After leap- Anidita OS.

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Posted: 6 months ago

In the show we find Anidita getting remarried due to love after leap. I was not totally convinced by the love story. Sab kuch achanak. And again we find writings where they get married due to love after fighting dushmani or either   because there was no marriage anullment hence slowly. I thought to bring another way for it, that is  marriage anullment but no dushmani and  special emphasis on  their remarriage as the marriage of two consenting adults but without love before marriage. I don't know if it will be interesting at all but I thought to give it a shot as it is more like a story line instead of a proper OS.

Bondita returns from London as a Barrister and starts practing at Deenpur court. There is no dushmani between the villages but yes Roy Choudhury family and Das family were not in talking terms. It was only Sumati and Anirudh who kept occasional contacts in the 8 years. Although both families were not so happy with their meetings, they did not wanted to create more conflict and let it be. 

Chandrachur was bitter about not getting Bondita and occasionally does compare Tupur with Bondita but eventually he did accept her as his wife seeing the respect Das family gives him. The Banerjees  did not live together with Das family just like pre leap. However, he was not much different from some abusive men at that time but sadly Thakuma taught Tupur to accept everything from her husband as her fate just like so many women did at that era.

But for Bondita, there were so many challenges for her career. She received taunts and challenges  and did not get much cases as people at that time period thought an women Barrister to be inferior. She used to get very few cases. It was only a few underprivileged people who could not afford Barristers for them or women who had no other support came to her. However she took that opportunity to prove herself so that once people recognise her capabilties, she would surely be more widely accepted.  Anirudh Roy Choudhury wanted to help her, but although Bondita was grateful for his willingness to support her, she asked him to give her the opportunity to make him more proud by paving the further road herself as he has already made her capable enough. She asked him this at the time when  he proudly made her wear the black robe indicating she has now become a barrister. Still he couldn't stop himself from helping her now and then. Their solid friendship of Sakha-Sakhi was however frowned upon as indecent. They did try to raise voices against various evils of the society especially on girl's education just like they did before and they managed to change the minds of a few people but as they are no longer married, they did face some restrictions which they did not before. Many opposed them that they did not want their girls to become uncultured like Bondita through education and make friendships with paraya mard like Anidita or try to get into men's professions. However they continued with their efforts, because they know, they will not be able to change the whole world but they may  change at least one person and that person might change another and the domino effect may  improve lives of few suffering people at the least. 

Bondita also occasionally visits the Roychowdhury family. Batuk became her best friend. Somnath being the shy boy limited his interaction with her but still was in good terms. Shaswati was Bondita's favourite. Binoy was not much bothered with her visits but was cordial with her and secretly admired her sharp brain. And Trilochan was on cloud nine. Her return has increased his hopes on Aniruddh's remarriage which he failed to do inspite of bringing so many matches for him. Initially she did not forgive Sampoorna, but with time Sampoorna has managed to melt her heart a little. Their bond is becoming better day by day.  Koyeli was dead due to a fatal disease and Bihari who is now married couldn't not stop repeating her childhood kissas to his wife. Whenever she visits, her favourite food is cooked.

Thakuma, on the other hand, the desparately wanted to find a groom for Bondita no family came forward knowing her history. According to them,  Bondita has once become an widow, married again and divorced , broken another marriage and yet again eloped way with her ex-husband, a paraya mard(according to the society) alone to a foreign country, lived there for years and now she is trying to practice Barristery with men. However this worked in favour of Bondita as she didn't want to marry to someone of Thakuma's sanskari choices. She wanted someone to love her, cherish her, treat her kindly,just like every girl  and especially support her career for which she and her Sakha Babu fought all odds. And in return, she is also willing to return all her love and support she receives from her partner, becoming the best partner to her spouse.    Although the society did not like a bold women like Bondita,  nobody dared to question her character in fear of Thakuma and Roychowdhury family.

