✨The Brightest of Wishes for a Shooting Star - Happy Birthday Appy!✨

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Posted: 12 days ago


"Oooohh... Lady Fizzleclown is here at last, I was waiting for this!” said Shibz, grabbing the pamphlet off the breakfast tray excitedly before Shiri could, earning a mutinous glare from her.

Leena looked up from the piece of toast she was buttering. "Since when is a bluestocking interested in a society gossip column?"

"There's always something of interest in Fizzleclown," said Prats, airily, waving her butter knife. "That's how she makes all that money."

Lizzie narrowed her eyes, taking a long, noisy sip of her tea. "You know, sometimes I think you might be her."

"Who?" Prats raised her head sharply.

"Fizzleclown. You both love writing & you both love to torment. I cannot think of another person in this assembly who could earn good money writing a public interest column," Lizzie said, triumphantly, pointing her fork at Prats.

"Ahhh, but I can. I know for a fact that many of you illustrious ladies gathered here now not only have the ability to string words together expertly, but could also turn that hobby into a lucrative proposition if you so wish to," Prats returned with a knowing smirk.

"Tell us what Lady Fizzleclown says, Shibz," jumped in Tiara, anxious to quell the intense staring down contest that had ensued between Prats and Lizzie.

"Yes, tell us! Or just give me the pamphlet," spat out Shiri, still smarting over not being the one to read it first. Shibz moved the pamphlet out of Shiri’s reach.

"Tell us what?" queried Madhu, as she strode in with Parm who rushed to the table to grab a piece of apple pie. "Don't tell me you ladies are reading that scandalous, libelous brochure again? I have no doubt this woman will be frequenting the courthouse once her identity is revealed!" 

"I suspect she's too clever for that!" said Sandy with open admiration.

"Be that as it may," said Parm, her mouth full of the delicious pie, "I want to know what she says. What's the latest scandal? Who's flirting with whom, who has eloped to Gretna Green & who has lost all their wealth at the races?"

"Perhaps you could put your detection skills to some use here, Lizzie," said Shibz finally looking up from the sheet. "There's a ball tonight!"

"A ball!" said Leena, clapping her hands excitedly. "Where is it? Who's giving it? And why have I not been invited?" Her tone was somewhat aggrieved now.

"That's the mystery," said Shibz. “Here, let me read it out for you all.”


As soon as Shibz was finished, Lee sprang up to check her doorstep.

"Ooohh, handsome, rakish Duke! Who could it be?" murmured Prats.

"I want to know who the guest of honor is! Who is this delightful woman and why am I not friends with her?" demanded Lizzie.

"It says she shoots better than most gentlemen," said Shiri resting her chin on her palms.

"That is certainly unusual for a lady of the ton!" exclaimed Madhu. "Whom do we know that fits that description?"

“She is also an excellent dancer as the news mentions. I can’t think of any lady in the ton who can both shoot and dance,” declared Sandy, throwing up her hands in resignation.

"Whoever she is, I would love to make her acquaintance and learn that particular skill from her. There are a few people I can think of that could benefit from being at the receiving end of a rifle." Parm grinned at Shibz and Shiri who giggled aloud, not bothering to mask their delight at this notion.

"Alright, let's list down the suspects. Tiara, you had a birthday recently so you're ruled out," said Prats, holding out her fingers. "Lizzie, you and Madhu too since your birthdays are a few months away. And neither of you can shoot."

"True," sighed Lizzie. "I do wish I could. Like Parm said, it's a useful skill to have."

Sandy slipped away quietly unbeknownst to the others, who continued chattering animatedly.

"Can you imagine dressing in britches?" Shiri spoke with a wistful expression. "No breath-stifling corsets & layers of heavy skirts to avoid tripping over!"

"Now that is true freedom!' sighed Shibz. "Do we dare hope all women might enjoy the likes of it at some time in the remote future?"

"I'm sure a lot of things are possible," said Madhu, firmly. "Especially if women like us make them happen."

"Great idea!" said Tiara, her eyes lighting up. "Let's all dress up in gentlemen's breeches, waistcoats and cravats for this ball!”

"And top hats!" chimed in Shibz. "I've always wanted to wear a top hat!"

"That is only if we are invited," Shiri spoke with an exaggerated sigh.

