💐Celebrating 19 Years of Success: 2003 to 2022 💕Happy Birthday IF🎂

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Happy 19th Anniversary GIFs - Download on Funimada.com

smiley10A Shout-Out from "Millions Of IF Members" smiley10

Celebrations on campuses | Cities News,The Indian Express

smiley27Happy Birthday India Forumssmiley27

Image result for writing gifs | Writing gifs, Animation, Guest book

A simple thought which laid the foundation for this ever-evolving, much appreciated  towering presence of India Forums.

An interesting story unfolded on December 9th, 2003, 6.24 AM, 

In a small blog -- Jassi Jassi Koi Nahin General Discussion Forum Vijay put his first post there, announced the arrival of a new pathfinder into the interactive world! 

The first line of that post---"The perspective of the first few scenes is Jassi's. We don't see her, but see the world's reaction to her."

At that point, Angels helped Vijay by saying, "Toss your dreams into space like a kite, and look at what it's going to bring you, a busy life, a million new friends, a sense of accomplishment, an endless path to success!" 

Foundation is the first step, expansion is the next, achievement is the biggest one in this ever-changing  interactive world. IF Foundation Day is the right moment to recollect the glorious past, study the present and enlighten ourselves for the future.


Romantic Floral Banner Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - Peony,  Bouquet, Advertisement - iStock

 19 years of our association, coordination, companionship with India Forums. 

From a nascent kid to a magnificent youth, IF has gone through enormous growth, it is a great transition, from discussions to celebrations, the journey is enchanting, a zest of festivity all the way.

You have earned our respect for being there for us. You have surpassed our expectations as our administrator, and we are proud to have someone like you as our guiding force. May you keep progressing, our best wishes to you and to our India Forums for the times ahead!  

With the same modest words, from 1st anniversary to 19th successful year, Vijay always loves to celebrate a million dreams of togetherness, above and beyond excellence. smiley27

smiley27Thus began the journey of the India Forums! smiley27


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Sharing is caring! -- Said Vijay

With a multidisciplinary approach, he, along with his few friends, designed new rules to initiate and channelize the best conversations in every forum. 

As our path makers, they defined unity in diversity, which is more applaudable than the forced uniformity.smiley32 

But at the same time, unity in adversity, it is very much necessary, they defined it meticulously.smiley32 

 IF was nurtured by many caring hands initially. They have created an emotionally enriched debating society.

Salutations to all our Veterans, our trailblazers.

Today, on Dec 9th, it is the Foundation Day of our own IF, which is invariably become an indispensable part of our lives, that is like a 2nd home for millions of members from all corners of the globe!smiley27

In one of his interviews, Mr. Vijay said, " India-Forums provided a platform for television viewers to voice their opinion. We were launched in December 2003.  Our goal was to bridge the gap between the Indian television industry and its audience globally and bring them together to interact and take feedback. Ever-improving levels of efficiency of our Administrative Staff & Development Team enhanced the reputation and popularity of this venture. A huge amount of success can be attributed to teamwork.  The dedicated Development Team members who volunteer to keep the forum running, our team works day and night on the technical and design aspects, and the members who instill life into the forum via their discussions and participation.  Our members have been able to associate with the forum and felt like it is their second home, and thanks to them! We have achieved success in the Alexa Rankings, and we hope to climb higher. It's always a challenge to retain one's leadership, as the number one position brings not only a sense of accomplishment but also the responsibility to keep continuing as expectations are heightened." 


The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments, very precious!! Let us celebrate success, share our similarities, understand our bonding,  celebrate these happy moments!smiley27

Best wishes to each and every participating member, and salutations to all the hardworking staff. 

One can find it, feel it, live it, do wonders through it, that is visible through your hard work in this IF venture. 

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to the world, to share your thoughts with millions of members, you're educating a community Vijay, through this IF social unit.smiley32 This emerged as a group of people with diverse characteristics, linked by individual interests, sharing common perspectives, and committed to spread friendly feelings amongst themselves enthusiastically.

As you rightly mentioned, 99% of people are inherently nice and helpful here.--- this IF association is for loving, sharing, learning, smiling, caring, forgiving, laughing, hugging, helping, dancing, wondering, healing, and even more loving.... yes more and more  friendly interactions! smiley1

Thanks once again, Vijay.   

