situation like this in real life, how would you handle it?

I would never be in a situation like Govinda’s when it comes to relationships.

Are you a spiritual person?

I associate spirituality with my karma. I think karma is a spiritual act. Spirituality, for example, is a thought, and I believe karma is the physical manifestation of spirituality. And in this one life, you’re going to get everything.You’re going to get failures, you’re going to get success, you’re going to get happiness, you’re going to get sorrows, you’re going to get tension, and you’re going to get ease. You must experience all of these things in one lifetime. That is exactly what it means. Anything I do, from the smallest to the largest, I feel if it sits well with my conscience, if I have done it with the right intention, with the honest intention, with the purest intention, that it will come full circle somewhere down the line, at some point in my life. That, for me, is godliness in all that I do.

You’ve been touted as a method actor. To what extent is that true?

A method actor is defined as someone who puts themselves in the shoes of the character.

It’s not necessarily the technique that you take on for every scene in every film or throughout the duration of that film. It’s not something that I go through like that, and I don’t fix myself to a certain process or certain technique of acting. Every character and every film has its own set of requirements and processes. Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes it’s emotional and sometimes it’s mental. In Govinda, for instance, there was no such intense preparation or technique involved. But it was more about us relying on spontaneity. Comedy is a lighthearted thing to watch, but it’s a serious thing to create.

You complete one year of married bliss this December...

It’s been beautiful. It’s been like the best chapter of my life. It’s the most wonderful feeling to have a companion with whom you connect, who understands you and who you understand thoroughly. Because it puts you in a peaceful, blissful state of mind that makes you feel loved all the time. And when you feel loved, you feel like giving love not just at home but outside the house as well. It just brings out the best version of yourself. And everything around you benefits, including your work, personal life, and everything else. If you’re the best version of yourself, it’s just the most beautiful state of mind to be in. And I think having Katrina as my companion for life is just the most beautiful thing to happen.

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with her?

(Laughs) Of course I do. And that’s extremely private and special to me.

What did your parents say when you told them you wanted to marry her?

They were very happy. They are extremely fond of her. They’re extremely in love with the person that she is. I think when there’s goodness in your heart, it always just reflects in everything that you do and everything that you are.

Katrina’s always said that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Yeah. There are many things that make her special. She’s wise, she’s kind and she’s extremely respectful to people around her. She’s never said anything negative about anyone around her in the years I’ve known her. That is something that I truly admire and respect about her, because I’ve not seen anyone like that. Sometimes without any malice, sometimes without any intention, you tend to speak about someone critically but I’ve never seen her do that.

You’re an insider in the sense that your dad is from the industry. But have you ever considered yourself a star kid in that sense?

My dad has been a technician in the industry, and there are hundreds and thousands of technicians in the industry. The way we were brought up, we were not made to be part of the film world at all. I did visit the set only once or twice because I wanted to meet Hrithik Roshan. Otherwise, dad was just like any other person who had to go to work. After graduation, when I began my journey to become an actor, my father told me that you must live your own struggles and cover your own journey. He said he didn’t know what an actor needed to do to hone his craft. That’s something that I’d have to explore. He’s always been there with me as a father but not as a member of the film fraternity. So I’ve never really had a journey where I thought I was a star kid or that it was going to come with some sort of special luxury or anything. I knew about the harsh reality of surviving in this industry. That’s something the outsiders don’t know about, as they’re only attracted by the glamour of it. They come to know about it later, as they struggle. But I also admire their grit and resilience. They possess a great survival instinct. Most of them have fought with their families to come to Mumbai, and their struggle is always inspiring. I had so many friends in my theatre circuit who had come from small towns. They were trying to make it, just as I was. We would go to the same auditions, and we would travel on the same trains and buses. Everyone has their own journey.


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Posted: 3 months ago

This was good read.  

He’s sounds like a very grounded and respectful person.  You don’t have to be a fan but you can still like him.  

Posted: 3 months ago

Thanx lauriesa. That was nice to post it.

I like Vicky and what he says in the interview.

Posted: 3 months ago

not a fan of him, but he seems to be a better person than Salman and Ranbir combined. smiley20


Vicky Kaushal

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