Dil to Baccha Hai Ji - Happy Children's Day

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Posted: 20 days ago


“The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country”Jawaharlal Nehru


Children’s Day is celebrated worldwide on the 20th of November.

In fond memory of the first Indian Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, Children’s Day is celebrated since 1964, on the 14th of November in India, marking also his birth date.


Nehru was an active and strong supporter of children’s rights. He did it out of love and passion for the kids and the growth of the youth. Nehru, fondly called «Chacha Nehru» made sure all children would have access to education.

Many educational institutions across India such as The brick-and-mortar foundation, Indian Institutes of Management, or All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) carry in their essence one of the visions of Chacha Nehru, a step towards the development of a bright future for the youth

Such institutions, known as “Institutes of National Importance” have become an essential part of a non-stop-growing country that is looking for a bright future every day.


The special day is celebrated with toys, sweets, and gifts which are given to the children. This day teaches us to remember that each child is special and has their own capacity. In a world that is constantly going after numbers and statistics, we often tend to forget how the child feels about such pressures.


This day also makes us reflect and question the equality between each child at school or outside.

ImageIs the child happy in his/her studies?

ImageIs he/she facing some issues at school or at home?

ImageIs the child suffering from school harassment or child abuse?

ImageIs the child pressurized by marks?

ImageIs the child mentally fine?

ImageHas the child been through some trauma?

All these questions are important, especially post-pandemic. Children’s well-being has become a national and worldwide issue. Politicians and governments must push harder towards finding quick solutions for the growing mental health issues within the youth. 


Many charities, groups of talks, professionals, phone applications, and websites propose help for children, parents, and trauma victims. As an example, Unicef is a global ambassador of Children’s Well-Being and Protection.

It’s everyone’s duty to make the child feel safe at home, at school, and outside no matter where he/she comes from. Every child is equal.


The Crazy Creatives wishes every child and student a very Happy Children’s Day. 

Keep growing at your own pace and making us proud! 

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Posted: 20 days ago


To celebrate Children's Day this year, I've planned to take you on a trip down memory lane to relive your childhood days again. Hence, I've reached out to our Crazy Creatives to share their craziest / best childhood memories and favorite childhood games. 

I'll post their messages anonymously; you're free to guess who they're in this thread itself.


It used to be Tom and Jerry's fights with my small brother at home. Our treasures were either winning the remote to watch cartoons or play games on TV or getting the front passenger seat during drives (when daddy was not around of course warna baat kuch aur thismiley36). 

We used to pull each other's leg, well actually each other's HAIR. How much of my hair he has pulled? smiley22smiley36 It's high time I ask for compensationsmiley37.

I remember one fun incident that happened when I was a teen. I think I was around 13-14. We went for a cycle ride, sigh sorry racesmiley22. I fell down and got my arm broken. I was supposed to win but he won and he was like *innocent laughing puppy face* smiley24 I WONsmiley3. How proudly he said everything to my mom whereas I was crying in pain smiley14That moment was priceless, wanted to shoot him on spot but my arm was paining too much.smiley5

My brother has been my strong support system when I was facing harassment at school, he knew how to cheer me up after we were done with our respective homework. He has been a nautanki since his childhood and he hasn't lost any of his skills today. 

So thank you brother for these long years of support, love, togetherness, fights and patch ups. I'm elder to you yet I can only say this much: you're the elder actually with your morals and strong values. 

We say that without parents houses are empty....without you, there will be no life in our house. So please fight with me when I'm wrong, but don't you dare leaving me. You matter to me the most.smiley27


I used to cry terribly when my school van would come to pick me up for school. My father himself used to sit with me in the van to send me to school. When he was satisfied that I wasn't bawling my eyes out anymore, he would get out of the van after a certain distance. I went to the school like this till my first grade.smiley36


Best game - I loved playing board games with my family...one of my favs was Ludo, which I still play occasionallysmiley36

Best memory - I have sooo many that it's hard to choose one...I think some of the best childhood times were spent with my cousins in Pakistan, we used to go almost every summer. I remember me and my cousins would cheekily sneak around the neighbourhood, ringing people's doorbells and running away before they came outsmiley36


Oh man the craziest came back to me while talking to my cousin today.