Now comes the issue of marriage. Bondita did try to find love admist working for her career because she also have dreams of a happy family like any girl along with becoming a  Barrister and  reformer . But when you have once lived with one of the finest man like Aniruddh Roy Choudhury, the bar of expectations is set too high already. She somehow found nobody impressive enough to be her life partner. And, similar was the case with her Sakha Babu, Kaka brought matches after matches for him but he always unconsciously compared the girls with Bondita. The expectations set by this strong lady that too at a tender age, could not be met by the girls brought by Kaka(as you know Kaka , he surely must have brought girls who will consider their husband as God and who would be ready to bow down to the society's standards). And if he found a few  strong ones, he realised they were not at all compatible and he knew along with love and respect compatibility is one of the major requirements of a successful marriage. This is the reason why there is a saying, in case of remarriage, the next spouse should always be better than the previous one . Or else it leads to resentments ,  broken expectations and pain.  However Kaka also secretly hoped his favourite Bondita Bahu becomes his Bahu again. But sadly his hopes get crushed each time to see no love but only friendship and attachment between them.

After about a year of Bondita's return, the two Barristers were chatting by having Kulfi after their court timings like they always used to at least once every week. Bondita was happily relating to Aniruddh how another match brought by Thakuma was cancelled due to her past history. This is how the conversation after that goes-

Anirudh- Wese ek baat manna padega, itne sare rishtey cancel ho rahe hai tumhare fir v Thakuma tumhari Kacheri aane mai badhaye nahi daal Rahi hai.

Bondita- Areh kaha, usne koshish ki thi par maine na apne tarkon se mana li.

Anirudh - Wo kaise? Mujhe v batao?

Bondita- Thakuma ne kaha tha ki mujhe Kacheri jana bandh Kara denge warna Mera bhavishya karab ho jayega kyunki kisiko v Barrister patni ya Barrister Bahu nahi chahiye. Par do teen rishtey mai Larkon walon ko manane k liye Thakuma ne kahi v thi ki mere shaadi k baad kacheri bandh Kara sakte hai. Isse pehle ki mai virodh Karu unlongon ne khud keh diya tha ki mere pehle kaand hi kaafi hai mujhe naa kehne ki, hihihi...  Toh maine bas isi ka fayda uthaya. Maine thakuma se esse hi manane k liye keh dia ki shaadi k baad bandh karungi abhi nahi. Maine bas unhe thoda emotional blackmail Kia ki abhi v log mere pehle Wale kaand k liye hi rishtey nahi karna chahte hai toh agar maine kacheri v chor d aur rishte v nahi hua toh kya karungi mai ? Kaun dekh-bhal karega mera? Ab toh kamse kam kaam toh hai na. Kuch na hone se yehi behtar hai. Aur thoda acting kar li aur mana ki. Wese v Thakuma Aaj kal pehle jaise kathor nahi rahe, sacchi. Hihihi πŸ˜†πŸ€­

Anirudh- Ab k liye toh tumne mana Li par agar koi ladka wese maan liya toh kya tum sachme kacheri chor dogi???

Bondita- Kabhi nahi! Ye toh bas ab Thakuma ko manane k liye. Agar kisi ne Maan liya toh tab ki tab dekh lenge. Itna sab durbidha toh par kar hi chuke hai, ye v kar lenge. Agar koi mujhe Barristery chorne ko kahe, jo mere jaan se v pyari hai, uss insaan se shaadi bilkul v nahi karungi mai.

Anirudh- Shabash Bondita! Tumne toh mujhe Dara hi Diya tha. Aur tumhe koi bohot accha mil hi jayega Bondita. Tum abhi jawan ho, itne acche  ho, talented ho aur- .

Bondita (cutting him in between)- Areh mujhe iss baat ki chinta nahi hai Sakha Babu, mujhe pata hai mujhe toh koi mil jayega par chinta toh iss baat ki hai ki aapka kya hoga?

Aniruddh- Matlab?