"We are!" exclaimed Lee, waving a bouquet of red roses under Lizzie's nose, who let out a loud sneeze. 

"And here's the invitation," she continued. "We are to gather at India Forums' Fanfiction Forum on Nov 21st late evening. The ball will begin at the stroke of midnight & the lady in question is expected to make an appearance soon after. We are to bring our best wishes and choicest gifts for her!"

“Splendid! But I need to know who she is first!” Prats was insistent.

"And also who the rakish Duke is!” sighed Parm with a dreamy expression. 

Shibz leaned towards Shiri, dropping her voice to a whisper.

“We should get there early so we can find out who the Duke & the guest of honor are before everyone else." 

But Tiara's sharp ears had caught on.  

“I think we can deduce who the Duke might be. This place we are invited to is not far from the homes of three esteemed Dukes, all rakish and all extremely handsome.”  

"That's right!" said Prats, banging on the table excitedly. "Lord St. Vincent and Lord Bridgerton! Those two are certainly rakes & terribly handsome!"

"Ahh, but Lord Bridgeton is famously besotted with his new wife and I have heard whispers that Lord St. Vincent has toned down his rakish ways thanks to a certain young wallflower miss!" said Lizzie knowingly.

"Oh you must tell me all the gossip!" Prats said, clutching Lizzie's hand fervently.

"Ladies, can we get back to the task at hand? said Tiara, ever the practical one. 

"I think this woman could be a newcomer, someone we do not know," suggested Madhu.

"No, no," said Leena. "She's someone we all know intimately, else why would we receive an invitation?"

There was silence in the room as the women contemplated the mystery.

“Ladies, where is Sandy?” asked Parm, and everyone looked around bewildered, suddenly realizing the absence of their friend. 

Which left them with another mystery to solve.


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It was a pensive looking bunch that arrived at the Forum space, all dressed up, only to find the entire ton in attendance. 

“Oh no! I was planning to accost the Duke and torture him until he revealed who Lady X is,” said Shiri sadly. 

"Yeah right! With the entire ton staring at us!" said Leena with sarcasm.

“They are only staring because they haven't seen so many women in britches all at once,” Shibz chimed, posing theatrically as Madhu and Tiara smiled in agreement.

Lizzie, whose mind was still racing, said out loud, “I think the Duke is someone new, a foreigner.”  

“But Lizzie, half of the town is invited! Surely a foreigner wouldn't know so many people!” exclaimed Prats.

“Who is that gentleman? He doesn’t seem to be one of the ton,” pointed out Parm discreetly.

“Why, isn’t he the most delightful sight in the history of mankind? I haven’t seen another ——“ Tiara stopped midway as a sudden epiphany struck her. “Good Lord! Is he the Duke?” 

“And look who's talking to him! Our very own Sandy!” said Madhu.

“Ladies, do you think Sandy could be Lady Fizzleclown?” asked Shibz.

"See? I told you it wasn't me," said Prats demurely.

"Well, I'm not convinced, and I'm going to talk to Sandy," Lizzie said resolutely walking up to Sandy while the others followed closely behind her.

The gentleman certainly held the air of being the host. He was dressed in a modern Gray suit, his hair clipped into a neat trim, his speech thick with a conventional American drawl.

A beautiful banner behind them caught Shiri's attention. Being artistic herself, she gasped, "Sandy has done it again! Her taste is just impeccable!"

"I am glad you approve," Sandy smiled.  

"Sandy, you sly fox! You knew who was planning the party all along! You must also know who it's for!" Prats' tone was insistent.

"Well, I can't say but I will reveal that she's an excellent writer as well!"

Lizzie's brow furrowed. "Writer, huh? Hmmm, Fizzleclown?" she muttered below her breath, which unfortunately for her did not go unnoticed by Prats who dug her elbow into her side firmly.

"Let it go, Liz!" 

"I must say though, you ladies took away my spotlight with your sartorial choice tonight!" remarked Sandy,

"The belle of this ball inspired us to do away with our corsets!" Tiara said, the relief evident in her tone.

"Yes, she is a remarkable woman!" Sandy nodded.

"So you have met her?" Leena gushed.