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smiley10Celebrating 19 Years of Success: IF Foundation Daysmiley10

ECO City CLUB - Wishing All of our Club Members a very... | Facebook

Felicitations to all IF members as we open a new chapter TODAY.

smiley10The 19th chapter in the success story

 of India Forumssmiley32

A Guide to the Writing World – WRITERS' RUMPUS

The Everlasting Good Efforts Of An Eternal Learner   


Opportunities are available for those who are at the right place at the right time.--Vijay Bhatter

We celebrate  our progress, big or small,  as we move forward, hand in hand with our friendly members  in  this place..

Now, our IF is a roaring teenager, rearing to run with millions of members to reach many milestones. 

In all these years, IF has changed from existence to excellence in its expansive expressiveness. 

Vijay's zest for regular improvement to guarantee that each member had a comfortable voyage gave India Forums its unique identity.

 The transition from planting to fruition, IF gifted you a comfortable you! IF shown you how to showcase your latent talent, here!

Nineteen prolific years of engaging people to share their thoughts is the main story of IF. 

The first step was taken on 09 Dec 2003 @ 06:29 AM …from then on, we have crossed many a milestones.

With more than 1.2 Millions + registered members (as on August 2021), India Forums is the #1 entertainment discussion forum covering the latest news, regarding daily serials and Bollywood information,provided a beautiful platform for more than 4.4 Millions of  audiences smiley10

IF is a technological fair, interactive progress. Let us dig into the anthology of India forums to know more about our progressive past which lead us towards this ongoing futuristic pursuits, based on fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity in this journey.  

20 Projects Explained Through Architectural Gifs | TMD STUDIO

Let us take a walk through the corridors  and revisit some of the

Salient features of the India Forums new site--

Our IF tech team and Vijay took great initiative to provide us  a variety of options in recent times. smiley10 

This year, another fantastic  feature added to IF to expand members' wings unto Moderation  by managing  their Private Forums.

He thought that it's  the perfect time for everyone in India Forums to  form a forum, invite their friends, and inspire themselves to rise to the rank of a leader amongst themselves!

This is the first initiative of its kind, now, members can easily set up a  Private Forum for their group. 

Members were invited to take on Moderation and spread the IF world with a positive attitude and enthusiasm.smiley20

In this process, no one preaches, everyone is a part of this friendly festivity,  every one is a freelancer to share the space with new zest.  smiley27

smiley10Thankful to our tech team and Vijay for this new initiative. smiley27


The list of a  few modifications made over the years

  • Our Internal Site Search instead of Google Search
  • Users can now login / signup using their social accounts like Facebook / Gmail / Microsoft which makes the whole process of logging in easier.
  • Two Factor Login where one can further secure their account using Google Authenticator app.
  • We have now categorized our site in 3 main categories: Tv / Movies / Digital. We have also further added categories under them based on the language they are coming like Hindi / English. 
  • Faster browsing experience.
  • Optimized for Mobile.
  • Clean interface for best user experience.
  • We are removing comments for Celebrities and replacing it with Discussion Topics so that its more organized. Members will be able to tag the celebrity and it appears under Celebrity Profile
  • If there is no dedicated forum for a particular show one can still have discussions around it and it will show under that show Discussion Tab.
  • Users will be able to see all the critics rating under one page and they can even give their rating and based on which we will show you the computed average of that movie. That would make it a very fair way to rate a movie.


Interesting changes  to our username policy.

New facilities at new site are …

  • Usernames can consist of lowercase and capitals (Ex: VijayBhatter)
  • Usernames can consist of alphanumeric characters (a-z A-Z 0-9) - Ex: VijayBhatter121
  • Usernames can consist of underscore and hyphens (Ex: Vijay-Bhatter or vijay_bhatter)
  • Cannot be two underscores, two hypens or two dots in a row
  • Cannot have a underscore or hypen or dots at the start or end
  • Length of the username to be between 4-15
  • Special Characters NOT allowed (like $ ~ ! # % ^ & *)


Tagging members is an exciting facility 

Friends we can tag other users on a post and invite them to be part of that discussion.

The users whom you have tagged will get notification.

Just below the post there is an option to Tag Users. You need type the username and select the correct one. That would tag the user.

Points to remember:

1. Newbies cannot tag users.

2. Some users may have restricted the tagging feature to Buddies only or completely Off from the settings. So you cannot tag those users.

3. You can only tag maximum 10 people in one post.

4. Once you have tagged someone you cannot add or update the list. Since we do not want this to be misused.


Smart pagination and highlighting popular topics

are the new changes we have made recently:

  1. We have added Smart Pagination for Forum Topics / Posts.
  2. Celebrity Search option is now added on the Celebrity directly.
  3. Popular Topics (in the last 24 hours) is displayed in the Forum Main Page and also one can check all the popular topics on IF at 
  4. Bingo Releases Statement after Ad Featuring Ranveer Singh Offends Sushant Singh Rajput Fans

  5. Users who have not yet registered as members can also now post comments on articles/videos. They just need to validate their email once.