Bondita- Aap mere jaise Jawan kaha rahe ab? Aap toh buddhe ho rahe hai, aap jaldi shaadi kar lijiye, warna kahi (gets up and runs away)

Aniruddh- Kya kaha???Achaa mai Buddha?? Abhi dikhata hu...

He too runs after her. He while running was almost about to catch her but he stumbles and seeing him about to fall, she turns back towards him  balances him by pushing his shoulders  to prevent him from falling. A passerby women comments seeing their position (although it was nothing wrong  just she balancing him from falling) - kitne besharam hai ye dono. Dekho kaise chipak rahe hai.

Another women- Haan inn dono ka toh Roz ka hai. Pata nahi hamesha saath hi rehna hai toh shaadi hi kyun nahi kar lete.

Aniruddh was angry but with passing years he learnt to better control himself from replying every now and then. However, Bondita's mind got struck in the woman's last line-hamesha saath hi rehna hai toh shaadi kyun nahi kar lete.

After this Bondita was unusually quite for their rest of the time as she was lost in her thoughts. An idea was striking her mind. Aniruddh noticed this and consoled her- Jyada chinta mat karo, dhyaan mat do unke baat ka.

Bondita- Nahi mai toh kuch soch rahi thi bas. Uss baat ka bura maanne ko kya hai, wese toh Roz sunai diye jaate hai.

Aniruddh- Wese itna kya soch rahe ho mujhe v batane ka kasht karenge aap Barrister Bondita?

Bondita- Wo mai soch rahi thi

Aniruddh- Ki kya??

Bondita- Wo Sakha Babu.. mujhe...

Aniruddh- Kya hua hamesha far far bolne wali Bondita Aaj bol nahi pa rahi hai. Kya soch rahi ho bata sakti ho tum mujhe.

Bondita (closing her eyes blurts out in one go)- Sakha Babu mujhe aapse firse shaadi karna hai.

Aniruddh- Kya?? Hum fir se? Kyun aur kaise?? Ye sahi nahi hoga na. 

Bondita- Usme galat v nahi hoga. Aapke paas na bilkul wo sab guunn hai jo mai apne jeewan saathi mai chahti hu aur mujhe ye v pata hai ki aap k patni bankar hamesha kacheri v aa sakti hu. Aur hamara Jo samaaj badalne ka sapna, wo v saath rehkar  purra karna aasan ho jaayega. Aur mai v hamesha aapka saath dungi, hamesha.., pehle ki tarah. Aap please sochiye baat ko.

Aniruddh- Haan humare sapne purra karne mai aasan hoga ya tumhara Barristery practice krne k liye v  par uske liye tum apne jeevan saathi chunne ka haq kyun khona chahti ho? Aur  wo bhi kaise woo.....woo....

Aniruddh was actually shocked by the direct question of Bondita and his mind was too numb suddenly to form thoughts.

Bondita- Mera koi v haq nahi chin jayega isme. Mai Khushi khushi aapko chunna chahti hu. Mujhe pata hai mujhe aapse behtar koi v jeevan saathi  nahi milne wale hai kahi v. Par mai v aap par jor nahi daalna chahti hu. Aaj mai jo hu aapke madad k bina kabhi possible nahi hota. Isliye aapke jitne bade ya acche toh mai nahi ban sakti. Isliye shayad aapke layaak ya kabil nahi hu. Par me purra koshish-

Aniruddh- Ye kya keh rahi ho tum? Maine madad zaroor ki par jo ho apni mehnat  se ho, apne sangharsh k wajah se. Aur tum mere layak ya kabil nahi ho wesa soch rakha v kaise tumne. Kisi se kam  ho kya tum? Jo v insaan tumse shaadi karega wo bohot bhagyashaali hoga. Main toh baas tumne esse achanak puch Li  aur hum toh Sakha-Sakhi hai ya Guru- Shishya toh shaadi... kya ye sahi hoga? 