"Oh yes. I have known her for sometime. And the Duke too,” smiled Sandy indicating the gentleman standing beside her. The ladies gaped at her in stunned silence. 

Then they all began speaking at once in fevered excitement, clamoring over Sandy who looked completely overwhelmed.

The charming Duke, who had been silently listening in amusement to their banter, cleared his throat to speak, alarmed they might explode soon if he did not intervene.

"Ladies, patience. She will be here soon!"

"Yes, enough of this childishness. It does not suit us,” said Madhu, looking somewhat ashamed at their public display of unladylike behaviour.

"No, but britches do," Parm said pointedly.

"And the top hats, too!" Shibz said, missing the sarcasm.

"They indeed do, my ladies," ‘Mr. Gray’ agreed in his deep baritone that had the ladies weak-kneed. 

“I must say you all have a taste as distinctive as my Lady of honour tonight. No wonder she is so fond of her friends.” 

"Wait a minute, she is wearing britches like us?" Shiri asked, her eyes wide.

“And she is fond of her friends, meaning us,” said Lizzie “Oh my God!”

"Why, it is our dear Appy!" said Parm, slapping her forehead. "We are at her birthday ball!"

The truth dawned on the ladies like fog lifting from a beautiful wintery scene.  

“I hope she brings her gun!" Shibz said, her eyes twinkling.

"Why would she bring her gun to a party?" Leena asked, not bothering to hide her vexation.

Shibz blinked.

"Just in case the chicken coop gets unlocked and all the chicken come flying in here, she can shoot them, and we can have chicken for dinner!"  she quipped, tongue-in-cheek.

"Or if a demon of the netherworld gatecrashes the party," added Shiri in a nonchalant voice.

"Or if we need to find Fizzleclown and get her to confess," mumbled Lizzie, with a sideways look at Prats who ignored her.


Just then the clock struck with a resounding gong followed by a deafening drumroll.

“What the …” exclaimed Parm, her hands over her ears.

“Shh,” Madhu nudged her. “Ladies do not swear!”

“Do not or are not allowed to?” whispered Shibz with a grin. 

 The crowd parted with a loud gasp, all eyes on the entrance hallway. 


Appy stood at the head of the staircase, dressed smartly in breeches, waistcoat and cravat. 

"She's glowing!" said Leena, clasping her hands in delight as all the ladies grinned up at her.

The Duke walked up to her with a smile, holding out his hand & escorting her into the hall.

"And she brought her rifle!" Shibz said happily, waiting for her to join them so they could all wish her.


"Happy Birthday Appy!" they all exclaimed in unison as she smiled warmly, her amber eyes sparkling with humour.


"Shall we cut the cake?" asked the Duke.


"Wait!" cut in Madhu. "First we would like Appy to receive all the gifts and messages we have for her!"




And that is what we're going to do now, folks, so scroll down to the next post & add your own wishes to dear Appy - the belle of the most exciting ball the ton has ever had!



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Wish you a very happy birthday Koeli uff our pyaari Appy. 


May your birthday bring as much happiness as you give everyone who knows you





Hi Appy,

Wishing you a very happy birthday! Hope your day is fun-filled and joyous, surrounded by your loved ones! I wish all good thing for you - happiness, wealth, health and above all - peace. 

You are a beautiful person inside out & it's been my absolute pleasure to work with you on the FFDT. You are wise, yet can be fierce when the situation demands it. You are a leader, and still can be one of us which is why you're so approachable. Not to mention your immense talent in multiple fields - writing, singing, dancing, making graphics & of course, your wonderful people management skills. I'm sure there's more that I would love to learn and discover about you!

Hold on to these qualities, my friend, because they are rare and treasured, and make you the unique person that you are. 

Thank you for all that you do, and enjoy your day and the year ahead.

Wishing you the best of everything today and always! smiley31

Tons of love,




Happy Birthday Dear Koeli 







Dear Appy,💜

Wish you a very happy birthday. I hope this birthday brings nothing but good vibes for you. 😍

I always feel great working with you. You taught me a lot. You have inspired me in my weakest times. You inspire me to stand up and speak and be myself.🙈

May all your wishes come true and you achieve all that your heart desires.