The launch of User Badges feature. 

Badges are tied into accomplishments or various activities, and they are something a user aspires to attain and has to earn. At the same time, it identifies that user as someone who has achieved a certain level of activity and made contribution to the growth of India Forums and showcases this achievement to other users. 

I am sure by now you all must have noticed the new shiny badges under several users as we have processed all the past activities and assigned badges accordingly. 😊




Member of the month Badges 

4 new badges which will be awarded every month to the member for:

  • Most Comments (counts comments which are 5 words or more)
  • Most Posts (counts posts which are 10 words or more)
  • Most Liked (person who has received maximum reaction on Posts)
  • Expressionist (member who has given most reactions on posts)

Most PostsExpressionist January 2021 Most LikedMost Comments January 2021

Website satisfaction surveys 

We have recently started a Site-wide Website Satisfaction Survey where members have to answer 4 simple questions.

These surveys help us get insights which we might miss out otherwise. And we planning to integrate them in our system to get them regularly from our members in a very non-intrusive manner.

Your response stays anonymous.

gallereplay | Woman's Hands Typing on Laptop at Desk

The Updated Private Message system

  1. Now users can delete PMs from Outbox
  2. Users when they delete PM from from Inbox won't affect the senders outbox and will still be accessible.
  3. If you have lost your PM from Outbox due to the receiver deleting from Inbox is restored.

Users can Star a particular PM which they feel is important. Also note Starred PM cannot be deleted unless they are Unstar so that you do not lose out important PMs accidentally.

Users can sort their PMs in different folders. So lets say you want to save certain PMs to a folder named "Important" or "Buddies" and may be "Spam".

 Question & Answers Topics

So if a user has a question they can select the Topic Type as "Q&A" while creating the topic. And users can start posting their comments or answers.

 Vote up Topics

Basically its  simple topic where members can vote up a post and it will be sorted based on the most votes first basis.  Some of the application of this topic are:

  • Banner contests where other users can get vote up .
  • Ideation topics where users can help us discover most requested features to the top.


Ladder groups have been maintained

Mainly based on the feedback we have been getting from our members on the new Ladder Groups has been quite encouraging. 

0 - 49                            Newbie 

50 - 199                        Groupbie

200 - 999                      Senior Member

1000 - 2499                 Goldie

2500 - 4999                 Dazzler

5000 - 9999                 IF-Rockerz

10000 - 24999             IF-Sizzlerz

25000 - 49999             IF-Stunnerz

50000 - 99999             IF-Addictz

100000+                       IF-Achieverz

Social media embedding becomes easier

Now we can easily embed Social Media posts. And the process is also very simple. No need to remember any BBCode. Simply paste the link in your post. It will automatically embed the same when you post. We currently support the Top 4 social media sites.

  • Youtube 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

And second news is about Quote Notification. So now you will get a separate notification when someone quotes your post.


Signature feature with hyperlink, images and video support activated 

New feature this time is that we are bringing HTML5 MP4 video links also using a new Forum Code ie. [VIDEO]full-url.mp4[/VIDEO]. 

Normally we see MP4 hosted on Giphy that can be used and we encourage users to use Videos instead of heavy GIF as they are faster and takes less download time. Just ensure its a direct URL to the MP4 file. We will soon get a Tutorial on the same. 

In order to make sure that our user experience is great through out we have put certain reasonable restrictions:

  • Only one Hyperlink can be added
  • Only one image / video can be added.
  • Forum signature height is restricted to 200px and going beyond that will push the signature inside a scroll.
  • Signature box only allows URL / IMG / VIDEO Forum codes.
  • One can use Emojis like  😀
  • Images needs to be .jpg / .gif / .png
  • Video currently supports .mp4
  • All links should be https only.

Celebrity Discussion forum

Now members can Create topics on your favorite celebrity and it will appear on their profile page under "Discussions" tab.

Quiz section has been added

Members have fun quizzing others and participating in the quizzes in our brand new section . Quizzes are on any topic under the sun , not just entertainment eg  GK, Geometry, Botany etc .

Topic Maker gets more control on their thread 

A new feature where our Topic creator gets more control on their topics and at the same time helps us in keeping spam/abusive/MID post reply in check.

