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Hello I am back after a long hiatus. Chanced upon this south forum and was wondering if anyone here watches Ethir Neechal Tamil serial. I was told it is a very good one and started watching it last week and liked the premise of the story and the natural acting. Was wondering if in this forum anybody watches and if there are analyses threads for it. Would love to connect if there is.

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Even I have started watching Edhir Neechal last week. Liked the story. Trying to catch up the old episodes. 

I came here to check any opened threads for this show. May be we can continue discussing it here, so that it remains in the first page. People can come and join, let us know if there is any thread already opened. 

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Thanks for the reply. Yes we can use this thread to analyze episodes. Would love to hear your thoughts 

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Pattama on fire nowadays lol.

Eashwari tamil translation part in today's episode was too funny 😂

Looking from Tomorrow's promo, Gunasekar going for Divorce thing, but im sure Pattu & Janani gonna rock 🤣

lets see how they proceed further. 

Hope this Shakthi get some sense soon :(

What do you think on his characterization? Because this character sketch confuses me so much. This man needs to speak up. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Speak your mind even though your voice shakes…Eleanor Roosevelt.

I am yet to watch todays episode. But this quote of Roosevelt is what is the need of the hour for the three daughter in laws of the household.

I think the director is building up for it and I like the trajectory of the story so far.

As far as Shakthi he is the male version of thE the three daughter in laws. I will write about each character as I see it and view it and we can discuss.

It is lovely connecting with you. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Spot on!! 

Waiting for your analysis on the recent developments in the show. 😃

Posted: 2 months ago

The women of Gunasekaran family.

The eldest daughter in law  Easwari of the next generation depicted as the quiet one. One whose expressive eyes show the pain and the humiliation she suffers everyday. The one who could have changed the trajectory of the story but lacked the courage to do so. The reason ,the main antagonist is her husband the one who wields an iron fist on the family , whose archaic thoughts shaped by his mothers influence and possibly his fathers.

The mother of the sons who in action, thought and dress bows thinking that men are superior to women. Has been taught that from the beginning and lacks the education to think or act any different.

Her daughter Adhira the foolish one thinks her lot will be different then her sisters in law because of who she is doesn’t understand that archaic thoughts is gender based and not who she is to the family.

The second daughter in law Renuka, the timid one ashamed of her mother who fawns the family in the hopes that her daughter will have a good life. Wanting to get out but is unable to because she is a follower and not a leader who sees Easwari quiet  and dutiful daughter in law and thinks that is the way to behave

The third daughter in law Nandini who hides her pain and physical abuse with humor. Emotional, talkative, humorous but all within the walls of the kitchen . She is the bridge between the other two daughters in law and also possibly with Janani the main protoganist. Her emotions always get the better of her and this leads her to situations which cause her husband to abuse her. Knows her father always gets insulted so wants to protect him . Wants a way out of the situation but trapped like the other three and uses humor to hide her pain.

What is the one thing all these daughter in laws share , a kinship, a sisterhood and resignation to the fact that this is their  life and afraid to change because of their children. The director is brilliant here in depicting all of them having  girl children

What do these people have in common with appatha the one who is driving the change?.  Common is the children due to which they have kept quiet all these years and continue to and the promise that they probably made to their parents one of not rocking any boats

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” Mary Anne Radmacher

Has the new tomorrow come in the form of Janani?

Thoughts welcome

Posted: 2 months ago

You have very well put down your thoughts on each of these characters. Can't agree more! Loved your analysis. :)

the main good thing about this show is the relatability factor and the natural portrayal of the characters. We could see these things happening to women in rural areas, trust me even in cities. Everywhere they cannot get a Janani to their rescue. This show should be an influence and even if it could bring a change in one out of ten households, I would say that we are progressing to the right future. 

have you watched today's episode? 

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Sensational South 

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