It was when I was in India visiting my extended family. I think I was probably 7 or 8 and this was my only Diwali in India. It was a few days before Diwali and the elders were all out, leaving my oldest cousin (he's 6 years older than me) in charge. Obviously when you leave 6 kids alone at home, havoc is going to ensue. We all went up to the terrace and called out to the neighbours' kids (2 sides as our house covers both the front and the back). We then climbed the terrace walls and exchanged places with each other (like I exchanged with a girl who was my age). And then we went back downstairs and waited. It took the elders all night and the next day to realize that something was amiss. It was hilarious fun and the only reason they realized is because I still spoke with an accent and I didn't know enough Hindi words and the girl's parents I switched with didn't know English too well. Our elders wanted to both beat us and laugh at our devilish ways.

My favourite childhood game was hide and seek, especially in a family friend's house. She had this huge house which was very old and they didn't know all the nooks and crannies. One time we uncovered a whole room in the basement that they knew nothing about during our game.


I think one of my best childhood memories is visit to my grandparents house every year during the summer vacations. I used to enjoy a lot in my grandparents place as my grandparents, my uncles and aunts used to pamper me a lot. They used to take me to parks every evening, buy us chocolates, ice creams, etc. My grandmother used to tell me stories and my grandfather used to buy those Chanda mama, Panchatantra and Tinkle digest books.

My favorite childhood game was playing carroms with my family. My younger brother used to always cheat as he was not good in it and we would just spend time convincing him, dude it's just a game. Play it for fun, not to cheat. 😂 


I have so many fond childhood memories but one that I often remember has got to be me tying my mum's dupattas to my hair (because they were short) and creating a plait/braid with them (it is possible i promise, you just end up having colourful hair) and then dancing to Goriya Re, Goriya Re, Mera Dil Churake Le Ja from the movie Aaina and pretending to be Juhi Chawla! smiley37 


Don't forget to share your craziest / best childhood memories and favourite childhood games with us in this thread!


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It's Nostalgia Time!

Here's a short quiz based on our childhood days. All the answers are to be pmed to the CrazyCreatives account. The last date for sending the answers is 17th November 2022


1. Whose pasand was Nirma?

2. This actor would come at the end of each episode and discuss the story of this most popular social drama based on an Indian middle-class family in his own unique way. Who was he?

3. A 'devil' used to be a popular mascot of many ads. What was the name of the product he used to sell?

4. A box in which we used to drop some things and they would magically reach our grandparents and relatives. What was that box called?

5. A thing that we used to carry every day which eventually would become heavier than us. What is it?

6. A most popular game which was played on chits of paper. What was it?

7. This is the oldest children's magazine which was published in most Indian languages. What is it?

8. Rumor has it that a flower with a piece of cloth has bloomed in the forest. Which show's song is this?


Credits :

Write Up | x.titli.x 

Quiz Game | Life_Is_Dutiful 

Graphics | Quantum-Dot 

Events & Festival Subteam : Yuvika_15 | Leprechaun | x.titli.x | Life_Is_Dutiful | -RD- | GuardianDevil | sxursaep | Quantum-Dot

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Posted: 19 days ago

Happy Children’s day everyone 

Posted: 19 days ago

Happy Children’s Day to everyone! smiley31

I’ll definitely participate in Whiz Quiz! smiley14

Posted: 19 days ago

Happy Children's Day everyone! smiley27

Their future is in our hands, let's try at our level to make them feel loved, despite differencessmiley27

The thread is looking extremely cute and sweet smiley9 The graphics are terrificsmiley43smiley42

Posted: 19 days ago

Happy Children’s Day to all🎉🥳🤩

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