 Bondita- par galat v kya hai isme ? Guru- Shishya pati patni nahi ban sakte essa niyam kisne rakha? Samaaj? Kya humhi dab Jaye inn samaj k niyom k tale jisse hum badalna chahte hai? . Galat toh nahi dikha mujhe kuch v.Aap thande dimag se sochkar baatayiyega, samay lijiyega fir  faishla sunayiyega. Aap sach batayiyega. Ye samajkar nahi ki mujhe bura lagega ya kuch v. Aapka jo v faishla hoga mujhe manzoor hoga.

Aniruddh- Wo ..wo mai Bondita..

Bondita- Haan pata hai, abhi kuch nahi batana hai aapko, aaraam se soch k batayiga. Agar aapke faishla naa v hoga toh mujhe manjoor honge. Phir v kuch nahi badlenge humare bich. Aur haan mere man  mai v toh abhi abhi ye khayal aaye hai. Mujhe v aur sochni hai. Intezar karungi aapke jawab ka. 

Aniruddh- 1 hafta do mujhe...

Bondita- Thik hai, ek hafta ya jyada chahiye toh v batana. Acchi tarah se soch k hi faishla lijiyega . Ek baat yaad rakhna, ye v dusre arranged marriage k tarah hi ho sakte hai agar apko iss baat se sawal hai ki pyar toh nahi hai. Par dusre arrange  marriages mai ek dusre ko acche se naa janne k karan v ye dar rehte hai ki kahi humare partner baad mai kuch aur ya bura na nikle. Par hum dono k liye ye v problem nahi rahenge. Sochiyega ye baat v.  Bye Sakha .... (In her mind- ya kya phir se hone wala pati babu???).. Sakha babu

Saying this she runs away. She sits on a cart and keeps her hands on her chest to calm her racing heart.

In her Josh , she directly asked Aniruddh but now she was having second thoughts whether what  she did was correct. Only she knew how nervous she was inside when she acted totally confident in front of Aniruddh. She definitely told that nothing will change between them even if he says no but she doubted, will everything remain same?? She was scared of the rejection too because suddenly she became too hopeful that she found a perfect partner. She was afraid if her ideal, her greatest admiration did not find her worthy enough.

On the other hand, Aniruddh was lost in thoughts for about an hour at the same place before he realised he should head home. For next 4 days both of them were too lost in thoughts and their families were worried because of their quiet and weird behaviour. In the court too, all were surprised, noticing that both of their interactions were very less and a bit awkward. On the night of the 4th day, Aniruddh after giving a lot of thoughts and having various battles in his mind, finally decided that Bondita's suggestion was really good. He decided then remarrying was the best. Neither he will unconsciously start comparing like all the last matches as she was the best and most compatible girl for himself. He till today was not impressed by any girl like her nor could he admire anyone like her for the strong lady she is. Also the fear that he always had for his beloved Sakhi Bondita that she might fall into some wrong hands and restrict her life will no longer pinch him. He was also happy that she found him worthy enough for her.

He finally decided- He too wanted to remarry his Sakhi and Shishya Barrister Bondita Das and make her Barrister Bondita Roy Choudhury again. He would love to have her in his life again, while this time not out of compulsion but because both of them want to and are happy with it. Somehow the thought brought a big smile in his face and his mood instantly lifted as he reminisced their sweet time together and he can relive those memories and can make new and better ones too. The fear that he always had for his future whenever Kaka brought a new match suddenly disappeared and was nowhere to be found.  His decision was clear in 4 days, a week is no longer needed. He was never more sure. For the first time in his life, he too can be a happy Dulha unlike all the last times.

The next day, after the court timings, he went to Bondita and asked her to follow him to his car and she quietly did . There he took out a red rose from a packet in the backseat and suddenly said to her- Bondita, kya tum firse mujhe Patibabu bulana chahti ho?? Kya firse shaadi karogi mujhe?? 

