The Ultimate Love- From the Author of Malnad Mysteries

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Posted: 3 months ago

Her scent was too strong to ignore. Her smile chilled him. He replayed her college speech recording several times. Her expression was too much to bear each time. "Is this true love? What exactly is it? "Ajay pondered.

He checked Facebook every hour to see if she had posted anything. She was always in his line of sight in the classroom, during sports, when she was talking to her friends, and so on. Ajay has tried numerous times to talk to Jiya, but she is uninterested in him. She began to ignore him. She had her own group of male friends.

Ajay once inquired of his friend, Rohit, "I think I can't stop fantasising about her. But Jiya ignores me; what should I do? Is this true love? ".

Rohit said with a smile, "It is an attraction, not a love. A month ago, I couldn't stop thinking about her.  When my grades dropped, I was forced to face reality ".

Rohit went on to tell Ajay, "Leave all of that behind and focus on your studies. She has many guys who are better than us, and her attitude and needs are too high for us to meet ".

"What do you think you know about love? What if I'm a normal student with average looks? One day, a miracle will occur, and she will be mine ", Ajay left by saying these words.

After a year, his parents married him to Sheetal. She was attractive, had a good job, and was a very loving person.

Even though Ajay had everything he needed, his mind couldn't stop thinking about Jiya.

Ajay didn't spend much time or have happy moments with Sheetal, but she adored him. Sheetal made excellent coffee, which Ajay enjoyed. This was the only thing he ever valued.

Sheetal had never missed giving Ajay coffee at 5 a.m. in their three years of marriage. Even before Ajay woke up, the coffee would be ready.

Ajay attended a party at an old friend's reunion one day. Everyone at the party drank and had a good time. As is customary, they talked about their old crushes. Someone informed Ajay that Jiya married their senior and that both were living an exciting life. Ajay was upset once more and left the venue.

Sheetal was concerned when he arrived home drunk.

"Why are you torturing yourself? What exactly do you require? Even though your parents and I love and admire you, why are you always tense? "Sheetal inquired.

Ajay was thinking about Jiya's episode. He chastised Sheetal while drunk "What exactly is love? Jiya was the object of my affection. I don't feel the same way about you ".

They had a disagreement, and in his drunken state, Ajay took a sickle and chopped off Sheetal's head.

The next morning, while he was still in bed, he was offered coffee, but this time by a headless body of Sheetal.

"What is this?" a terrified Ajay exclaimed.

"This is love, and here is your favourite coffee, my dear," the reply said.

Although the ingredients are the same, Ajay's favourite coffee has lost its flavour.


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