The Himalayan Mirage - From The Author of Malnad Mysteries

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Posted: 1 months ago

There are many mysteries surrounding the great Himalayan mountains. Thousands of people have been drawn to the untouched mountains and their magnificent beauty. The Ranges encompass contemporary Pakistan, India, Tibet, and Nepal. Its harsh terrain has drawn a large number of mountaineers and adventurers. Few daring souls take the road less travelled to explore vast mountain ranges. Sherpas, who primarily work as porters, have made the lower Himalayan ranges their home.

Many mysterious sightings occur on many expeditions, the majority of which are of a creature known as the "Yeti."

Yeti is a "bipedal" creature that walks on two feet and is said to live in the Himalayan ranges. Yeti has been present in Nepalese folklore for hundreds of years. Several mountaineers claimed to have seen the creature. 

If such a creature exists, it will fundamentally alter our understanding of human evolution.

A young Indian scientist considers all the possible ways that so many people can see the creature. Is it possible for an intelligent creature to exist in the natural world while remaining hidden?

He comes to the conclusion that the creature does not exist after conducting extensive research. He provides logic.

1) There cannot be one or two individuals of its kind roaming the forests alone. Individuals who have survived for many years should form a sustainable population.

2) Given the description of their sizes (i.e. 5-7 feet muscular body), it is difficult to maintain a sustainable population of individuals.

3) Given that Yeti remains on snow-covered Himalayan mountains, far from human contact, with no sustainable food source for a big ape; this does not fit the biological theory.

Then his suspicious mind wonders, how come so many trekkers claim to have seen the hideous beast in the Himalayas?

Then the mind tells "They are lying or seeing the Himalayan brown bear and misinterpreting it as Yeti. The Himalayan brown bear can occasionally stand on two feet. So there's a good chance it looks human-ape when viewed from a distance."

Even at work, the scientist who worked in the IT industry would consider the logic of yeti sightings. His curiosity caused him to be restless and to have some sleepless nights. The curiosity lingered for days.

One of his hobbies is bird photography, and one fine day he was photographing a bird near his office.

He became aware of something. He began to feel as if he had previously lived this day. Same street, same weather, same surroundings. The situation was a carbon copy of the one he was in a few days before.

His entire body was filled with a chilling sensation. A deep satisfaction that he may have finally solved the puzzle. His body was paralysed for a few moments. His thoughts led him astray.

His thoughts wandered to the depths of the Himalayas, where he imagined seeing a Yeti.

His mind provided him with the best and most convincing solution, putting an end to his months of restlessness.

"This entire nature is like a photograph, which stores the past events like a camera," he reasoned. All of the words or sounds spoken or uttered, all of the events that have ever occurred in this vast nature are stored in its memory in some form or another.

When similar circumstances, such as similar climatic or chemical conditions, occur, nature projects the stored images as flashes. 

Nature acts as a projector, projecting old memories when the right chemical concoction is present, which almost exactly matches the conditions that existed in the past."

These Yetis could have existed millions of years ago. When a person is in the right place and at the right time, nature flashes the images that lead to mirages. These mirages only occur in the less disturbed nature such as deep forests and places like the Himalayas where it's almost untouched for several hundreds of years."

He is currently working on a scientific experiment to demonstrate the same. Do you agree with his theory?

Posted: 1 months ago

very creative and fantastic smiley27

Posted: 1 months ago

Thank you for sharing your creation here .

Would love to read more such splendid ones .smiley42


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