Adhik should marry dimple

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Posted: 1 years ago

Hnestly i think adhik is much better person to marry a trauma victim like dimple than a samar 

Shahs will eat this dimple alive 

See how they have treated kinjal and kavya two MBAs US returned women 

I do not want kinjal part2 please 

This dimple is not that educated or not so rich also like kinjal or kavya 

Shah family usko kachha chaba dalegi 

I do not want woman abusers vanraj, toshu, baa and hamuku shah to talk sympathy to her initially than torture her all life like kinjal and kavya etc 

Marry her to adhik who looks better than samar to deal with rape victim 

samar could not stand up to baa vanra for 23 years where he can stand up for wife  

adhik can stand up to barkha or anuj too or anyone in world 

hes us brought up and educated 

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Posted: 1 years ago

I wish he indeed marries Dimple. I don't want to see SamPle romance or Samar with any one else other than Nandini. Even Dimple reuniting with her husband Nirmit is a better option but Nooooo SamPle drama