Happy Birthday Koeli Dee smiley27

I still remember when I was new to IF. I was awestruck with a story banner you made for me. I was awestruck. I then started stalking your profile and landed on your creations gallery. I can't even describe what I felt looking at it. I saved all your edits for inspiration and followed your tutorials to learn graphics. 

If not you, I don't think I would have even tried my hands on making graphics. Thank you so much for being a great inspiration! 

May this birthday bring lots of surprises and make you smile always! 

Lots of love, 

Shiri ❤



Yellow and red roses Happy Birthday to You card and video — Download on  Funimada.com

A cute girl was born on November 22.

Koels started singing sweet songs

Peacocks did thunderbolt-like lightning dances!

Seeing her shooting spree, tigers and lions were terrified!

Angels from Above blessed her.

The Moon too slipped aside, realizing that 

Her mere presence made him dim! smiley10

She breathes creativity.smiley27

Her lifelong pursuit is mastery over it!smiley10

Here she is to adorn IF with her artistry! 

A Mod to a few forums and a friend to all. smiley10  

Happy Birthday, Appy. I wish you a lovely day chock-full of love and joy.smiley27

You are one of the most gifted authors and artists I have ever encountered on IF. smiley10

I guess I don't have the proper words to tell you how precious you are to me,  and you know that!smiley27

Whenever I needed your guidance and advice, you were always there for me without my having to ask! Being your friend is a blessing because you are among the most compassionate and supportive persons I have ever met. smiley10 


As I rolled back a few pages of IF to recount her accomplishments, a few facts smiled at me --- 

Her journey in IF started on January 18th, 2012, and she has progressed through several stages, from Fan Fiction writer to Graphicer to DT member to Guardian of CC to FFE, to FFG Mentor! These are a few to accentuate her great qualities, which are an essential component of her persona.smiley27A dancer by passion, a social worker with compassion, a writer with a commitment, a creative web designer with a high caliber. smiley10

She's a multitasker. Well, that is a bit of an understatement! In those days, Banner Contests were organized just for her!! 

She's a Crazy Creative (both literally and figuratively). Her first post was in IPKKND. 

She began writing fan fiction because of her admiration and love for IPKKND, she has continued writing with the same intensity till date. Every time she begins a new story, she invests her imagination, pours her heart into it. smiley27 

Happy Birthday Appy HugMay this year brings a lot of happiness and success to you, dear. Wishing you to achieve great things in life, and may God always be with you! Stay blessed!smiley27

HeartLet Love follow you everywhere you go! Let happiness radiate on your forehead, zeal fill your smiles, and delight fill your eyes every time you look at life. smiley10 

Transparent happy birthday selena GIF on GIFER - by Munirgas



Dear Appy,

Wish you a very very happy birthday! 🥳🎉❤️

I haven’t said this to you before, but I guess your birthday is the perfect day to let you know how much you inspire me. I have lots of respect and admiration for you. You are so sweet, approachable, generous, calm and collected person, and you do so many things on IF as well as outside. I have no idea how you manage so many things 😂❤️ I am glad I got an opportunity to know you and to work with you. You always made me feel welcomed in the team right from the Day 1, and I’ll always remember that. Your brilliance and talent shines where you stand and your kindness and impartial judgment makes you an ideal leader. Thank you for being you, Appy! smiley31Thank you for being there for us, whenever we needed you (even when you didn’t feel well 😢)

On your birthday, I wish you lots of happiness, health and wealth. May all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true. May you have a brilliant birthday and a wonderful year ahead. 🥳❤️🎉smiley31

Lots of best wishes and love,





A very happy birthday to my jaan Appy darling 😘 ❤ 

Hope you have a great year ahead with best of health and success always ❤🙏

Hope to meet you again soon n miss our long chats n late night DT work 🤗😉❤ God bless you dear 😘 ❤



K!!! Janam din Mubarak, babe!smiley31smiley27

Thank you for always being there for me when I needed it the most. Will always be grateful I've got you.

Every day, I am amazed at the extent to which your creativity knows no bounds * not envious at all :< *

Stay healthy, wealthy and I do hope all your wishes to come true but then I will run out of wishes for you next year 😬🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

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Posted: 12 days ago

Happy Birthday Appy🥰

Please make this thread GA🙈🤣

Posted: 12 days ago

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Koeli !!!

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