So we have come up with a solution where we give our Members (Senior Members and above) on the topics they have created the option to Hide posts by Newbies which they feel is not appropriate/abusive and against IF Code of Conduct. 

It also gets logged in our Report Log so that the moderator can review the same and take action accordingly. 

India Forum  prohibits sexually explicit material on this site .

This is regarding the information you post on the India-forums Website and that you provide to other Users, your India-forums profile must not include any photographs containing nudity, or obscene, lewd, excessively violent, harassing, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable subject matter.

Reactions feature to IF News Articles

 is an interesting new addition , which will be replacing our existing Like feature.

Our site readers now have more ways to react to an article and not just limited to a simple like. And interestingly even site visitors who have still not signed up can also react to articles.


We do allow users to post 3 reactions to each article. So you can react with Awesome, Nice and Loved emojis on the same article.

 Link Preview feature for Forum Posts enabled

Members will continue to share the links as they used to and we will automatically replace the URL with the details of the link. The same way how we have social links embedding feature.

However in order to prevent certain users from slowing down the page we have restricted this to posts which has less than or equal to 3 links in a post. If link count is higher than that we will disable the embedding feature on that post.


Bingo Releases Statement after Ad Featuring Ranveer Singh Offends Sushant Singh Rajput Fans

Forum Post Reaction 

is a new feature, which has replaced our old “Like “ feature.

Our members now have more ways to react to a post and not just limited to like:

👍🏻 ❤️ 🤩 😂 😲 😢 😡

smiley10In brief, These are a few of our most significant achievementssmiley10



We would like to take this opportunity to thank the millions of our members who have put India Forums on the map as one of the most popular websites in the world via their loyalty and trust. —IF restored the sense of community that we all sought for after our stint in college and university.smiley4

Nursing Clio Writing My Dissertation, A gif Odyssey


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Wishing India Forums a very happy 19th birthday!

Vijay and team deserve a big round applause for this venture.  It is now the go to site to discuss about Hindi and other TV serials, Web series, Hollywood shows, Poems, Poetry, Sports and everything.  New items like quizzes and forum games making it more interesting to visit the IF.

My association with IF started with a show called IPKKND.

The numerous "MEMBERS ONLY" FFs made me finally take the plunge and become a member in 2014.

Slowly I became more active in IPL and Sports/Cricket forums along with IPK forum.  IF always tries to cater for all age groups and all genders.

All the very best to IF and everyone associated with India Forums.



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Happy Anniversary, India Forums! smiley41smiley40

Just the other day I received my 11 year anniversary badge so this feels doubly momentous for me - knowing I have been here for more than half of IF's own journey.

My first foray into IF was with a little known Sony TV show called 'Kuch toh log kahenge'. My then obsession led me to a Google search which led me to a thread here and I was surprised and pleased to see other fans equally obsessed posting their thoughts, opinions, analyses and predictions. I had found my people! 

I moved on long since from the show, but stayed on here, keeping my account active even if not my posting frequency. 

What I will be grateful to IF for most is giving me the freedom and courage to post my writing on here. Through the Sony show, I was able to give expression to this latent writer that I did not realize was residing within me, and I owe my deepest gratitude to all the members that actively showed love and encouragement for my FanFiction then. 

It's the overwhelming appreciation I received then that prompted me to pursue writing on other platforms as well. Years later, I returned to IF with the sole intention of posting more of my work and the warmth and encouragement I got from the FFEs in the newly minted Fan Fiction section reinforced my faith in my writing. So much so that I was propelled to apply to be a Beta Reader to share my skills with other writers, and humbly offer my own contribution to the FF team.

Thank you, IF for providing a safe platform that allows members to share their mutual love and talents and gain recognition & acceptance on such a wide scale.

I think IF is a true example of equity, diversity and inclusion. People from all walks of life irrespective of social status or identity participate and engage equally on here. My interactions here have been overall very positive and have led me on to friends and acquaintances that extend into real life. I truly believe my 4 am friends are all on IF! smiley36

Shout out to the Admin team and the Tech team for working ceaselessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth working of this site that is a second home to so many users. 

And to the Mods and the DT for striving tirelessly to make sure it remains a safe space for us to share our thoughts!

Congratulations once again on this significant milestone!! 

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blue bird flapping wings animated gifblue bird flapping wings animated gifblue bird flapping wings animated gifblue bird flapping wings animated gifblue bird flapping wings animated gif

 IF is celebrating its 19th Birthday today, on December 9th! 

Let us greet ourselves by sending good wishes to our IF, which means to ourselves.smiley27

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