A really simple and straightforward proposal but it was very special for Bondita. She was on cloud nine. She immediately accepted the rose and nodded looking down. Aniruddh was actually shocked to see her this  shy for the first time and they both parted. Yes they were still not in love now but they realised, it will be a great journey. And these thoughts naturally did make them shy and a bit blushy.

That night Aniruddh told Kaka his wish to marry Bondita. Kaka was shocked initially and decided to bring a tantrik the next day but finally Aniruddh was able to make Kaka believe him. Kaka jumped and danced in happiness and  the whole Roychowdhury family was very happy. And impatient Kaka could not even wait a day more and went to Das family the next day to ask Bondita's hand in marriage for Aniruddh. Thakuma was not convinced at first to form a relationship again with that family but Bondita and Sumati and Tapur managed to make her agree. And Thakuma was actually happy  that her granddaugther finally got a life partner for marriage.

Worrying for Bondita's future ,  she was sleepless for last few months, fearing she would be left alone all her life, typical Thakuma.

A month later the Barrister soulmates -Barrister Aniruddh and Barrister Bondita were  tied in a knot again, this time out of full willingness, for the rest of their lives. 

And yes, with time Bondita was accepted by so many more people. She was inspiration to so many girls Krishnanagar, Tulsipur and nearby areas of her time and the generations next . And Aniruddh was a proud Sakha Babu, Shikshak Babu and a proud Patibabu too this time.


The End


Please batana kaisa laga. And help me tag more people too please.

Pehli baar BB forum mai likhne ko try ki🀣. I joined towards the end of its running time toh off air k chakkar mai koi idea nahi suji tab. Isliye Aaj achanak man Kiya toh 😁

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Please read and batana how is itsmiley39. Help me tag more.

Posted: 6 months ago

Chinmayi idk if you were ever  in this forum as I joined towards the end but Aaj suddenly likhne ka man Kiya so if you are interested as I came to know that you watched this showsmiley39

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Originally posted by Physics_girl

Please read and batana how is itsmiley39. Help me tag more.

it's beautiful dear😍.......please write more ......kahi to dhang ki kahani mile jaisi hamne expect ki thi smiley1.........

Makers ne to dil hi rod diya πŸ₯²........Aap Dil jod Dena πŸ€—

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Originally posted by Rudhita18

it's beautiful dear😍.......please write more ......kahi to dhang ki kahani mile jaisi hamne expect ki thi smiley1.........

Makers ne to dil hi rod diya πŸ₯²........Aap Dil jod Dena πŸ€—

Glad that you liked itsmiley31 Haan bohut bura Dil toda makers ne.

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Great πŸ˜‹ my dear even I was not convinced with love realization of ani and bon πŸ˜€ " jhgada hogaya partner nea lath Mar di break up( in their own head twisted rishta todna )karlia pyaar realize hogaya dono ko 

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Originally posted by Chumu

Great πŸ˜‹ my dear even I was not convinced with love realization of ani and bon πŸ˜€ " jhgada hogaya partner nea lath Mar di break up( in their own head twisted rishta todna )karlia pyaar realize hogaya dono ko 

Aur mujhe Vaijanti ko mana karne ka explaination samajh nahi aaya. He is like - dil mai Bondita haiπŸ₯². Instead could have showed the part where she asked if she could choose him in future as her life partner. Then again pyaar nahi hai. Kya pyaar hai? Haan hai. Like why?πŸ₯²πŸ˜­πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

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Originally posted by Physics_girl

Chinmayi idk if you were ever  in this forum as I joined towards the end but Aaj suddenly likhne ka man Kiya so if you are interested as I came to know that you watched this showsmiley39

thanks for tag dear smiley31

Bohot achha hai far better than original storyline smiley20

BRC and bondu ko best friends bana diya very good smiley41

Bondu ne Ani ko budhha kaha smiley37

TRC Abhi bhi nahi sudhre Tantrik ko invite kar diya smiley36

Maine ye OS bohot enjoy kiya thanks smiley27

Barrister Babu 

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